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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 




College Life in Pictorial Journalism 


3(£nL Stoic, linivcfL&jUjif. 





Photogrophed and edited by Leonard Joel Shafitz, '42, Business Monoger, Harold Murphy, '43, and is a limited printing of 1900 copies of the 34th edition. 

Produced and copyrighted at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, 1941-1942. 


Education in a Democracy 


1942 Vol. XXIV 



President - 4 

Deans 6 

School Heads 7 

Department Heads 8 

Officials 9 

Trustees TO 

Rockwell Library. 11 

In the Fall 12 

Registration 14 

Sororities .-- 14 

All-Greek Dance -JO 

Fraternities..- ...32 

Athlete of the Year 46 

Football 47 

Marching Band 55 

Homecoming 56 

McGilvrey Hall 57 

Winter Scene 58 

Basketball 60 

Radio Workshop... 66 

Student Council... 68 

Delta Sigma Pi 69 

Organizations -.. 70 

Chi Pi 85 

Lambda Phi 86 

C. P. T. P 87 

Wrestling 88 

Sophomores 94 

Dormitories 1 02 

W. A. A 108 

Personalities 1 1 2 

Juniors 1 14 

Debate 123 

Pork Barrel 124 

Sadie Hawkins 125 

Concert Band 126 

Orchestra 127 

Glee Club 128 

A Cappella 129 

Messiah 130 

Assemblies 131 

Burr Editorial 132 


Committee 134 

Kent Stater 135 

Duchess 138 

Freshmen 140 

in the Spring 142 

University Theatre ...144 

Queens .148 

Campus Night 158 

Baseball 160 

Track 161 

Swimming 162 

Golf Team 163 

Tennis Team 163 

Gym Team 163 

Men's Intramurals 164 

Most Popular Man 

and Woman ...166 

Speaking of Pictures. 1 68 

Seniors 175 

Men with the Armed 

Forces 190 

Supplements and 

Advertisers 192 

^wvn the C^dlior. 

May 20, 1942 

Recording college life con be done in as many ways az 
there are leaves on a tree or sands on o beach. To the staff of 
the Burr came the realization of doing the recording as gra- 
phic, as objective, and as sentimental as possible — all at 
the same time. 

For college life — according to this type of pictorial re- 
porting — should be pictured by camera and film alone. 

Discounting the hours of mid-night toil — the writing, 
photography, organization, editorial and technical work in- 
volved, including printing and engraving, — it has been on 
inward sense of pleasure in seeing pages materialize into 
sections of life set away for posterity. 

But on the whole, the '42 Burr represents the idea of the 
editor — in that pictures were taken to reflect the personality 
of the individual or the object before the lens. 

These accomplishments — such as they are — are not new. 
The principle is as tried as the new approach to the role of 
the camera. As Lewis Mumford would hove it, "the photograph 
should clarify the object." The Burr in relation to college 
life cannot be as objective, for tradition says we must re- 
member with nostalgia and preserve with dignity. 

In the final analysis yearbooks go on being produced, 
for this is only one snatch, one part of the great expanse of 
time and space. 

Our nation at war touches the Burr as well — a yearbook 
is the reflector of university life. Practically, the tools of our 
work — printing, engraving and covers, became, by necessity, 
scarce and the final work is a bit less than originally planned. 
But we would rather have it so. 

One and all, however, here is the '42 Chestnut Burr, as 
it is — 

Lenny Shafitz 

Appreciation extended to Mr. Stewart Fern, Akron Beacon Journal and 
Cleveland Plain Dealer for sinqle photographs appearing throughout. 
Burr Queen clothes by M. O'Neil Co., Akron, Ohio. 







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Entering Kent State University with the class of '42, President Karl C. Leebrick has 
been "one of the boys" to the senior student s , — who hove watched — his progress os 

keenly as he has been observant of theirs. 

In his four years at Kent State, President Leebrick has led the University in 
many advances in every department. He can look bock upon his four years here as 48 
months of continuous improvement. 

The outbreak of war with Japan on December 7, 1941, was not too unexpected 
by Dr. Leebrick, who became well aware of the background and political intrigue of 
the far-Eastern stage while at the University of Hawaii, where he was head of the 
department of political science. 

At Hawaii, he gained a reputation as an expert on international affairs, being 
particularly well versed on the culture and governmental operation of Japan. 

Together with Dr. Rufus von KleinSmid, president of the University of Southern 
California, Dr. Leebrick was one of the co-founders of the Institute of Pacific Relations. 

It was while he was attending a meeting of the institute in California that war 
broke out. At the time. Dame Rumor hod it that Dr. Leebrick hod been offered the 
presidency of the University of Hawaii, but the President quickly denied the report. 

Young, as university presidents go. Dr. Leebrick will not celebrate his 57th birth- 
day until October 20, 1 942. 

He come to Kent State from Syracuse University, where he was dean of the college 
of liberal arts. He earned his Ph.D. degree at the University of California. 


Prof. Fred. H. Denker, Music 

Prof. E. Turner Stump, Speech 

Prof. Nina S. Humphrey, Art 

Prof. William D. Taylor, Journalism 

Prof. G. Hazel Swan, 

Kindergarten Primary 

Dr. A. L. Heer 

Training School 

Dr. David Olson 

Geology and Geography 

Dr. H. W. Hudson, 


Dr. Harry A. Cunninghom, 


Dr. A. Sellew Roberts 


Dr. Raymond M. Clark, 

Elementary Education 

Dr. Herman D. Byrne, 

Political Science 

Dr. Willis J. Burner, 

Foreign Languages 

DEPflRTmenT heads 

Prof. C. E. Sotterfieid, 


Dr. Maurice Baum, 


Dr. C. C. Kochenderfer, 


Prof. C. Sheldon Von Dusen, 

Industrial Arts 

Dr. Christian F. Rumold, 

Physical Science 

Dr. Donald Anthony, 

Business Administration 

Dr. James T. Laing, 


Dr. D. W. Pearce, 


Df. A. W. Stewart, 

Secondary Education 

Prof. Cleo Crow Von Orman, 

Secretarial Science 

Prof. B. L. Nixson, 

Home Economics 


sec.e.o;;~r '^"'- 

fhe Pi 


^"""^^^ Manager 


Major University buSlnie^W'tlleyed'' ^"'os i~' 

by the Board of Trustees, heoded by 'n^T^ R 
pictured in the top right photograi 

Other members of 
left, Dr. Otto J. Korb, center, Robert Uix, pi 
Bobbie, Jr , in lower left r)fioto. and Joseph B. H' 

fijodiwidL 30J)hWaj^ 


JV THE fall a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of . . . school. 

When September rolls around, the hoys and girls begin their process 
of gaining a higher education. 

The freslnnayi makes a firm resolve to spend all his leisure time crack- 
ing the books. The sophoinore resolves yiot to break his freshman resolution. 
The junior knows better than to rruike any resolutions, and the senior rides 
along on his reputation. 

Before anyone can settle down to a strictly budgeted semester, the 
whirl of social and extra-curricular activities sioeeps the student away. 

Even before the neiv professors' names could be memorized, the fresh- 
men were battling the sophomores and raising the flag of '45. 

Athletics then began to take its share of the men, the football players 
getting their first taste of action on the neio varsity field. 

Politics, too, siiared many. Biggest political event outside of the annual 
elections was the resignation of the Kappa Sigma Chi fraternity from the 
Greek party. 

The fall of '41 icas noteworthy for many things which gained Kent State 
University prominence. The first student broadcast was made from KSRW, 
Student council drafted a new constitution; delegates from three states 
met here for the Ohio Valley International Relations Club Conference. 

Eight-hundred people were present at the annual Sadie Hawkins Day 
dance; Dr. Catherine MacGregor was elected Pigskin Prom Queen by the 
football players. 

Priorities began edging their way into the campus scheme: the Penny 
drive was renewed so that men in the service could receive copies of the 
Stater, Duchess, and Chestnut Burr; a large crowd attended the Messiah. 

Basketball began creeping into the spotlight; the administration begari 
to think of ways and nneans of figuring out credit for men drafted. 

And last, but far from least, war ivas declared. 

X ^ 









» -»*j 


^j -V V 


A cute quintet arrives only to be lost in the im- 
pregnable registration lines the following day. 
Stop 14 muddles Sam Gordon, Marge Stepfield, 
Jane McDowell. Bob Kitchingman and Bill Keller- 
man inking a few thousand lines. Jeanne Marie 
Johnston stumps Sociology's Lang while Merle 
Wagoner becomes the man of the hour-cards. 




The whirl of campus life begins registration day when the freshman girl from 
Massachusetts meets the freshman boy from Virginia. Everybody says hello 
to everybody else and lifetime friendships get their start. 

This year, after a previous steady rise, the enrollment hit a slump. The 
draft and the opportunity to gain high wages in defense employment were 
the two factors causing registration to hit a low-water mark of 2,215 stu- 

President Leebrick at the first assembly told students that they were 
privileged to be attending a university in the time of general world conflict. 

Recognizing the seriousness of the world situation, the administration 
made it possible to take many courses closely allied to defense, the curricu- 
lum of the department of industrial arts being vastly enlarged. 

By the time Freddie Freshman had gone through all the rigamorole and 
red tape of standing in line, getting his program card okayed, and paying 
his fees he was all set to settle down and work for those A's. 

eshmen tussle over registration while o group 
Tri-Sigs seek information from Dr. Foster 

The endless lines file post sober looking Sociolo- 
gist Preston. 

Lassies from Englemon seek 

ttting the physical checkup is must for all new 

Midge Kineaid and Maybelle Anglemeyer give 
the going over to a delightful prospect. 

Most importont desk et registration Is the infor- 
mation center. Below the Freshmen do the duty 
while the aDBealina naAAlm itanAn hw 


For the second consecutive year, Sigma Sigma Sig- 
ma sorority listed more names than any other on 
the campus, and for the third time they led all 
other sororities in pledging. 

In campus-wide competition they won the 
Duchess cup, tied for first place in the Pork Barrel, 
and, led by Marge Wedding, rolled themselves into 
first place in the bowling tourney. Last spring they 
won the Rowboat Regatta. 

Individual heodliners in this year's activities 
were Betty Bowles, president of Pan-Hellenic 
League and Phi Alpha Theto; Jean Hungerford, 
voted honorary sponsor of the Journalism house; 
Jane Higgins, member of student council; Cay Mc- 
Gowan, president of Zeta Iota and historian of 

Cardinal Key; Marge Wedding and Betty Morris, 
officers in Women's League. 

Sorority activities included a winter and spring 
formal, pledge dance, formal dinners at Thanks- 
giving and Christmas. Also, at Christmas, the ac- 
tive chapter presented the house with a new silver 
tea set inscribed with the sorority emblem. The 
rushing season was highlighted by a formal rush 
party styled as Coconut Grove, and an informal 
gathering at Reed's cottage. 

Notional sorority events sow the Tri-Sigs send- 
ing representatives to the regional convention, hold- 
ing the annual Founders Day dinner May 19, and 
playing hostess to the notional president, Mabel 
Lee Walton. 


Audrey Heckman, Phyllis Hahn, Marjorie Edixon, Jean Smith, Rosemary Lane, Jeanette Morgan, 
Jean Hungerford, Virginia Sfeinhouser. 

Margaret Wedding, Jean M. Johnston, Betty Ruggles, Betty Campbell, Barbara Hole, Doris 
Myers, Betty Pequinot, Polly Wlkle. 

Dolores Shifflet, Cay McGowan, Carolyn Brown, Betty Morris, Jean Dleffenboch, Jane Meuller, 
Dora Ellsworth, Marjorie Fristoe. 

Lily Mobile, Phyllis Pirl, Martha Baldwin, Lois Roney, Dorothy Roessel, Wanda Glover, 
Patricia Graham, Mary J. Pollock. 

Jane Higgins, Jean McKnight, Betty Church, June Arnold, Betty Buneli, Marjorie Gatts, Elma 
Holkko, Elaine Stange. 

Betty Bowles, 


Helen Ann McCorthey, 


Arlene Chamberloin, 


Helen Rothermund, 



G A 


After the Round Robin tea, Beta Gamma sorority 
opened the social season with the traditional Monte 
Carlo rush party. The first dance of the season was 
a Sports Swagger at Twin Lakes, followed in Decem- 
ber by the Christmas formal. The pledges enter- 
tained their active sisters with the usual Lollipop 
dance, carried out in the true style of a kids' party. 

With memories, accented by perfume as a theme, 
the Beta Gams won the Homecoming cup for house 
decorations. This is the second year in a row that 
this honor has been taken by the sorority. 

Basketball laurels were added when the team, 
led by Hazel Kelly, took first place in intramural 

competition. Continuing with their varied activi- 
ties, the bridge team placed second in the Pan- 
Hellenic league bridge tournament. 

Members of this sorority can be found in almost 
every school activity, including Cardinal Key, 
Women's League, Sociology club, Biology club, 
Home Economics club, Psi Chi, and Kappa Delta 
Pi. Betty Chapman is president of Women's League 
and was listed in "Who's Who in American Col- 

The Mothers' club was organized officially this 
year, and they, together with the Alumni associa- 
tion, gave a series of parties. 


Nellie Nolle, June Caldwell, Helen Myers, Corol Wass, Nadine Austin, Nancy Bailey, Haiel 

Betty J. Speith, Joanne Borofko, Betty Jones, Genevieve Sweorengin, Janet Harris, Cornelia 
Tannese, Janet Caldwell. 

Loretto Yorano, Bobbie Byer, Marge Hine, Betty Breen, Helen Swisher, Margaret Wilson, Jean 

Moriesta McDonald, Virginia Raymond, Ethel Day, Mory Ann Sponseler, Emily Vincent, Twyla 
Book, Doris Gray. 

Ruth Foster, Kay Hromyak, Jo Shipton. 

Jo Ann Hacha, 


Betty Chapman, 


Dorothy Strain, 


Mary Dean Brandt, 



£ G A 

Led by president Cornelia Kuchenbacker, Alpha 
Omega sorority climaxed this year's activities by 
counting three queenships among their members. 

Betty Keller, a pledge, received the vote of the 
students in the fall to become the Homecoming 
Queen. Betty Jane Leodenham, also by popular vote, 
was elected Miss Kent State, and Ruth Erricson was 
selected by the Burr staff as the yearbook queen. 

Adding to individual and sorority laurels. Mar- 
guerite Cook outsmiled her opponents and took the 
title of Daisy Mae at the annual Sadie Hawkins Day 

The sorority, as a whole, was very active, winning 
last spring's Campus Night sing, this year's Theatre 
cup, and tying with two other sororities for first 
place in the Pork Barrel. 

However, perhaps the most important event is 
the All-Greek dance given for all sorority and fra- 
ternity members. This is the most elaborate pledge 
presentation on the campus. 

In sports, the AO's led in the participation of 
members, with 30°o taking part. 

Service to the school was stressed, Jane Doak and 
Marge Hunt, being Cardinal Key members. Jane 
Doak was also chairman of the Big Sister-Little 
Sister tea. During the football season, Monetta 
Croakman strutted down the field as a drum 

Entertaining at their home on Main street, the 
Alpha Omegas gave a Valentine party and a buffet 
supper for their sponsors. 


Myra Hilsinger, Marguerite Cook, Roberta Petty, Ruth Loesch, Marian Zupan, Jean Phlster, 
Miriam Glass, Gladys Gardener. 

Marguerite McLaughlin, Francis Fulmer, Dorothy Schroner, Mary Hadsell, Theta Miller, Joanne 
Poesse, Betty J. Patterson, Marguerite Kemp. 

Marge Hyre, Jane Keundig, Margaret Lewis, Mabel Esping, Millie L'Estrange, Ruth Cowan, 
Jaqueline Miller, Doris Stanton. 

Audrey Wells, Jean Roecker, Betty Keller, Ruth Greenwood, Betty Line, Enola Christian, Pauline 
Watson, Mary B. Crutchfield. 

Joyne Kornosh, Jaqueline Thierry, Lois Jeckel, Betty J. Leadenham, Marg Hunt, Gretchen Grable, 
Ruth Erricson. 


Cornelia Kuchenbacker, 


Louise Reitzel, 


Dorothy Hultberg, 


Jane Doak, 




Featuring Defense work this year, the girls of 
Gamma Sigma Phi baked birthday cakes and sent 
them to men in the service, and also had charge of 
the Red Cross knitting. 

The social season was started by a Russian rush 
party and followed by bridge parties, teas, suppers, 
and dances. The Golddiggers Ball was the biggest 
event on the social calendar. For that dance the 
girls turned the tables on the boys, sent them cor- 
sages, called for them, and had a grand time playing 
host for the evening. 

For the second year in a row the same bridge team 

of Mary Jane O'Brien, Mary Hazen, Martha Harper, 
and Peggy Fike won the Pan-Hell bridge trophy. 
Along with two other sororities, they tied for first 
place in the Pork Barrel. 

The Gamma Sigs claim Mary Hazen, chosen the 
sweetheart of Kappa Sigma Chi by Glen Gray, and 
Dorothy Stark, Duchess Phizz girl picked by Glenn 
Miller. Mary Jane O'Brien and Hope Byrne were 
members of Cardinal Key and Hope was also a 
member of student council. Lindy Barch was editor 
of the Duchess and president of Lambda Phi, 
women's journalism honorary. 


Connie Waldo, Peggy Jo Loumar, Calle Jane Black, Evelyn Rawles, Wanda Baynes, Joan Rock- 
hill, Suzanne Worden. 

Mary Jane O'Brien, Peggy Fike, Mary Smith, Mary Hazen, Dorothy Stork, Jeanne Carlozzi, 
Helen Scott. 

Jean Anderson, Moxine Moyer, Emily Estes, Virginia Dodd, June Wagner, Jane Sullivan, Gladys 

Morijean Schnitzer, Mildred Grobowsky, Jane McDowell, Dorothy Humphrey, Nancy Allen, 
Helen Fitzgerald, Martha Harper. 

Elizabeth White, Martha J. Louderbaugh, Mary Thomas, Marjorie Richards, Lindell Barch. 

Hope Byrne, 


Conne Hogan, 


Virginia Marti, 


Helen Pfeifer, 



National activities were in order this year for Theta 
Sigma Upsilon, national educational sorority. These 
were climaxed by the annual Founder's Day dinner in 
March. The national secretary, Mrs. Evelyn Alden, 
is an alumni of the Kent chapter, and she gave a 
detailed report of the founding of the sorority, its 
activities, and social functions at the banquet. At 
that time the pledges were introduced to the alumni 
and the patrons. 

The sorority is national in scope, with chapters 
in the leading teachers' colleges. At the present 
time there are 20 chapters, with two of them just 
recently organized. 

The chapter at Kent Stote has been especially 
active this year. Their rushing season was intro- 
duced with a Hallowe'en party. They have held 
parties for their patrons including Dr. and Mrs. 
Bangham, new this year. During the various holi- 
days, the girls held dinners, teas, and parties. The 
pledges gave the actives a formal dance and the 
social event of the year was a dinner dance on 
May 29. 

Individual honors go to Robin Keith who is the 
secretary of the junior class, and Jean Adams, 
treasurer of Pan-Hellenic League. 



Elsie M. Gombert, Yvonne Norton, Chorlene McFetridge, Helen Steiner, Marjorie Shriger, Earline 

Morylin Gilbert, Betty Herzog, Verna Buelow, Helen Williamson, Bea Mayer, Sheila Gilcrest. 
Jane Quimby, Jeanne Chapman, Jean Scharkey, Alyce Simmons, Grace Quay, Zelma Riley. 

Jean Adams, 


Norma Rundle, 

Maxine Porter, 


Robin Keith, 



After the Round Robin tea the Pi Kaps opened the 
social season with a Mexican Fiesta rush party, 
followed soon by their second scheduled party, an 
Evening in Paris. 

The 16 members of this sorority emphasized ser- 
vice to the school, winning the University Theater 
cup, last year's Scholarship and Forensic cup. Again 
this year they have participated very actively in 
forensics. Alice O'Sickey is a member of the wo- 
men's debate, and Lois Colley, Betty Combs, Jane 
Cowell, and Edith Ek participated in inter-mural 

Social events also received their share of atten- 
tion. The Founder's Day banquet was held November 
17. This celebrates the founding of the national 
sorority, and each chapter throughout the nation 
holds a dinner on the same date. The annual Christ- 
mas party was held at the Robin Hood, and both the 
winter and spring formals were held at the Colonial 

Individual sorority members deserving recognition 
are Alice O'Sickey, student council member and 
vice-president of the senior class, and Louise Bjor- 
son, secretary of the Elementary Education club. 


Betty Combs, Margaret Maruskin, Rose Zdasor, Louise Bjorson. 
Jean Evans, Jane Cowell, Edith Ek, Carol Chamberlain. 
Pouline Narchos, Francis Wren, Marjorie Miller, Joyce Honon. 

Alice O'Sickey, 


Lois Colley, 


Mary Helen Oldham, 

Eileen Karnosh, 




t'*''^ mfl 


^^ l^^p J|^H 

A -^- mM 


^' -i^l 

r "^ .^^ 


■fi^ ,j^M 

^1 '^^i^^^^l 


E .;^lt\\ 


The famed Delta Phi Sig- 
ma glee club serenades. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma loosen the larynx. 

Alpha Omega again received the starched nod 
of the University social circle when she spon- 
sored the jaunty All-Greek dance in honor of 
her pledge set. Annually the yearlings of the 
sorority ore trotted out and introduced to the 
fast set with which they will associate through- 
out their collegiate careers. It is one of the 
musts on social calendars and this year was 
staged in the blue room of the swanky Portage 
Country club. 

A lens full of activity, 
Alita Boecker, and a 
cocked right. 

A tall quintet working on the beautiful Kappo 
Sigma Chi sweetheart tong. 



Gamma Pete Monyo and 
Kappa Mu Kappa's Bob 
Kitchingman do a little sere- 
nading of their own — the 
listening wosn't so intent. 

Part of the huge audience 
that listened intently as the 
different groups serenaded 
each other. 

The above photo lists fifteen logical reasons for the dance. The 
yearlings as they mode their debut. The affair, aside from its 
importance to the social set, has become one of the University's 
strongest troditions. This yeor, for the first time, the party was 
mode invitational. 

More than 300 couples danced at the 1941 All-Greek. The 
Portage Country club boasted an indoor soda bar for the event 
and the tables in the lounge rooms gave the club a glamorous 
nite-club atmosphere. Formols and toils swished on the floor, 
the music emphasized the sweet side and flash bulbs continued 
to flare at almost every moment. 
All in all, the '41 All-Greek continued in its traditional success. 

">'t.' in premonition of the lolioning. Below: Roy 
jutdncr, giaduato tennit star, Betty Jon* Leoden- 
'<im, who later wot to become Mitt Kent Stote, 
• Indyi Gardner and Je« Milaiki, gridder manufoc- 
"'inf lylleblot. 

sorority donee with Harris Knight. Below: Either 
the pionitt or the song which he played teemed to 
hove mode a hit with Margoret Lewis, dance 

Under the direction of Martha Harper, the 
Gamma Sigma Phi sorority kndi music to the 



A large influx of new members and an equivalent 
rise in power has made Alpha Phi Beta one of the 
leading fraternities on campus. 

The Betas have been tops in scholarship more 
often than any other fraternity, and possess mem- 
bers in Men's Union, Student council, and The Kent 
Stater. They are also active in athletics. 

Dr. H. E. Stelson, one of the founders of the 
fraternity, was elected primarius for the 1 1th con- 
secutive year. 

Among the fraternity activities for the year 
included the Winter formal at Twin Lakes, the 
combination Founders Day-Pledge dance affair at 
Uniontown's Colonial Inn. The Spring Formal was 
held at Lake Forest. 

Bill Cropley, Alpha Phi Beta president, also served 
on Interfraternity council and was a member of the 
Physical Science club. John Lemak, who gained 
fame as a band leader, was a member of Student 
council, until he left school early in April to join 
the service. 

Clyde Friar was a member of Chi Pi, men's hon- 
orary journalism fraternity, and also wrestled for 
the freshmen against the varsity. Dick Clark, Beta 
president-elect, was president of Interfraternity 
council for the last year. Clark is a member of 
Student council and Men's Union executive 

Bill Robey was on Student council and Men's 
Un'on and Bill Mock played baseball and basketball. 




Clyde Friar, Peter Szemersky, John Kelley, Charles Barham, John Solisbury, Harvey Reger, 
Williom McPherson. 

Vincent Galiivan, Charles Clark, Gino Ferrini, Richard Clark, James Large, C. Poling Cole, Dale 

William Mock, John Soule, Warren Kerrigan, Arnold Bereit, William Roby, Charles Eichorn, Fred 

Dana Legget, Harold Wright, Robert Barnes, George Baylis, Robert Hartman, John Shanks. 

William Cropley, 


George Begg, 


John Lemok, 


Raymond Phillips, 



Perhaps Kent State's most athletic minded frater- 
nity, Delta Phi Sigma has more varsity men in its 
ranks then any of the other fraternities. 

But the Delts have not concentrated on athletics 
to the extent of neglecting their studies, possessing 
one of the highest fraternity point overages. 

Events of the year included a Hobo Hop, Winter 
formal. Hijacker Frolic, Spring formal, hoy ride, 
weiner roost, and Homecoming Sing. 

In sports, varsity men were Ed Boyle, Dick Weigle, 
Ted Tucker, Joe Price, Don Blair, Earl Stewart, Joe 
LeChaix, basketball; Weigle, Tucker, Blair, Howard 
Mock, Tony Misko, Ha rmonTroxler, baseball; Mack, 
Lou Toth, Lowell Wetzel, Harry Kuzmenko, Misko, 

Dick Schwabe, Jimmy Jones, football; Weigle, Bill 
McCune, Pete Smith, wrestling; Wetzel, Schwabe, 
Eli Beery, track; Toth, Bill Watson, tennis; Schwabe, 
Bill Starner, Don Edwards, swimming; Fred Prasse, 


Werner Dickson, Beery, and Tom Davis oil par- 
ticipated on the gym team. 

Organization presidents included Jim Griffin, 
Rifle club; Dick Foote, Men's Union; Prasse, Student 
council; Boyle, Varsity K, and Tucker, HPE club. 

Foote served as vice-president of the business 
fraternity; Boyle as recording secretary of Blue Key 
and a member of the athletic policy committee, Len 
Hill as Interfraternity council secretary. 


le ^'^,s 


- ' OiO 

William Shafer, Harris Knight, Werner Dickson, Harry Kuzmenko, Eugene Simpson, Donald 
Blair, Ligon Mayhew. 

John Taylor, Robert Truxell, Donald Ewards, Howard Mack, Richard Weigle, Lou Toth, Tom 

Joseph Le Chaix, John Watson, Joseph Price, Richard Schwobe, Marvin Eubonks, Arnold 
Jackson, William Starner. 

Richard Foote, Alfred Palmer, William McCune, James Griffin, Leonard Hill. 

Fred Prasse, 


Edward Boyle, 


Louis Simon, 


Milton Cross, 




Kappa Mu Kappa, Kent State's oldest fraternity, 
celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. Founded 
in 1922, KMK has always been a leader on campus 
and this year proved no exception. 

The fraternity is active in Student council, class 
offices, dramatics, journalism, Men's Union, busi- 
ness, and boasts officers in many of the leading 

Outstanding among Kappa Mu Kappa's activities 
for the last year was the winning of the Rowboat 
Regatta for the second consecutive season, winning 
the fraternity intramural championship, and taking 
first in the frat division of the Pork Barrel. 

Listed in the fraternity's personnel are Stan 


Mouse and Bill Guisewite, originators of "No Time 
For Classes," and Charley Ayres, first semester 
editor of the Duchess and listed in "Who's Who," 
and four members of Blue Key, notional service 

KMK moved into a new house on Linden road this 
year and elected a "K May Kween" to officiate at 
the traditional painting of their concrete K on the 
campus, south of Rockwell library. 

Kappa Mu Kappa was well represented in the 
major sports. Bob Hein, Jack Britt, and Bill Gillies 
all earned football letters. Duane Hague won his 
"K" in wrestling. Gillies was on the tennis team, 
while Hein also won track and basketball letters. 


Robert Hein, Duane Hague, Budd Anderson, Jack Britt, James Thierry, Jack Collins. 

Anthony Katrick, Paul Mosher, Samuel Miller, Stanley Mouse, George Cordeo, Kenneth Shutts. 

Robert Kitchingman, John Verbonik, Nick Stanfor, George Buzulencio, William Gillies. 

James O'Haro, 


Robert Cook, 


Charles Ayers, 


E. Richard Moore, 




Big things were recorded for Kappa Sigma Chi in 
1942 as the fraternity began to take a much more 
prominent position in campus life. 

Mary Hozen was crowned the third Sweetheart 
of Kappa Sigma Chi, chosen from a bevy of other 
sorority beauties by Glen Gray, of Casa Loma band 
fame. The blonde Gamma Sig was presented at the 
annual Sweetheart dance, held at the Portage hotel, 

In politics, the Kappa Sigs became the first 
organization to withdraw from the Greek political 
party, coming out against the "underhanded poli- 
tics." Their lead was soon followed by other Greek 

Smokers, a pledge dance, and the Spring formal 
completed Kappa Sigma Chi's social slate after the 
Alumni banquet was held during Homecoming Week 
at the Kent Hotel. Many grads turned out for one 
of the most successful reunions in the fraternity's 

At the beginning of the first semester, the Kappa 
Sigs changed their address, moving to a new home 
at 1003 Grain avenue. 

The fraternity felt the pressure of the draft, 
losing several men to the army, including Jim 
Dedinsky and Kirk Lowry. 

John Pentz and Walt Holms represented Kappa 
Sigma Chi on Interfroternity council. Holms was 
also a member of the varsity golf team. 



Musser Bohn, William Hudec, Robert Dawson, Wood McMasters. 
Andy Senich, Ray Rozuk, OHs Maxwell, John Kirk. 
Cornelius Papp, Kirk Lowry, Phillip Wotkins, Harold Parrish. 
John Penti, Walter Wolf. 

Joseph Sormir, 


Walt Holmes, 


Robert Myers, 


Herbert Rucker, 


P H I 


P H I 

Although still claiming the distinction of being 
the youngest fraternity on campus, Phi Beta Phi is 
recognized as a mature organization. 

The group continued its high scholarship stan- 
dards by taking the second Manchester Scholarship 
cup. In the spring, the Phi Betas won the Campus 
Night fraternity award. A new undertaking this 
year was a monthly newsletter to alumni in the 
armed forces. 

PBP created a mild furore by withdrawing from 
the Greek political party. Keeping before the public 
eye, the house purchased a neon sign. Intramural 

participation was included in the sports program. 

The members have been kept busy with outside 
affiliations. In journalism, A! Geitgey served as 
business manager of The Kent Stater, with Paul 
Brown and Ed Dreger assisting him. 

Members of Delta Sigma Pi included Ned Miner, 
Geitgey, Bob Beckwith, Dreger; debate team, Beck- 
with and Dreger; University Theatre, Charles Piper; 
Commerce club, Dreger, Miner, Beckwith, Brown, 
Geitgey; social committee, Frank O'Brien, Beckwith. 
Brown and Geitgey represented Phi Beta Phi in 
Interfraternity council. 


Joseph Coscia, Bernard Frost, Gene Morthey, Loroine Mullen. 
Richard Shively, Karl Schmutzler, Frank O'Brien, Kay Hammond. 
Ned Miner, Robert Wallis. 

Paul Brown, 


Alvin Geitgey, 


Stanley McGrail 


Robert Ellwood, 



Only national educational fraternity on Kent State's 
campus, Sigma Tau Gamma this year entertained 
two officers of the national executive committee. 

Socially, the Gammas were not left behind by any 
fraternity. The pledges presented the actives with 
a fine dance in Akron, to the music of Gil Crest, in 
the opening affair on the calendar. Many successful 
house parties were held and the reception for the 
alumni on Homecoming Day saw a good time had 
by all. 

The fraternity roster reads like a roll call of 
campus favorites. Hal Martin was president of the 
senior class, a varsity football player, vice-president 
of Varsity K, master of the University Theatre, and 
Sigma Tau Gamma treasurer. 

Three members were named in "Who's Who in 
American Colleges and Universities." Gamma 
names in the publication were those of Pete Manyo, 
Bob Seese, and Bob Mosher. 

Manyo is a member of Delta Sigma Pi, University 
social committee, Men's Union executivecommittee, 
Newman club, and Commerce club. 

Seese served as chairman of the Student Federa- 
tion of America convention, held this year at Purdue. 
Mosher was a Student council member and was 
also president of Men's Union. Ed Zink, Gamma 
president, was president of the Senate, vice-presi- 
dent of Interfraternity council, and vice-president of 
Student council. 



Earl Vacariu, Don Sinn, William Whalen, Donold Hawley, William Clark, Donnelly Diltz, 
Ralph Church. 

John Mine, John Paulich, Roberf Seese, Kenneth Richard, Scott Wheeler, William Richard, Roy 

Guss Chigges, Ray Gallagher, Lars Ekiand, Richard McGinnis, Milton Boer, Richard Johnson, 
Joseph Borton. 

William Storn, Robert Mosher, Walter Shilling, Henry Briggs, Robert Eriser, Ross McCofterty, 
John Boesch. 

Tom Johnson, Milan Grnach, James Hewitt, Warren Gerber. 

Edward Zink, 


E. Charles Little, 


Pete Manyo, 


Harold Martin, 


"Little Joe" is gone and Kent State 
University's coaches ore going to 
have a tough time replacing their 
150-pound package of dynamite. 

Joe Mileski, the Burr's choice for 
"Outstanding Senior Athlete," this 
year climaxed three seasons of out- 
standing varsity competition when 
he left the University to join the 
armed forces of Uncle Sam's power- 
house team. 

And the blow was a hard one to 
take. For three years, Mileski hod 
been the mainstay of the grid squad, 
his passes and long, booming punts 
always keeping Golden Flash foes 
at bay. 

On the baseball squad, the wavy- 
haired, five foot seven inch athlete 
carried out the famous sports quote, 
"Pitching is 75 per cent of a base- 
ball team." Except that Joe was 
worth about 85 per cent. In his two 
years of varsity hurling he was vic- 
torious in eight straight games, 
losing only once, in his final mound 

A home town boy, Mileski came 
to Kent State after being graduated 
from Kent Roosevelt high school, 
where he won seven varsity letters. 
He started playing football in high 
school, although he weighed only 
1 1 5 pounds. 

In his sophomore year at Kent 
State, he made the varsity football 
team, although he weighed only 1 35, 
being called the "world's lightest 

Now, with hiscollegecareer ended, 
"Little Joe" is pitching strikes and 
scrimmaging for his country. Joe 
Mileski has earned a salute from 
every sports fan at the University. 








BELOW: The Golden Flash coaching squad watches a heavy practice. 
Wayne Sidinger, Head Coach G. D. Starns, Joe Begoia, John Starrett, 
and Horry Adams. 

BELOW: Chunky Joe Fortunate crashes towards a hole in the Akron 
forward wall. 

... a^ ^ 

Grady Jackson travels around right end for a 13-yard gain. 

It doesn't look like the Akron boll-carrier got very far on this ploy, 
with host of Golden Flashes charging in for the tackle. 

It looks like a great- day for the Blue and 
Gold of Kent State as Joe Begaio, football 
trainer, flashes a big victory smile. 

The Golden Floshcs' future fullback of 
1954 finishes off on evening's workout by 
taking a piggy-bock ride on poppa G. D. 
Storn, Kent State football mentor. Little 
George, Jr., is present at all University 
athletic contests and assists in the cheer- 

>^ /X 4^ 

^.4^' .;.'#6t'" ^ 


>^ »> 

A new field was born velvety soft and green, 
new suits of slick rayon were passed out, a 
new scoring record went into the books, 
Harry Kuzmenko, whose tackles put one in 
mind of the invincible Jimmy Jones, was 
given all-Ohio mention — but that's about 
the extent of the gridiron sport at Kent State 
University for the year 1941. 

The Army punched bigger holes in the 
Golden Flash line than oil the opposition 

together could do when that long index fin- 
ger of Uncle Sam's pointed toward Tommy 
Schenz, Dove Gantz, and Stan Drongowski, 
and caused them to exchange their blue and 
gold for Army drab. A great line was shat- 
tered and the greatest group of backs ever 
to assemble on Rockwell field found the 
going extremely tough. 

Time and time again the fleet forms of 
Lowell Wetzel, Grady Jackson, Robert E. 
Lee Dutton, Bob Williams, Joe Fortunato, 

Jgck Britt 

Lou Boflo 

Walt Porowski 

Joe Milc-^kl 

Joe Fortunoto 

Bob Williams 

Bo Dutton 

Hal Martin, and Joe Mileski flung them- 
selves into a hole in the forward wall, only 
to find that it was imaginary. 

Time and time again Head Coach G. 
Donald Stern thought of the line he had 
built for the Army, then gritted his teeth as 
an inexperienced lineman was trapped by 
the opposition. It was a gray-hair-year and 
the last we heard "Rosy" talk of the sport 
he was muttering something about six-man 
touch football. 

A yearbook is something of a record and 
because of this we must run over the year. 
Everyone figured the best season in history 
when the Golden Flashes swamped Bluffton, 
58-0, with a nine-touchdown barrage. 

Visions of an undefeated, untied, and 
unscored upon record began appearing be- 
fore the loyal fans when the Blue and Gold 
continued on its steamroller path, trouncing 
Findlay, 26-0, in a night gome. 

Joe Mileski was the hero of the contest, 
his booming punts and touchdown passes 
keeping Findlay on its heels throughout the 
four periods. 

Although the Flashes were held scoreless 
in the first quarter, Kuzmenko turned the 
tide of battle when he blocked a Findlay 
punt on the Oilers' 12-yard line, Ralph 
Petros recovering on the one. Williams 
went over for the initial score on a plunge 
through center. Mike Feduniak's kick for 
the extra point was good. 

Mike Feduniak 

Horry Kuzmenko 

Grader Jackson 

John Holletl 

Lou Toth 

Chef Bonio 

A pass, Mileski to Wetzel, accounted for 
six more points. A two-touchdown third 
quarter drive was sparked by Mileski. Cli- 
maxing a 40-yard push, Mileski passed from 
the five to Grady Jackson over the goal line, 
raising the score to 19-0. 

With the aerial attack functioning 
smoothly, Mileski uncorked another pass to 
Hal Martin, who had worked a "sleeper" on 
the unsuspecting Findlayites and raced 20 
yards for the final score. 

A long injury list attested to the valiant 
battle put up by the Flashes against the 
Case Rough Riders. Most serious blow was 
the loss of Lou Boffo, taken out with a 
broken leg. 

For three quarters it was all Case, but in 

the last period Coach Starn's men had the 
Scientists with their backs to the wall. Ac- 
counting for one touchdown on a pass from 
Mileski to Jackson, the Flashes had the 
strong Case team worried, but time ran out 
before another touchdown thrust could be 

Case scored its touchdown on an end run 
by Bill Bennett on fourth down from the 
Kent State two-yard line. Bob Melreit's suc- 
cessful kick providing the extra point margin 
of victory, 7-6, 

A surprise 0-0 tie with unheralded West 
Liberty State Teachers came next, hlurting 
much more than the pride Kent State had 
to swallow was the loss of Mileski, ace kicker 
and passer. Taken out early in the first 
quarter, it was discovered that Joe had a 
broken and sprained left wrist. 

Bob Hein 

Hal Martin 

Romie Alexoff 

Bill Gillies 

Tom Johnson 

The score, 20-0, at Western Reserve did 
not tell the story of the gome, which sow 
Kent State very much in the running all the 
way. The Red Cats scored in the first few 
minutes on a freak play. Bob Culp, Reserve 
halfback, fumbled the ball on the Kent State 
five. The ball rolled over the goal line and 
Bill DeWalt recovered in the end zone for 
six points. 

The Cats' second touchdown came when 
Joe Fortunato fumbled and Joe Sponseller 
recovered for Reserve, running to a touch- 
down. The third marker came on a pass, the 

first six-pointer Western Reserve had to 
work for in the game. 

Bowling Green came to town on Home- 
coming Day and a 13-yard pass from Cap- 
tain Eddie Wellner to Wayne Bordner broke 
a 6-6 tie, leaving the Flashes on the short 
end of a 1 2-6 score, 

John Carroll continued the parade of 
enemy victories with a 12-0 lacing and 
Akron U. finished off the miserable season 
with a 41-13 beating, Bennie Flossie run- 
ning wild against the Flashes. 

Lowell Wetxel 

Joe Morg 

Bill O'Keefe 

Floyd Thorne 

Joe Ciresi 

Uncorking some of the latest forma- 
tions for field display, the Kent State 
university marching band entered the 
season with a flashy display of music 
and footwork. 

Under the direction of Roy D. Met- 
calf, the band traveled to Reserve and 
Akron where they blacked the eye of 
the Red Cat and formed a gigantic U. 
S. A. stretching from one 30 yard line 
to the 20 yard marker at the other side 
of the field. At Akron, the high step- 
ping bondmen unzipped the Zippers. 
At all home games the band featured 
originality and modern arrangements, 
doing special work at the Football for 
Defense half-time program. 

Monetl-o Croakman, Ruth Altmon, and Jean Chapman put local 
color Into the marching by their high and fast stepping. 

H m E c m I n G 

Streaming into Kent via rail, bus, and auto, hundreds 
of alumni found a full schedule arranged for their 
entertainment Homecoming Day. 

Highlighting the program was the annual dance, 
at which Betty Keller, sophomore, was presented as 
Homecoming Queen. 

In the afternoon, the grads witnessed the Golden 
Flash footballers lose a heartbreaker to Bowling 
Green State University, Kent State's sister school. 
A 13-yard pass with only five seconds left to ploy 
gave the Falcons a 1 2-6 victory. 

Dr. Frank J. Prout, president of Bowling Green, 
pulled the "boner" of the day, when he commented 
that Kent State's new varsity athletic field had 
"much room for improvement." 

Beta Gamma sorority, Sigma Tau Gamma fra- 

ternity, and Lowry Hall freshmen were awarded 
trophies for the best Homecoming decorations. The 
Beta Gams won on "Fragrant Memories," a theme 
which was carried out by perfume bottles and card- 
board figures representing the name of the perfume. 

The Gammas and Lowryites were more in keeping 
with the reigning air of football. Eleven grid dum- 
mies decorated the front lawn of the Gamma house, 
while Lowry had a dummy in a football suit hitting 
a huge falcon on the head with a club. 

A large audience attended the Homecoming play, 
"Thunder Rock." The old grads won't soon forget 
the excellent performances of Bill Guisewite and 
Bob Houser. Orchids also went to Stan Mouse, Helen 
DeLaney, Carol Richards, BobTelford, Milan Grnach, 
Joe Calta, Kitty Liptak, Neil Shepherd, Jim Theis, 
and Scheffel Pierce. 

Handsome Id Zink, Student Council vice- 
president, and the starry-eyed queen stand os 
Dr. Frank J. Prout, Bowling Green president, soys 
o tew words. 

ti his turn to congratu- 
lore /V113S Keller. i he liberal royolty. Queen 
Betty I, received o sore paw from numerous 

The .trio of "Calls" in this picture called for oi 
trophy, OS Sigma Tau Gamma won the Home-i 
coming prixe for the best decorated fraternity! 

Who hos whot boll on which doy and the $64 
ore yours. We'll tell you that it is the tradi- 
tional battle of sister schools — Kent State vi. 
Bowling Green. 

Democracy and Royalty — a president and a 
queen. Miss Keller gives her best smile to the 
homecoming crowd as the cameras flashed. 

We couldn't decipher this but it is the prixe- 
winning Beta Gamma house. Below, the former 
campus topguy Paul Ryan and his wife, the 
former Gene Feist, enjoy smokes after one of the 
numerous banquets. 





TrUL^ihjmj^ dL 



As jail ended, the leaves began drop- 
ping ojf the trees, oi^er coats came out 
of the moth balls, crisp, cold winds had 
many a red nosed student wending his 
way to an eight o'clock class — and 
winter loas upon us . . . 

The ancient cry of "Get a horse" 
was proving to be not so funny as the 
government began its program of 
rubber conservation. Dr. C. C. Koch- 
enderfer ivas made chairmayi of the 
local tire rationing board . . . 

War caused the annual photography 
short course to be cancelled . . .The 
school got its face lifted for the winter, 
luith many improvements being made 
. . . Floodlights were put up at the 
skating rink and electrical outlets 
were provided so that students could 
bring their own radios and skate a la 
T. Dorsey . . . 

Library rooms were redecorated, 
fluorescent lighting was installed in 
the auditorium dressing rooms, and 
construction was started on a new 
dark room . . . 

Seventeen students were honored by 
being tapped for the honoraries, Blue 
Key and Cardiyial Key, during an 
assembly . . . New Year's dance was 
held under the auspices of Men's 
Union and Womeji's League . . . 

After much dispute with the front 
office, couricil gave the board of trus- 
tees a vote of confidence by passing the 
motion to use $7,687 of activity fees for 
the recreational area in back of Wills 
gym . . . 

University program allowing grad- 
uation in three years was expanded 
. . . Courses were offered for those 
enlisting in the naval reserve as KSU 
made it easier for everyone to be able 
to serve the U.S.... 

Tri-Sigs became the second organi- 
zation to resign from the Greek party, 
folloioing the Kappa Sigs . . . Dotty 
Stark tvas chosen by band leader 
Glenn Miller as Kent State girl having 
most"phizz" . . . Raymond Scott played 
at the name band dance, which later 
loas renamed Top Hop . . . Betty Jane 
Leadenham teas elected Miss Kent 
State . . . Charley Ayres protested 
against "censorship" and resigned as 
editor of the Duchess . . . 

No Time For Classes was cancelled 
. . . Second semester enrollment took 
a nose dive . . . Kent State played host 
to more than 400 high schools at an- 
nual High School Day . . . War time 
ivent into effect . . . KSU adopted the 
quarterly plan for 1942-43 . . . 

Graduate ivork offered in the college 
of education became accredited by the 
American Association of Teachers' 
colleges, rating ivon by only 26 other 
schools . . . Victory Volunteers got 
under way. many a woman became a 
VV . . . Petite Mary Hazen ivas chosen 
Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma Chi . . . 
Professors began riding bicycles for 
"health" and to conserve their auto 
tires . . . Prof. William Taylor, Deans 
Blair and Allyn made "Who's Who" . . 

^ -. 

U}hiut. U^mJtak^ Qomsibu 


■ !«> . 




.V ■ ■■ ■ 


B fl S K e T B fl L L 



Basketball Coach G. D. Storn gives 
some odvice to son George, team 
mascot. George was present at 
every home gome, lending his moral 

Ploying their last season for Kent 
State were Eddie Boyle, Mike Fedu- 
niak, and Joe Price. 


At right: Joe Price, rated by Cooch 
Storn OS the greatest passer ever to 
ploy on the hordwood for the Blue 
and Gold. Price ended his collegi- 
ote career by winning all-Ohio 

lap lerr ana rignr pictures snow nearea acrion 
between Kent State's players and John Carroll. 
The Flashes won, 35-28. 

miaaie rignr nas doo nein roKing a pass rrom 
Don Blair while Bob Gerber (15), all-American 
from Toledo, does nothing but look on. 

Below left shows Ted Tucker being outjumped 
against Toledo. 

Bottom right: Scoreboard has Kent State in 
front of John Carroll, 16-8, as players of both 
teams jump for ball. 




Led by all-Ohio Joe Price, one of the greatest 
players ever to cavort on the basketball floor 
for Kent State, the Golden Flashes dribbled 
through to their best season in many years. 

Victorious in 1 5 of 26 games against the 
state's toughest opposition. Coach "Rosy" 
Starn's men were known as Ohio's "spoilers," 
no team being able to rate the Flashes a 
soft touch. 

The cagers got off to an auspicious start 
with a 45-31 victory over a star-studded 
alumni quintet. Starn substituted liberally 
against the ex-Flashes as the varsity led all 
the way. 

In the first intercollegiate test of the 

season, Findlay was trounced, 37-25, with 
every member of the first five breaking into 
the scoring column. 

The Flashes' undefeated string was cut 
short on a trip to Toledo where all-American 
Bob Gerber and his mates led the Rockets to 
a 58-27 triumph. Joe Price stole the spot- 
light in the game, chalking up 20 points. 

Bowling Green pulled the Blue and Gold 
down to a .500 average with a 38-34 win, 
when a last period rally fell short. 

The Flashes hit the victory trail again 
with a 63-40 decision over Bluffton, a 65-32 
scoring spree against Ashland, and a 62-36 
verdict against Hiram. 


Losses to Mt. Union's Ohio conference 
champions and Baldwin Wallace followed 
but the Messrs. Price, Tucker, Feduniak, 
Hein, and Blair were not to be denied, John 
Carroll falling, 35-28. 

Wooster's fighting Scots, who were edged 
out of the Ohio Conference championship 
races for the second consecutive year by Mt. 
Union, scored 55 points while the Flashes 
were splicing the cords for only 34 markers. 

A sweet 36-30 victory over Akron U. was 
recorded next, one of three defeats the Zip- 
pers were forced to suffer all year. 

Toledo came back to register a 54-43 ver- 

dict and Wittenberg followed it up with 
another trouncing, but the Flashes took care 
of all-Ohio Leo Mogus as the varsity traveled 
to Youngstown to chalk up a 61-57 victory 
in an overtime period. 

The remainder of the season was spent 
jumping back and forth from the win column 
to the lost column. Two straight victories 
were recorded over Heidelberg and Baldwin 
Wallace. The Flashes lost to Mt. Union 
again, won over Fenn, lost to Muskingum, 
trounced John Carroll, were dropped by 
Akron, crushed Ashland, lost in a return 
game to Youngstown, and finished the sea- 
son with another triumph over Hiram. 



1>=» ^, ^^^B 









^^^^^^^^^ n Orson Welles.on 

Inaugurated November 1, 1941, KSRW, radio station, whose broadcasts 
emanated from the University Radio Workshop, presented programs over a 
direct hookup with WADC, Akron. 

"JMa, Ia, ihsL ^amfmA, QaULm^ 











^'' ^°^"d effects enn-^lr^ ^^^ °f 

°^er one of the s, 

^ workshop 
'""^^ *o Fronces Allen 



With broadcasts presented Tuesdays and Saturdays, the programs included 
panel discussions, interviews, musical selections, news summaries, recordings, 
round table meetings, band concerts, and dramatic shows. 


Jajojtl J(S(fl(J^, thsL (Haduo U}o\kAhofL' 


Seated, left to right: Joe Blair, Bob Mosher, Joe 
Hart, Ed Zink, Alice O'Sickey, Fred Prasse, Don 
Sinn, Peggy Curry, Ray Gallagher, Dorothyi 
Hostettler, Marge Jacot. Standing: Hope Byrne, 
Jane Higgins, John Lemak, Marguerite Cook, 
Martha Forsberg, Norb Zink. 

Fred Prasse, 


Ed Zink 


Dorothy Hostettler 


Bob Cook 

Chairman of Elections 

^^■^ '.^Cr^^HH 

^^V^'-a* #<^^^^H 

STuoeriT council 

Skyrockets, pinwheels, and Roman candles couldn't have provided 
anymore fireworks than Student council during this last year. 

The students' representative body came about as close to 
being disbanded as ever before, but everything worked itself out. 

When President K. C. Leebrick learned that council hod never 
put its constitution before the undergraduates for approval, he 
presented the organization with the ultimatum of immediately 
revising the document and gaining the students' okay. 

After the administration had already spent money taken 
from the student activity fund, council voted against the action, 
but later changed its decision. In the motion passed by the 
group, it was indicated that the general policy of using student 
activity fees for constructional expenditure was still felt to be 
undesirable, and that the main reason for sanctioning the use 
of the funds was merely a declaration of confidence in the good 
faith under which the boord of trustees acted. 

When delegates were sent to the National Student Federation 
of America convention at Purdue university, Hope Byrne was 
elected 1943 chairman, replacing senior Bob Seese. 

Seated, First Row; Howard Doehia, Dick Foote, Dave Edgerton, Edwin Dreger, Virgil Smith, Pete 

Manyo, Dick Johnson. 

Seated, Second Row: Mr. Donald E. Bangham, Dean Arden Allyn, Dr. Donald Anthony, Dr. H. D. 

Wolfe, Joe Blair, George Campbell, Mr. Harold R. Nissley, Prof. Herbert W. Wilber, Dr. C. C. 


Back Row: Mr. Francis G. Mull, Ned Miner, Bob Culver, Leonard Hill, Al Geitgey, Bill Shafer, 

Joe Morg, Russell Hill, John Shuke, John Boesch, Jack Collins, Bill McCune. 

Installed this spring as an international commerce fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi formerly was 
known as Delta Kappa Psi, a local chapter formed here four years ago. 

Principal activity of the organization this year was aiding the U. S. Department of 
Commerce in conducting a survey. The city of Kent was picked as one of 12 typical cities 
in America and Delta Sigma Pi members helped the government compile statistics and data. 

The organization boasts 23 members, including the entire commerce college staff. Dr. 
C. Stanley Corey and Dr. H. W. Hudson were also members. 

DELTA SIGMA PI founded at New York U., 1907 

Joe Bloir, Jr., 


Gilbert Pomeroy, 


Dick Foote, 


John Shuke, 


Dr. H. D. Wolfe, 




Founded al 
U. of Florida, 1924 

Seated, left to right: 

Leonard Shafitz, Ed Boyle, Lenny 
Hill, William Schraegle, John 
Powell, Joe Blair, Joe Hart. 

Standing, left to right: 

Dick Kerckhoff, Fred Prasse, Gus 
Chigges, Charley Ayres, Don 
Sinn, Bill Guisewite, and Scheff 


Founded al 
U. of Florida, 1924 

Seated, left to right: 

Betty Chapman, Hope Byrne, 
Mary J. O'Brien, Marge Hunt, 
Dorothy H. Siedschlag, Jewell 
Hardman, Jeanne Claypoole, 
OdoI Wigner. 

Standing, left to right: 

Pauline Johnston, Jean Evans, 
Jone Doak, Jeanette Morgan, 
Cay McGowan, Marjorje Jacot, 
ond Carol Sayers. 

Leaders in all phases of campus life, the members 
of Blue Key, National Honor Fraternity, are pledged 
to support the institutions of good citizenship, foster 
intellectual attainment and promote the best inter- 
ests of the organization in which it is founded. 

The organization this year worked with Cardinal 
Key in the Homecoming decorations, Campus Night 
activities, and stimulated the Penny Drive for publi- 
cations to men in the armed forces. A formal dinner 
was given in March for the induction of pledges. 
Earlier in the year, the organization served on the 
Defense Day Float and worked out a standard point 
system for new members. 

Officers for the year were: William Schraegle, 
president; John Powell, vice-president; Joe Blair, Jr., 
recording secretary; Bob Seese, corresponding secre- 
tary; Lenny Hill, treasurer. 

One of the outstanding activities ever attempted by 
any organization was accomplished this year when 
Cardinal Key, Women's National Honor Sorority, 
succeeded in organizing the alumni of the Univer- 
sity. The members gave both a luncheon and a tea 
for former students who elected officers at that 

Membership this year included 18 girls who 
ushered for assemblies and forums, presented a 
radio program over the University Workshop, con- 
ducted tours for high school groups, inaugurated the 
sending of cords to students on their birthday 
anniversaries, and collected $40 for the Polio drive. 

Officers are Dorothy Hostettler Siedschlag, presi- 
dent; Jewell Hardman, vice-president; Jane Stroup, 
treasurer; Mary Jane O'Brien, corresponding secre- 
tory; Morjorie Jacot, recording secretary. 

First Row: Kitty Liptak, Yetta Mitchell; advisor, James 

Muzzey, Roger Wilkin, Betty Line, Dr. James Holm, Jane 


Second Row: Mary Ellen Hays, Elaine Evans, Joe Calta, 
Bill Guisewite, Stan Mouse, Mr. E. Turner Stump. 

Third Row: Jane Doak, Opal Wigner, Frances Allen, Jeanne 
Claypoole, Ellen Hausrath. 

ALPHA PSI OMEGA Founded al Fairmont College, W, Virginia, 1927 

Five new actives inducted at the University Theater formal. 
Roger Wilkin receives an achievement medal from G. Harry 
Wright, and part of the throng at the dance. 

Alpha Psi Omega, national dramatic society, is an 
integral part of the University School of Dramatic 
Art. In addition to providing a fraternal association 
for those participating in dramatics, the organiza- 
tion gives plays for various clubs and societies out- 
side of the University proper. 

The faculty advisors are E. Turner Stump, also 
Grand Director of the national organization, and 
Miss Yetta Mitchell. 

The society produced a play for an all-university 
assembly late in the Spring. As a national project 
of Alpha Psi Omega for the year 1941-42, the 
fraternity undertook the production of plays at army 
camps and centers throughout the nation. Despite 
the distance of Kent State from army camps, plans 
are underway for the entertainment of men with 
the service. 

At the national convention of Alpha Psi Omega, 
held at Marietta college late in April, the local 
chapter attended in a body. The Kent State Univer- 
sity chapter is known as the Beta Psi cast. Officers 
for the year included: Betty Line, first semester 
president; Roger Wilkin, second semester president; 
Bill Guisewite, vice-president; and Opal Wigner, 
secretary- treasurer. 


Standing, left to right: 

Alice O'Sickey, Jean Evans, Arlene Chamber- 
lain, Hope Byrne, Cornelia Kuchenbacker, Betty 
Chapman, and Robin Keith. 

Seated, left to right: 

Helen Ann McCarthey, Mary J. O'Brien, Myro 
Hilsinger, Jean Adams, and Jo An Hacho. 


The governing body of the six campus sororities, Pan Hellenic League, has as 
its aims the fostering of cooperation and the strengthening of friendship. 

Matters such as the maintenance of sorority chapter standards, social 
calendars, and scholarship are under the direction of the league. 

Each year Pan Hell sponsors a bridge tournament, Round Robin tea, and 
Scholarship dinner and also formulates rushing rules. The Round Robin tea is 
one of the most important sorority events of the year, all prospective pledges 
being invited. No pledges are allowed to be rushed until after the tea. 

At the annual benefit bridge tourney, each sorority sets up 10 card 
tables for contests. One of the other major activities of the group is the co- 
sponsorship of the Interfraternity Council-Pan Hellenic dance. 

Mrs. David Olson is permanent adviser, while Miss Mono Fletcher served 
this year as rotating adviser. 

President was Betty Bowles. Other officers included Mary Jane O'Brien, 
vice-president, Myra Hilsinger, recording secretary, Jo Ann Hacha, corres- 
ponding secretary, and Jean Adams, treasurer. 

Seated, left to right: 

Jane Doak, Marguerite Cook, Mabel Esping, 
Jacky Miller, Betty Chapman, Margaret Wed- 
ding, Bettie Morris. 

Standing, left to right: 

Ruth Renz, Eloise Toops, Carol Sayers, Alice 
O'Sickey, Olympic Buller, Nadine Austin. 


Every woman student who registers at the University auto- 
matically becomes a member of the Women's League. The aim 
of this large organization is to render the greatest service pos- 
sible to all Kent women, to promote their welfare, to provide a 
better acquaintance among the women on the campus, to fos- 
ter school spirit, and to offer an opportunity for student ex- 
pression in all matters. 

Acclimating freshman women to campus social life consti- 
tutes a major feature of the group's activities. One of the most 
important functions of the League is the Big-Sister Little- 
Sister activity pictured at left. Upperclass-women ore given 
the names of freshmen, and it is their duty to see that the new 
students become acquainted with campus life. At the begin- 
ning of each semester this activity is climaxed by a tea, this 
year given in the ballroom of Moulton Hall. 

Other activities include parties for transfer students. Red 
Cross knitting, a vocational conference, a farewell banquet for 
graduating senior women. 

Every year the League cooperates with Men's Union to 
sponsor the Pork Barrel, mode up of skits by dormitories, fra- 
ternities, sororities, unaffiliated groups and individuals. 

Officers for the year were: Betty Chapman, president; 
Jane Stroup, first vice-president; Marge Wedding, second 
vice-president; Bettie Morris, secretary. 


Seafed, left fo right: 

Bob Cook, Francis Sharon, Roy Gallagher, Dick 
Foote, C. A. Ayres, Stan Mouse, Frank O'Brien. 

M E N'S 

Standing, left to right: 

Ralph Broden, Roy Apple, Bill Dedinsky, Bob 
Mosher, Joe Hart, Tom Rickey, Scheffel Pierce, 
and Pete Manyo. 


Advisors Dean Munzenmayer and Deon 

Consisting of representatives from every class, the Men's 
Union exists to create a better degree of cooperation and 
to foster a wholesome social spirit among all University 

Perhaps the most notable activity is awarding of the 
Manchester cup for the most versatile man. This contest 
is based on competition among men of the university 
in sketching, photography, handball, ping pong, checkers, 
bridge, chess, column writing, wrestling, editorial writing. 
This year's contest was won by Roy Apple. Presentation 
of this award was made at the Senior banquet. 

Along with Women's League, this organization spon- 
sored the Pork EXarrel. Co-chairman of the event was Joe 
Hart. Also cooperating with the League they presented 
the annual New Year's ball. Adding to their long list of 
varied activities, this year they sponsored the new Rifle 

Officers included Dick Foote, president; Ed Kiesel- 
bach, vice president; M. Scheffel Pierce, secretary-treas- 
urer. Senior representatives were Ray Deming, Ralph 
Braden, Dick Kilbourne, and Tom Rickey. Junior repre- 
sentatives were Charles Ayres, Stan Mouse, Jim Carson. 
Sophomore representatives were Bill Dedinsky and Ray 
Gallagher, and Freshmen representatives were Francis 
Sharon and Bill Harris. 


Founded at University ol Illinois, 1911 

Similar to other organizations from coast to coast, 
Wesley Foundation provides a religious and social 
program for university students. 

On Sunday evenings three groups meet — the 
discussion group, dramatics, and choir. Later there 
have been speakers such as L. C. Wright, President 
of Baldwin-Wallace College, and Dr. Schuyler Garth 
of Youngstown. 

In addition, the choral and dramatic groups have 
presented many programs. Panel discussions by the 
students have been the vogue this year. 

On Friday evening there is planned recreation — 
parties, hikes, wiener roasts, and hayrides. Feature 
of the fall semester is the Fellowship Banquet, a 
social get-together of the old and the new members. 

Deputation teams visit churches of northeastern 
Ohio. They conduct worship services, lead discussion 
groups, and counsel with Christian young people. 

Wesley sponsors three co-op houses where stu- 
dents live for the nominal sum of five dollars a week. 
Around Wesley, these houses are known as a "Home 
Away from Home." 

Officers for this year are Ray Deming, president 
first semester; Betty McCurdy, president second 
semester; Dale Cotton, vice-president; Louise 
Fagley, secretary; Jim Carson, treasurer; Marjorie 
Fankhouser, program chairman; Roy Deming, or- 
ganization; Herbert Myers, publicity; Jeanne Clay- 
poole, social; Majorie Jacot, deputations; Rosella 
Dull, choir; Jean Barger, dramatics; and Reverend 
Robert Clemmons, adviser. 


Seal-ed, left fo right: 

William Schraegie, Jacquelyn Richner, Dr. D. 
W. Pearce, John Felsinger, Dr. Edna Lotz. 

Standing, left to right: 

Gerald Prinz, Mrs. Ruth Fairchild, Julie Shia- 
mone, Betty Chapman, Martha Harper, and 
Paul Acker. 


Founded at International Congress ol Psychology, New Haven, Conn, 1929 

Kent State university's national psychology honorary, brought to the campus 
in the spring of 1940, has endeavored to live up to its purposes in encourag- 
ing and stimulating each individual member to maintain his or her scholastic 
standards and to provide a fraternal organization for major and minors in 
the field of psychology throughout the school year. 

Activities over the past two semesters include two radio programs, the 
first through K.S.R.W. in which Dr. D. W. Pearce, Jacquelyn Richner, Yvonne 
Norton, and John Felsinger took part. The topic was that of the national or- 
ganization for the year — "The Case for Human Engineering." It took place 
in the form of a panel discussion. The second broadcast was on the subject 
of "Clean Thinking." In this program Dr. Edna Lotz, William Schraegie, Paul 
Acker, and Mrs. Ruth Fairchild participated. 

The organization attended the notional convention of Psi Chi held at St. 
Louis, Mo., May 1 and 2. 

Membership in the organization is open to students majoring or minoring 
in psychology. Dr. D. W. Pearce, head of the psychology department is the 
organization advisor. Officers for the year were John Felsinger, president; 
Jacquelyn Richner, secretary-treasurer. 

Y, W, C. I 

With an accent on social service 
work, the YWCA, under the presi- 
dent Mada Mosely and sponsor 
Dean Bertha Parrish, gave a Hal- 
loween party for the Summit Coun- 
ty Home, and a Christmas party for 
the blind of Portage county. The 
weekly meetings were filled with 
discussions and book reports, and 
often with the advent of a particu- 
larly interesting program, they 
would join with the YMCA. 

Officers included: Mada Moseiey, 
president; Betty McCurdy, vice- 
president; Helen Reuter, secretary; 
Helen Boyd, treasurer. 


Executive Council 

Celebrating its 25th anniversary 
this year, the Home Economics club 
filled its meetings with dinners, 
lecturers, and parties. The club, 
composed of Home Economics maj- 
ors and minors, is organized primar- 
ily to furnish social activity and 
give professional information to the 
members of the department. 

Feature of the year was the an- 
niversary banquet in October. Miss 
8. L. Nixson, advisor for the entire 
25 years, gave a resume of the 
club's activities during that time. 
Officers for the year were Jeonette 
Morgan, president; Jean Deifen- 
baugh, first vice-president; Emily 
Dolenc, recording secretary; Martha 
Clark, treasurer. 


Existing to give its members added information which cannot be gained from their textbooks, 
the Biology club sponsored field trips, lectures, and movies. At its regular meetings pictures 
of the West, Cuba, and wild flowers were shown. Also featured at the meetings were lec- 
tures by Professors James P. Heath, J. Arthur Herrick, and Charles B. Sumner. Officers for 
the year were Polly Pozniko, president, and Nelle Nolle, secretary-treasurer. 


Adding another national organize-' 
tion to the many now existing on 
our campus, the Off-campus women , 
joined Phrateres on April 17, 1942J 
becoming the Pi chapter. This or- 
ganization was founded at the Uni- 
versity of California in 1924 to 
provide the opportunity for allj 
women students to share in the ex-, 
tra-curricular life of the campus. 
Officers are Olympia Buller, presi- 
dent; Marge Wedding, vice-presi- 
dent; Evelyn Mumaw, secretary; 
Grace Seeley, treasurer. 


Organized last spring, Zeta Iota, 
women's business honorary, was 
given temporary recognition in Oc- 
tober. There were 13 charter mem- 
bers. This new business fraternity 
requires its members to have on ac- 
cumulative three point average. 

As their contribution to "De-i 
fense," the members have donated 
their secretarial services to the de- 
fense council. I 

The officers included Coy McGow-« 
an, president; Helen Pfiefer, vice 
president; Doris Williams, secretary; 
Marion Clapp Carpenter, treasurer. 


Phi Alpha Theta, history honorary, is set up under one of the most stringent membership 
requirements of any campus organizations. 

Members must have accumulative three point averages and must carry a major or 
minor in history, maintaining at least a 2.5 in that subject. Students must have had 15 
hours of history before being eligible to join the organization. 

Officers were Betty Bowles, president, Alice O'Sickey, vice-president, Maxine Kopp, 
secretary, and Alta Mae Alvord, treasurer. 


One of the newest organizations on 
the campus, the Student Forensic 
Association, is celebrating its sec- 
ond year of existence. It is com- 
posed of three parts; extension, de- 
bate, and intermurals. 

The extension service, headed by 
Joe Hart, has been especially active, 
sending out 20 speakers from the 
Association who in turn spoke to 
more than 1 500 people. 

Heading the organization this 
year ore Joe Blair, director; Carol 
Sayers, debate; Joe Hart, extension; 
Scheffel Pierce, intermurals. 


The Music club was organized for 
the express purpose of establishing 
good morale, attitude and fellow- 
ship within the music department of 
the University. Membership is open 
to all majors and minors in the 
field. This year effort was expanded 
within the organization to found 
Chi Mu, on honorary fraternity for 
outstanding members of the Music 
club. Progress is also under way for 
the establishment of the notional 
honor music fraternity. Activities 
for the year included record sessions, 
parties, and socials. Advisor for the 
club was Mr. Kenneth Byler. Officers 
included: Clara Biosello, president; 
Doris Dusenberry, vice-president; 
Norma Baldwin, secretary; Herb 
Stibson, treasurer. 


Pi Kappa Delta, national honorary speech fraternity, promotes good-will and fellowship be- 
tween universities and strives to develop the individual through intercollegiate oratory, de- 
bate, and public speaking. New members are inducted each year late in the Spring. Officers 
for the year were: Tom Rickey, president; Jewell Hordmon, vice-president; and Dick McGin- 
nis, secretary-treasurer. 


A notable activity of the French 
club was the work for the Free 
French Relief fund. Members of the 
club sold articles and gave contri- 
butions to support the fund. Activi- 
ties included presenting a French 
film to the student body, plays, 
speakers, teas and dinners. The of- 
ficers for the year are Lily Mobile, 
president; Betty Reider, secretary; 
Margery Gilcrest and Francis Wren, 
social chairmen. 


Outstanding event of the Interna- 
tional Relations club this year was; 
the Ohio Valley Regional confer- ■ 
ence held here at Kent. About 200 
students from Kentucky, Ohio, and 
West Virginia attended. Chairman S 
of the event was Jewell Hardman. 

Officers for the year were Dick 
Moore, president; Jewell Hardman,^ 
vice president; Ralph Braden, secre- 
tary; Herman Rosenthal, treasurer. 


To promote good fellowship and cooperation within the school of art is the main purpose of 
the Art club. The club sponsored professional meetings throughout the year including a 
talk by Ralph Hitchcock, illustrator from Akron. In addition, the organization sponsors the 
student-faculty art show each year. Earlier, the club took field trips to Pittsburgh and Cleve- 
land, visiting the major art museums. Officers for the year were: Don Isaman, president; 
Ellen Hausrauth, vice-president; Kitty Liptak, secretary; and Hope Byrne, treasurer. 


Founded in 1931 by E. W. Tischen- 
dorf, the Industrial Arts club pro- 
motes good fellowship among men 
in the industrial arts department. 
Mr. J. W. Dirkson was the advisor 
this year. Officers of the club are 
Roger Wilkin, president; Robert 
Deal, vice-president; Paul Cocks, 
treasurer; Henry Briggs, secretary. 
Meetings were held in the industrial 
arts building. 


The second largest professional or- 
ganization in the world is the claim 
of Kappa Delta Pi, national educa- 
tional honorary. The members of 
the Kent State chapter are chosen 
on the basis of scholarship and lead- 
ership. Outstanding on this year's 
program were panel discussions and 
lectures by educators from sur- 
rounding areas. 

Officers of the year are Elizabeth 
McCurdy, president; Rosella Dull, 
vice-president; Pearl Rankin, secre- 
tary-treasurer; Mary Schnitzer, his- 


The Kindergarten-Primary club was organized in 1928 by 12 majors under the leadership 
of G. Hazel Swan. The purpose of the organization is to render service to the campus and 
community, to work for the cause of childhood and promote good fellowship among mem- 
bers. Activities for the year were the Freshman Get-Together, the Christmas Party, the Win- 
ter Sports Party, the Children's Party, The Marionettes, and the formal dinner. Advisors 
were G. Hazel Swan and Jeanne Parrish. Officers for the year were Shirley Giles, president; 
Doris Stanton, vice-president; Ruth Renz, secretary; and Mildred Jacobs, treasurer. 


ri J ,' ' 


The Newman club is a Catholic or- 
ganization composed of University 
students and exists chiefly for the 
spiritual betterment of its members. 
Although a religious study group in 
essence, Newman club offers its 
members diversions in other fields, 
principally sports and social activ- 
ity. Officers include Tom Bates, 
president; John Kelly, vice presi- 
dent; Cay McGowan, second vice- 
president; Raymond Phillips, treas- 
urer; Kathleen O'Doherty, secretary; 
Tom Gavagan, athletic director; 
Reverend Loe Carlm, moderator. 

H. P. E. CLUB , 

The H.P.E. club with Mr. Altmonn,) 
head of the department of physical ij 
education as advisor, completed itsj 
fifteenth year. Founded in 1927, thei| 
organization has since changed its 
requirements for membership. Al- 
though at first a closed organization, ■ 
it has since allowed all majors andJ 
minors in the field entry. 

Activities for the year consisted 
of a banquet, at which Dr. Moulton, 
Oberlin college, was speaker, and a ! 
May picnic. Officers for the year 
were Ted Tucker, president; Joan ■ 
Borofka, vice president; and Wolt 
Porowski, secretary-treasurer. 


Varsity K at Kent State university is composed of varsity lettermen from all the major sports 
of the university. The organization completed an ambitious program including concessions 
at home football games, two parties, one a swimming party in the University pool and an- 
other a picnic. Officers for the year included Eddie Boyle, president; Hal Martin, vice-presi- 
dent; Ted Tucker, secretary; Chet Bonia, treasurer; and Walt Porowski, sergeant-at-arms. 

U'.' J'.V. 



Majors and minors who are superior 
scholasticolly in the college of busi- 
ness administration are given the 
chance to meet experts in their 
field through membership in the 
Commerce club. Speakers were 
brought before the bi-monthly 
meetings of the club to explain 
business methods. 

The club as its "Defense Effort" 
headed a traffic survey made in 
Portage county of various congested 
areas under the direction of the 
University Defense Council. 

Officers for the year were Harold 
Murphy, president; Bob Kitching- 
man, vice president; Jack Collins, 
treasurer; Ann Puz, secretary. 


Yet to celebrate its first anniversary, 
the Elementary Education club, 
founded in the fall of 1941, is or- 
ganized for the purpose of promot- 
ing interest, cooperation, and loy- 
alty among the students in elemen- 
tary education. 

Activities included a Christmas 
party for needy Kent children, a tea, 
and several lectures by professional 

Officers were Frances Goode, pres- 
ident. Bertha Weiss, vice-president, 
Louise Bjorson, secretary, and Frank 
Vrsan, treasurer. 


Composed of two members from each active fraternity on the campus, the Inter-Fraternity 
council is organized to act as a governing body for these social clubs. It uses the rotation 
method of selecting officers. Dick Clark, Alpha Phi Beta, was the president under this system. 

Each year the two main functions of the council are the scholarship banquet in the 
spring, and the dance held in cooperation with the Pan Hellenic association. 

Other officers were Ed Zink, vice-president; Leonard Hill, secretary; James O'Hara, 
treasurer; Frank O'Brien, corresponding secretary; John Pentz, social chairman. 



Organized to create more interest 
among future student engineers at 
Kent State, the Engineers club de- 
voted many meetings to discussions 
of the slide rule, Diesel trains and 
engines, and airplanes. 

However, field trips to a proposed 
new road, a tour of the president's 
residence, and wiener roast for the 
new freshman members added in- 
terest to their varied program. 

This year the officers were Benja- 
min Roberts, James Theis, vice-pres- 
ident; Ralph Burghans, treasurer, 
and Harold Fugman, secretary. 


The Kent State Rifle club was found- 
ed late in October for the purpose 
of developing interest and aptitude 
in the care and use of firearms. The 
organization has both indoor and 
outdoor range facilities near com- 
pletion. Club membership for the 
year totaled 25 men. Officers for 
the year included: Jim Griffin, pres- 
ident; Woolcot Lyon, vice-president; 
Woodrow Masters, treasurer; and 
Dom Monaco, secretary. 


Psi Lambda Omicron, home economics honorary, is open to outstanding members of the home 
economics field. Major work of the organization for the year included petitions and fulfilling 
requirements for association with the national honorary of home economics. Officers for the 
year were Mary Schnitzer, president; Jean E/ans, secretary-treasurer. 

Gus Chigges 

William Schrocgle 

August Quattrochi 

John Mine 

Tom Bates 

Corresponding Secretary 

When Chi Pi resumes its meetings next fall, the men's honorary journalism 
fraternity will be starting practically from scratch, all but two of the men 
pictured above not returning to school because of graduation or new affilia- 

A full schedule of events rounded out the Chi Pi calendar for the year, 
the organization sending three delegates to New Orleans for the convention 
of Sigma Delta Chi, national journalism honorary. Major work of the year 
was getting petitions in shape for Sigma Delta Chi. 

The group sponsored a talk by L. F. Leavenburg, coble editor of the 
Cleveland News, and also published football programs for the home games. 

Pictured in the top photo are John Mine, Eugene McCord, and Bob 
Kenyon, seated, and standing, left to right, Gus Chigges, George Betts, Stew 
Fern, Tom Botes, William Schraegle, August Quattrochi, Charley Ayres, 
Kenneth Cole, Clyde Friar, and Lenny Shafitz. 



Lindy Barch 

Mrs. Ruth S. Fairchild 

Mrs. Marianna Ledbetter 

L fl m B D fl PHI 

Giving a tea for freshmen journalists in September, playing hostess for High 
School Journalism day were some of the activities of Lambda Phi, women's 
honorary journalism honorary. This group was organized to provide a bond 
between women and journalism and to recognize outstanding ability. In the 
top picture kneeling on the sofa are Frances White, Janet V/oodley, Lindy 
Barch, Marcielle Charters, and Luelia Heupel. Standing are Mrs. Ruth Fair- 
child, Marguerite Kemp, Dorothy Rockwell, Marjorie Edsall, Frances Murphey, 
Elvina Fish, Donna Payden, Dorothy Roessel, and Jean Hungerford. 


C.P.T.P. instructor Adrian Von Wyen asks o question on aeronau- 
tics of Bill Mock and Ed Shulke. 

Van Wyen points out some of the fine points of the Pratt-Whitney motors. 

Radio instruction is an important part in flight training so students 
take special care in this. 

At right, group inspects tail construction. 

Ten thousand feet above the clouds. 

With aerial warfare playing such a major role 
in modern conflicts, the government and the 
University administration both took many steps 
forward in giving the Civilian Pilot Training Pro- 
gram a boost. 

Adrian Van Wyen, CPTP instructor here, acted 
as go-between for the University and the govern- 
ment, variations being made in the training rules 
throughout the semester. 

The quota for trainees was raised from 10 to 
20, and registrants for the courses hod to have 
their loyalty to the government checked. Mem- 

At right, training planes for students, insert: group inspects wing 
construction on the ormy planes. 

bers had to be fingerprinted and vouched for by 
responsible persons. 

Those registering for the spring session were 
required to sign an affidavit agreeing to enter 
one of the armed forces upon completion of their 
course, but they could obtain occupational de- 
ferments on the strength of their pledge to enter 
some branch of the government flying service 
upon completion of their training. 

Women were banned from the courses for the 
first time "because of the national emergency, 
which made it necessary for the CPT program to 
train men for flight defense," Van Wyen said. 

fl u I fl T 1 n 


Pessimistic Joseph W. Begala, wrestling 
coach, carved his name in the sport world, 
heard it mentioned as the nation's great- 
est wrestling coach, and read it in Es- 



UJ R E S T L I n G 



Fateful number 1 3 proved to be a jinx for Coach Joe Begolo as his wrestlers wound up their 
season with three losses against nine victories, most disastrous record for the Golden Flash 
rapplers since Begala took the helm 13 years ago. 

For the second time since the organization of the interstate tournament 1 1 years ago, 
Begala's men failed to win the championship, finishing second to Michigan State's Spartans. 

But in the national tournament, the Flashes came through with flying colors, retaining 
their fifth place ranking, although being tied by Purdue, Big Ten champion, and Navy, East- 
ern Intercollegiate title holder. 

Captain Walt Porowski, heavyweight, went to the finals, losing out to a member of 
Oklahoma A. & M.'s team, which took the notional title for the sixth straight year. 

Duane Hague, 136 pounds, advanced ai far as the semi-finals and Bob Bader took 
fourth place in the 165-pound division, hiagueand Bader both took inter-state champion- 

Waynesburg, Michigan State, and Ohio U. were the teams which defeated the Golden 
Flashes but the team gained revenge on the latter squad, drubbing the Bobcats in a meet 
held High School Day. 

Other victories were scored over Rochester A. Cr M., Bowling Green, University of Akron, 
Ohio State, Baldwin-Wallace, Findlay, Indiana State Teachers college, and the Freshmen. 

Similar scenes were enacted many times in Wills gym as the Golden flash wrestlers piled up a 
nine wins and three losses record. Above: Referee Joe Tabor signifies a pin for Dave Poulus 
over his Ohio U. opponent. 


Wall Porowski 

Dave Paulus 

Don Rippberger 

Bob Boder 

A C 

Don Rippberger, national junior 
AAU runner-up of Michigan, not 
being able to compete until second 
semester hurt the Golden Flashes' 
chances during the first six meets, 
and no doubt it had a great deal to 
do with the grapplers losing to 
Waynesburg and Ohio U. 

Rippberger wrestled for the 
freshmen in the first meet of the 
season and decisioned Bill McCune 
of the varsity. Tom Davis won for 
the frosh when he decisioned Duane 
Hague. In other bouts, though, the 
first year men were helpless, losing 
the setto, 24-6. 

George Grahame, Bob Boder, and 
Romie Alexoff all scored pins for 
the varsity, while Don Sinn, Mike 
Slepecky, and Dave Paulus come 
through with decisions. 

In the first intercollegiate match 
of the season, just before the holi- 
days, the wrestlers presented Be- 
gala with a Christmas present — o 
26-6 triumph over Rochester A. & 

Slepecky, Joe Incorvoia, Hague, 
and Walt Porowski all won by falls 
and Sinn and Boder took decisions. 

I E Y 

Hague wrestled in the 155-pound 
class, 20 pounds above his regular 

A former teommote of Coach Be- 
galo's at Ohio U., Joe Gander, 
brought the Bowling Green Falcons 
to Wills gym, but Begalo was no 
respecter of friendships that night, 
allowing his men to roll up a 29-3 
score over Kent State's sister school 

Sinn, Slepecky, Incorvoia, and 
Paulus were victorious, all pinning 
their men, Slepecky turning in the 
season's fastest time, 30 seconds, 
only two above the record. Hague, 
Bader, and Stanley scored decisions. 

Just before the University of Ak- 
ron meet, it was learned that Cap- 
ta'n Walt Porowski would be unable 
to do any more wrestling for the re- 
moinder of the season, his jaw giv- 
ing him trouble once again. He had 
sustained a fracture during the foot- 
ball season in o gome against West- 
ern Reserve. 

Perhaps thinking about the grid 
beating administered to the Flashes 
by Akron, the Blue and Gold mot- 
men unzipped the Zippers, 34-0. 
Joe Fortunoto mode his debut as a 

Don Sinn 

Bill McCune 

Duone Hogue 

E N E N T S 

replacement for Porowski and won 
when his opponent was forced to for- 
feit the match. Slepecky continued 
his quick pins, taking care of his 
foe in 61 seconds. 

Sinn, Slepecky, Bader, and Earl 
Stanley were the only men able to 
win against Waynesburg, and the 
Flashes fell before the Yellow Jack- 
ets, 14-12. 

This was followed by a 17-11 loss 
to Ohio U., but as the second semes- 
ter rolled around, Kent State showed 
a surprising reversal of form, taking 
Ohio State, 14-12, to gain a leg on 
the state championship. 

The Begalamen got another crack 
at Ohio U. before a cheering High 
School Day crowd and showed the 
Bobcats that the result of their first 
fray had been an accident by notch- 
ing a 15-11 victory. Slepecky 
wrestled his last meet for Kent 
State, leaving a few days later to 
join the army air corps. The loss of 
the second ranking 128-pounder in 
the country was hard to take. 

The win over Ohio U. plus the vic- 

tory over Ohio State gave the Flash- 
es clear claim to the Ohio title. 

Baldwin Wallace forfeited the 
next meet after losing their coach 
to the army, although they went 
through with all the other meets on 
their schedule. 

Findlay proved to be little opposi- 
tion, Begala's boys chalking up a 20- 
6 triumph on the Oilers' home mats. 
Incorvaia scored the only Kent State 
pin, disposing of his man in 4:36. 

With the mid-west title at stake, 
the Flashes fell prey to Michigan 
State for the second straight year, 
19-1 1. The Spartans forfeited their 
first match and Bader and Fortunato 
decisioned their men to account for 
Kent State's points. 

Romping over Indiana State 
Teachers college, 30-0, in the final 
match of the season, the Flashes ar- 
ranged a meet with Case, but it 
was called off, when the Case ath- 
letic council refused to grant ap- 

Bader pinned his Indiana oppon- 
ent in 50 seconds to complete the 
season undefeated, with 1 1 straight 
victories under his belt. 

^^ 41^ 

Mike Slepecky 


. ■' ■ ■ ..'.x-r-. 





Earl Stanley 

Joe IncorvQia 

Aaavma A*nltm*« a 

Below: "Outstanding Wrestler of the Year" Mike Slepecky looks on 
as Coach Begala demonstrates a hold on heavyweight WoltJPorowski. 

Above: Duane Hague doesn't seem to be having too much troubl< 
with his opponent. 

Below: Dove Poulus got into o better position soon otter this picture 
wos token and slapped a speedy pin to his man. 

Dodg ng the pitfalls of their first year at 
Kent State, over 400 sophomores came back 
for more when the 1 941 -42 year opened. 

By now, many of the sophomores were be- 
ginning to eye the campus as a place for 
making a mark as leaders in student activ- 
ities and in class room participation. 

The class of '44 duplicated its freshman 

year activities, staging a class theater party 
and sponsoring a dance, jointly with the 

Some sophomore plans hod to be changed 
at nine weeks of the second semester when 
John Lemak, president, left school to enter 
the ormy. Vice-president Jim Hewitt took 
over the executive duties. 

Marian Zupan 


Jane McDowell 


Jim Hewitt 


John Lemak 


Not lacking in ingenuity, the sophs and 
juniors took advantage of the situation 
created by the state high school basketball 
tournament in Wills gym. When the time for 
their dance rolled around, the gymnasium 
was hemmed in by bleachers, enough for 
5,000 people. At once the stands became 
port of dance atmosphere, chiming right in 
with the theme of a circus. A yellow and 
blue canopy was used for decorations and 
pictures of animals were painted on the 

Outstanding on the campus as members 
of the sophomore class for the year have 
been: Al Geitgey, business manager of the 
Stater; Vic Karakul, baseball; Romie Alex- 
off, football; Russ Baird, athletic publicity 
director; Harry Kuzmenko, football; Suz- 
anne Martin, university theater; Dottie 
Roessel, the Kent Stater; E. Lenard Silver- 
stein, Radio Workshop; Jim Theiss, univer- 
sity theater; John Bodo, music; Monetta 
Crookman, majorette; and Joe Fortunato, 
football and baseball. 

Charles Arnott 
Elaine Adams 
Richard Farwell 
Nancy Allen 

!ay McCurdy 
Emmie Bradley 
Jim Austin 

Mary J. Bishop 

orbara Beier 
Loder Brooks 
Verna Buelow 

Elizabeth Herzog 

ernon Cone 
Jean Rees 
I Ralph Burhana 
{ Phyllis Pontius 

ob Whiddon 
Barbara McMohon 
Don Whitacre 
I Morcielle Charters 

>hn Olson 
Mike Czuha 

Charles Brownwell 
Robert Giffels 

Harold Fugmon 
Morjorie Bell 
Ligon Moyhew 
Emily Dolenc 

Russell Baird 
Mary Gilchrist 
Chick Ready 
Franklin Havis 

Luella Heuple 
Lois Jeckel 

Ann Jackman 
Priscilla Jeffs 

John Kirk 

Martha Louderbough 
Robert McNeese 
Edna Ressler 

Harry Kuzmenko 
Alyce Carr 

Carol Brickley 

Jean Hungerford 

Harris Moore 
Jean Kesfer 
Robert Myers 

Dorothy Milligon 

Pete Povkov 

Marge La Montia 
Betty Pequingnot 
Flora Miller 

Fioyd Thorne 
Ray Gallagher 

Eugene Pyle S', 

Benjamin Roberts ^, 

Arthur Sill 

Delores Shifflet 
Frances Murphey 
Dorothy Roessel 

Myron Treter 
Helen Scott 
Joseph Smith 
Margaret Short 

Jack Skelly 
Irene Stearns 
Bill Roby 

Dorothy Crowe! 

Dick Wiese 
Nick Rini 

Gertrude Walter 
Jim Theis 

Carl Carrothers 
Beatrice Brillhort 
Jim Thierry 
Jim Rector 

Tom Conwell 
Phyllis Cannon 
Milton Baer 
Jane Carroll 

Jack Collins 

June Berkhardt 
Arnold Carlson 
Russell Howsn 

Bob Finney 

Margie Edixon 
John Delsantro 
Eileen O'Keeff 

dwin Dreger 
Alice Danner 
Al Geitgey 

Myrtle Geckler 

iaiph Krelger 
Emily Esfes 

Anthony Klipsic 
Kathleen Kepner 

se Marg 
Edwin Kieselboch 
Monetta Croakman 
Michael Perez 

ohn Soule 
Jane Parry 

John Schwartz 
Mildred Pugliese 

|ou Boffo 
Joseph Rodio 
Virgil Smith 
Robert Raful 

obert Crotty 
Myro Witt 

Paul Yomokoski 
Russell Vese 

Betty Collins 

Patricia Anderson 
Elma Imobersteg 
Doris Hoskins 

Janet Woodley 
Elmer Brott 
Arlene Rose 

Lucille Heifner 

Bill Dedinsky 
Beverly Allen 
Virginia Rasch 
Demetiros Nolis 

Albert Annandono 
Marianne Elton 
Ruth Ayers 

Winifred Andrus 

Betty Begg 
Jean Borger 

Madeline Broun 
Kathleen Smith 

John Boda 
Anita Cooper 

Eleanor Wagner 
Miriam Best 

Caroline Boucek 
Jessie Bertschi 
Ruth Bert 

Virginia Black 

Eilleen Cosby 
Twylah Book 

Cornelia Tanase 
lola Bucher 

James Meyer 
Carol Clark 
Arch Brown 

Carolyn Brown 

Norwood Davidson 
Betty Bunell 
Phyllis Davis 
Laura Peterson 

Ruth Brewbaker 

Catherine Bankhurst 
Lois Deneke 
Doris Gray 

Maurice DeWalt 
Rose Christ 
Ruth Davis 

Madalen Degutis 

Edward Rezac 
Jean Eschbacker 
Doris Pepper 

Virginia Retzer j 

Don Harris 

Winifred Loesch 
Marguerite Cook 
Joyne Karnosh 

George Moger 
Zado Farmer 
Paul Fedor 
Elaine Evans 

Alice Chiverton 
Jane Smith 
Elvina Fish 

Jerold Elliott 

Gladys Gardner 
Robert Beckwith 
Margery Gilcresl 

Henrv Ford 
Jean Guiss 

Ruth Greenwood 
Henry Gielluca 

iretchen Groble 
Phyllis Harfer 
Verda Hazlell- 
Beth Holuska 

Oft A 



antes Hewitt 
Betty Heasley 

Donald Rippberger 
Janet Harris 

•l^hris Johnson 
June McCartney 
Paula Lockard 
Jeanne Jacobs 

llarris Knight 
, Dorothy Hultburg 
Erwin Klein 
Leotto James 

obert Houser 
Martha Hutson 
Tom Johnson 
Virginia Dodd 

O ^' A 

rv fj5 

A i 


uth Koch 

^^ i 

i 1 

Mary Kester 

ml 1 

i c 

Marguerite Kemp 







Bill Lyon 

Robert Higgins 
Dick Lomy 
Ted Hudok 

Pauline Wilkes 
Annetta Kopp 

Mary Lopodus 
Catherine Lewis 
Florence Riehl 
Shieio Gilchrist 

Dorothy Lonsbury 
Morion Leso 

Harriette Lewis 
Charlotte Lose 

William Lord 
Peggy Laumer 
John Lemok 

Betty J. Poterson 

Romie Alexoff 
Jane McDowell 
Colleen McBride 
Alice Miller 

Jane Mohler 

Virginia Linden 

Kathleen O'Doherty 
Ruth West 

Vincent Gallivan 
Connie Lovejoy 
Bill McPherson 
Marge Wilson 

Ervin Mothews 
Jim Mitchell 
Willard Myser 
Bob Henry 

Ruth Haberkost 
Peggy Daetwyler 
Jeanne Zeiser 
Carol Chamberlain 

Norma Rundle 
Helen Osborn 
Margene Moore 
Joan Norris 

John Hollett 
George Ketchy 
Lenny Boorstein 
Poul Vaughn 

Norman Liston 
Mary Nelson 
Jack Wynn 
Lily Mobille 

Charles Drogga 
Mary Osborne 
Albert Simon 
Marjorie Oaks 

Robert O'Grady 
Frances White 
Marian Nichols 
Marian Zupan 

Jean Perkins 

Eugene Walters 
Frances Peterson 
Mary Patchin 

Robert Shaffer 
Clifford Hancock 
Betty Robb 
Jock Russell 

Earl Stewart 
Jean Scharkey 
Arvilla Burger 
Kathleen Celinsco 

Lucy Speck 
Julio Steiner 

Margot McGrew 
Marjorie Shuman 

Bernadine Willet 
Dorothy Spitler 
Morgoref Tokocs 
Mary Ingham 

Bud Wright 

Georgio Hufton 
Roberto VonCourt 
Bob Boker 

iDorothy Abbott' 
June Walker 

Ordello Walker 

Doris Yorger 
Marjorie Lengs 
Mary White 
Ruth Wilms 

Thomas Chalmers 
Hugh Cairns 
Jane Heophey 
Roy Seosteod 

Williom O'Tooley 
Hazel Yost 

Doris McCortney 

Carlton Shofer 
Marjorie Cook 
Dick Shively 
Louise Israel 






Lowry hall, the dormitory whose residents can get 
up at 7 :50 and get to an eight o'clock class, is one 
of the oldest buildings on the campus. It now houses 
freshman girls, and also the university dining halls. 
Coming to Kent in the fall, the girls in Lowry 
elected Eunice McCoy, president; Eloise Toops, vice 
president; Vivienne Gage, secretary; Carol Green, 
treasurer, and social chairman, Rita Lane. Under 
the direction of these officers they stepped right 
into the swing of school life by winning the home- 
coming cup for dormitory decorations. Next they 
won the first event of the athletic season by taking 
the soccer cup. 

Dance programs hanging from scrapbooks reveal 
that the dorm held two formal dances at the Twin 
Lakes country club, and played hostess to their 
dates at an open house. Sunday afternoon teas 
added to the spirit of hospitality. 

But it was the girls themselves that made the 
year at Lowry such a memorable one. Remember 
how Ruth Cockrell received special delivery letters 
daily? How great was the disappointment when it 
was discovered that June Nicodemus couldn't sing 
the lead in the Pork Barrel skit? Ruth Recht and 
her subtle humor. And finally Rita Lane who always 
had fresh flowers in her room. 


Top photo, left to right: Helen Morgan, 
Thelmo Gick, Jane Burge, Betty Ba- 
gent, Jean Gard, Doreen Logue, Maxine 
Donner, Doris Bump. Bottom left: Marg 
Fristoe, Viola Fornsworth, Alice Marcus, 
Virginia Staib, Zelmo Riley. Bottom 
right: Ellen J. Lohr, Boots Gage, Annis 
McCoy, Dorothy hiarrls, Eunice McCoy, 
Jean Burch, Mary Katherine Dougherty, 
Jane Parry. 

Lowry hall girls take time out for an 
;vening of indoor social activities. Here 
the girls partake of knitting, listening 
to the radio shows, reading, and the 
Lowry Hall scrapbook. 


K«!.' '' 


Who's got my formal? Let's go down to the recre- 
ation room and dance' Do not disturb, sleeping! 
Will the meeting please come to order? Whoops! 
I didn't know that there was anyone in the lounge. 
This last statement indicates clearly that these 
phrases are issuing from Moulton Hall, the newest 
of the freshman dorms. 

Situated at one end of the semi-circle of the 
University buildings, this dorm houses 98 freshman 
girls. Coming to Kent for the first time, the girls 
are met by upperclasswomen who act as desk girls 
and counselors. Soon parties, dotes, and dances fill 
the hours and at the end of the year the girls leave 
for other dorms taking with them the memories of 
friendships, midnight spreads, and companionship. 

Under the leadership of Miss Isobelle Reid, the 
first semester, and Miss Gaynell Neff, the second, 
Moulton residents gave spring and Christmas 
formals, a Harvest Hop and a Spring Fever Frolic. 
Continuing on annual custom the girls played 
hostess to the faculty at a tea in April. 

However important as these extra activities are, 
it is the memory of the girls that will moke this 
year in Moulton Hall a happy one. Elaine Ludemon's 
flippancy at house meeting. Eve Mores telling long 
tales. Midge Abshire's number ringing every hour, 
Ruth Erricson chosen the Chestnut Burr Queen, 
Marty Forsberg elected student council representa- 
tive. Mug Soule, whose pictures dot the annual, and 
finally the desk girl, who campused you the night 
before the Top Hop. 

L. Youl-zy, S. Giles, E. Trapp, E. Wachie, 
E. J. McCreory, M. Schriber, M. Bailey; 
Treas., N. Jockson, B. Wiles, B. Wel- 
ton, M. E. Hoffman; vice-pres., Teresa 
Sprosfy; pres., G. Nell, h.r., A. Carr; 
rec. sec, R. Mathews, G. Hoffman, N. 
Austin; vice-pres., B. Case; soc. choir- 


RIGHT: Doing some midnight studying 
ore left to right, Ruth Erricson, Mary 
L. Sponogol, Emily Wess, Betty Mot- 
zenbach, Mary J. De Frieze. 
LEFT: Before the fire-place are Mary- 
lin Leader, Tunny Von Ormon, Margie 
Steinninger, Agatha Levis, Lois Raney. 
BOTTOM: The ping-pong toble finds 
Dottie Schoner, Lucille Regel, Betty 
Sinclair, and Mariom Glass playing 
and watching the game. 


Living in Engleman hall is like living in one of the 
newest modern apartment buildings. This dormitory, 
only a few years old, has all the modern conveni- 
ences including a sun porch with an open fireplace, 
glass-enclosed lounge overlooking a terrace, and 
a recreation room and smoker combined. 

This upperclasswomen's dorm holds 232 girls. It 
is governed by a council consisting of a president, 
Dottie Ann Reese; vice presidents, Betty Jane Lead- 
enham, Gladys Jacobs, Jane Stroup, Maxine Miller; 
secretary, Delia Risto; treasurer, Jane Higgins. This 
group deals with any of the problems which arise 
in the dormitory such as campuses and late permits. 
There is also a lower council consisting of two girls 
from each floor. These girls primarily plan the 

social events. This year they inaugurated a series 
of get-togethers for the girls of the various wings. 

Social events for the whole dorm have been a fall 
informal dance, a winter formal, and a spring buffet 
dinner dance. Parties for each holiday were planned 
by Theta Miller, social chairman. 

Every year at Christmas time girls from this dorm 
participate in a pageant which is given for the other 
dorms. The reader was Kitty Liptak. 

However, one of the most important results of the 
dorm's activity has been a new song written by 
Phyllis Pontius. Just to see the pride in the faces of 
the girls as they sing, "Here's to the dorm of all 
dreams," makes you want to live in Engleman hall. 


Sfanding, left to right: Dorothy Milligon, Betty Duff, Lucy Speck, Mildred Pearce, Dorothy Roessel, Bettie Morris, Doris Yorger, 
Sara Lee Stubbs, Phyllis Pontius, Mary Kester. Middle row, left to right: Betty Jane Leadenhom, Miss Irene Smith, Dotty Ann 
Reese, Jocky Miller, Mrs. Delia Risto. Bottom row, left to right: Rosolie Christian, Marian Zupan, Jean Knoder, Marjorie 
Frankhouser, Jane Smith. 


Engleman Hall boasts one of the finest 
lounges and set of recreation rooms 
that can be found in any women's 
dorm. Top photo left, the Engleman 
lassies toke time out during study 
hours to read the feminine magazines 
and discuss latest styles. Top right, 
the radio and record player get a work- 
out. Bottom, the lounge piano, so often 
just a piece of furniture, for once is a 
center of a home musical session. 

Top photo left: Verdabelle Abbott, 
Marjorie Frankhouser, Georgia Glassco, 
Dorothy Christian, Louise Fogley, Eileen 
Arnold, Francis Shofer, Dottie Ann 
Reese. Top right photo: Doris Linerode, 
Bea Wright, Alito Boecker, Lucille 
Heifner, Marge Miller. Bottom photo: 
Jane Cowell, Maxine Porter, Moriesto 
McDonald, Gladys Jacobs, Mary 

uiomEn's SPORTS 




The Women's Athletic association has emphasized this year the importance 
of the good health of students for national defense and the war effort. 

In regards to this they sponsored a health drive in February that ran 
through six weeks and was climaxed with the appearance of Mary K. Browne, 
former women's national tennis champion. She spoke at an all-women 

Also in February, W.A.A. held its annual Sweetheart dance to celebrate 
St. Valentine's Day, at which they sold defense stamps. In April the club 
played host to girls from 50 high schools in northeastern Ohio at High school 
play day. Throughout the year, W.A.A, kept its members busy with such 
activities as soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, ping pong, badminton, 
baseball, bowling, and other seasonal sports. 

For its outdoor athletics, members played on the women's athletic field 
behind Engleman hall. The club awarded cups for teams winning in the 
various sports and a large trophy to the team with the greatest percentage in 
participation. Betty Gorlich served W.A.A. this year as president; Mabel 
Esping, vice-president; Betty Duff, treasurer; and Jane Hand, secretary. Mrs. 
Virginia Harvey is the advisor of the Women's Athletic association. 

Seated, left to right: Betty Bunell, Eefty Ackley, Betty Gorlich, Evelyn Rawles, Mary L. Nelson. 
Standing, left to right: Betty Duff, Marge Hyre, Mabel Esping, Jane Hond, Dorothy Milligan, 
June Smith. 

Archery and indoor badminton play an in 
portant parf in the W.A.A. program. 

Rain or shine, snow or sleet, Kent State's lassies put up a real battle for that 
little white ball, puck, basketball, or volleyball whichever their team carried 
over the goal to victory. 

Invaluable for its training in teamwork, spirit and cooperation, women's 
athletics play a major part of the co-ed's life during the three seasons. Winter 
sports this year included basketball, volleyball, swimming, ping pong, bad- 
minton, tap dancing, and interpretative dancing. In the spring, when the 
sun comes peeking out from the grey clouds of winter, the University women 
begin their more strenuous sports. Tennis, baseball, archery, and horseback 
riding occupied most of their time. 

Modern Dancing offers a highly specialized 
form of recreation. 

Field hockey on the new women's athletic 
field provides an invigorating sport. 

toson. It is a conatant hiplth builder. 

Btei teasen for HiU sp«rti 

Formed to build the health of University women and thereby prepare them 
to meet all emergencies in national defense, the Victory Volunteer program 
was started early in March, just three months after the declaration of war. 

The V.V. organization is believed to be the first of its kind in the country. 
Women from all walks of campus life are included in the program. Meetings 
bring representatives from all committees — sororities, dormitories, off -campus 
houses, and campus organizations. 

Miss Rosalie Christian serves as chairman, while the eight faculty mem- 
bers serving in the central unit include Dr. Frances Harshbarger, originator 
of the plan, Dr. Grace Sherrer, Dr. Florence Beol, Mrs. Virginia hHorvey, Mrs. 
Cleo VonOrman, Dr. Alice Ryder, Dean Mary L. Smallwood, and Miss Jeanne 

Swimming in the university pool is the perfect 
training ground for healthful recreation. 

Archery on the front compus provides an 
opportunity for developing strong and keen 

Volleyball in the gym and three W.A.A. 
co-eds at the pool. 

were constantly in progress in Wilis gym. 


Cornelia Kuehenbaeker 

Jane Stroup 

Meade Letts 

Dom J. Monaco 



Bo Dutton 

Ralph Braden 

Morvin Eubanks 

Coy McGowon 


The junior class produced some very active members, worked 
hard, and managed to have a good time during the year 1 942. 

Combining with the second year students in sponsoring the 
Junior-Sophomore dance, the juniors had Wills gym decorated 
like the "Big Top," all decorations being mode to conform to a 
circus-like spirit. Billy Mundoy, whose band furnished the music 
for the Theatre formal, also played at the Junior-Soph hop. 

The class dues drive was conducted all year. Alita Boecker 
was chairman of the social committee and Margaret Lewis 
headed the dues committee. President Bill Guisewite had a hand 
in all the activities and did a good job of putting the juniors in 
high esteem among the other classes. 

Many individuals gained honors and participated in extra- 
curricular activities. Frances Allen was active in the Radio Work- 
shop; Marge Brown was mistress of the house in the University 

Bill Guisewite 

Alita Boecker 

Ted Tucker 

Robin Keith 

Theatre and Ellen Hausrath and James Muzzy also 
participated in the theater productions. 

Bob Diehl led the marching band as drum major 
and also pounded the drums; James Higgins was the 
top junior debater, winning many honors; Betty Jane 
Leadenham was crowned Miss Kent State; Carol 
Richards was poet laureate of the junior class. 

Charley Ayres served as editor of the Duchess 
and was elected president of Kappa Mu Kappa 
fraternity late in the year. Stan Mouse and Ayres 
were representatives to Men's Union; Joe Hart was 
named Student council prexy; Dick Kerckhoff was 

feature editor of The Stater; Ed Zink presided over 
Sigma Tau Gamma meetings, and Harold Murphy, 
head of the Commerce club besides being business 
manager of the Burr. 

In the field of athletics, the junior class was 
represented in football by Lou Toth, Ralph Church, 
Bob Williams, Chef Bania, Bo Dutton, Bob Hein, 
Lowell Wetzel, Ralph Petros, Dick Schwabe, and 
Howard Mack. Juniors on the basketball team in- 
cluded Ted Tucker, Dick Weigle, Hein, Wetzel, and 
Dutton. The baseball team was led by Tucker, Mack, 
Weigle, Vic Karakul, and Bania. 



Jeanne Viola Arne Jean 
Altmonn Amon Ahonen Anderson 


^W!' JLT^ ^^J fi^k 





Margery J. 


Fred Morjorie 

Brigeman, Jr. Brown 

Mary Louise 



*>^. ^i 





Paul E. 













Rosalie Jane 











P A^B 



Hspe May 




H. Dicky 



KK .^ 




L . 9. (f-** ^-F i 

















Fried lond 


^ - - _ ^, 

Marjorie Roy F. 

Fankhouser Glenn 





















f^ f^ 


^ a ^^ a 





Harold Caryl Ted 

Hershkowitx Hopkinson Irmiter 

fL ' m *^' 



. Jicha 

V <Vi c^ 

Robert E. 

George E 


Margaret Dorothy Jane Chorles Helen A. Beryl .v...i..;^ Mary 

Lewis Leight McWilliams McCarthy McHugh MacDonold Martin 


Orrin J. 



Mory Ellen 










Roy A. 



Bettie Jane 

James V. 






o D e% 


Howard J. 

Harold N. 




Mario L. 




Alma Mary H. 

Newsome Oldham 

'-"-^ <?>i?-' ' ^ ■* 




I Oswald 


Mary Beth 
Nass a 


Amelia A. 












Mory Blanche 

H. Voughn 


Ruth M. 







^ '"^ o 

VI mMmm 



Von Aucker 






Borboro J. 

Robert J. 

George W. 












Joe Blair, eonsistent winner in speecK activities before the podium. At right. Prof. Jomes Holm, 
debate coach, surrounded by team members prior to a meet. 

Debate squads practice long and hard but the victories ore pleasant. Jewell Hordmon holds 
one of the team's trophies. 


Climaxing a successful season, 
Kent State's debate team won 
first place honors in the Grand 
Eastern tournament at Rock- 
hill, South Carolina, to take 
highest ranking among the 
nation's outstanding debate 

The men's team of Herbert 
Myers and Robert Beckwith 
was victorious over such schools 
as Duke, Notre Dame, West 
Virginia, University of Florida, 
and The Citadel. Alice O'Sickey 
and Jane Higgins finished sec- 
ond in the women's division. 

The women's debate team, 
composed of Alice O'Sickey, 
Jane Higgins, Marjorie Jacot, 
and Carol Sayers won their 
second consecutive Ohio con- 
ference championship. 

The debaters, under the ad- 
visership of J. N. Holm, direc- 
tor of forensics, also partici- 
pated in other Ohio conference 
debates, the Manchester tour- 
nament at Manchester, Ind., 
two northeastern Ohio con- 
tests, the Peace Oratory con- 
test at Columbus, and the 
National Discussion contest at 
Detroit, Mich. Bottom left: 
Coach Holm watches Ed Dreger 
and Sheff Pierce in action. At 
right is John Powell, top Kent 
State debater for many sea- 




This skit won a first ploce tie for the AO's. 

Dot Keorns song for 
Lowry Hall. 

Mickey Pugliese smiles in her 
Hawaiian dress. 

These girls won the dormitory cup for Engleman 

The KMK first place in 
the frot group. 

Fifty voices echoed through the 
auditorium to give the Tri-Sigs 
shore of first place honors. 

The spirit of competition among Pork Barrel contestants was never 
as keen as it was this year, when three sororities tied for a prize and 
two individuals tied for first honors. 

Before a capacity crowd in the auditorium, Alpha Omega, Gamma 
Sigma Phi, and Sigma Sigma Sigma tied for the annual cup awarded 
to the skit staged by a sorority. 

In the individual bracket, John Boda and Marian Nichols finished 
with an equal share of the judges' approval and had to draw straws. 
Marion won and received a handsome trophy. 

Kappa Mu Kappa was victorious in the fraternity division, Engle- 
man Hall won the dormitory cup, and Wesley Co-op House was 
awarded the unaffiliated group prize. 

The proceeds of the affair, which was emceed by Bob Houser, 
went toward the penny drive, so that more University men in the 
service could receive copies of the college publications. 

Morjorie Gatts, Marian Nichols, winner, and 
Clara Biosello. Bob Houser, MC, congratulates 
the victor. 

SflDlE HflUJKinS 

Marryin' Sam Bob Myers, the Scriptures, and a 
. couple of Daisy Mae's. 

Beverly Allen and escort josh the contesting 
with their own straw vote. 

rge Richards, winner last year, and that 
■jjr note wosn't Johnny Lemak's fault. 

Tom Bates quiets the crowd so Nic 
announce the winners. Insert: Stan Mouse 
ond Peg Mc Comb 


Port of the Grand March". "Confoosin' but 
amoosin' " we heard Li'l Abner mutter as 
he left the 

The winners — if they're on the loose, be careful of dark places. 

Even Earl Carroll would look twice at these seven contestants. 

Left to right: Betty Bunnell, Janet Webb, Beryl McHugh, Mary 
Hazen, Marge Richards, Kay Peorce, and Marguerite Cook. 

Famed cartoonist Al Capp did his best to disrupt the peaceful college campus when he took 
up his pen and created the character of freckled Sadie Hawkins. 

Here at Kent State we hired Johnny Lemak's band; painted and pasted ourselves together 
as horrible as possible; drafted Kenneth Nichols, Beacon-Journal columnist, as judge. 

Winners were Marguerite Cook, Daisy Mae; Lenny Lattin, Li'l Abner; Kotherine Thomas, 
Mommy Yokum; Joan Norris, Sadie Hawkins, and Dick McGinnis, Hairless Joe. 


The Kent State University Concert Band, under the 
direction of Roy D. Metcalf, is one organization that 
has not suffered from this year's drop in enrollment. A 
group of members of his 60 piece band received a high 
rating at the Intercollegiate Band Festival at Ober- 
lin this year. The band gave two concerts this season, 
one in March and one in the May Music Week. 

In the March Concert, given in the University 
Auditorium the first part of the program consisted 
of the following numbers — Beautiful Savior, The 
Golden Century Overture, Flandria Overture, and the 
Marine Hymn. The second part of the program con- 
sisted of a mock radio broadcast in which forty-four 
members took part. In this part were played — the 
Raymond Overture, and the U. S. Field Artillery March. 

c one £ R T B fl r^ 



'iW<B'.T-^f'i'^';i'^f^.'»i."-t,',-'jf,"Vg'; ■ ' -■",■ 


,0 P"- 

This has been a busy year for the popular Symphony 
Orchestra. While other organizations have shown a 
marked decrease in membership the orchestra under 
the leadership of Kenneth Byler, instructor in music, 
has increased its roster to fifty pieces — a gain of five 
pieces over last year. Membership in the orchestra 
is gained through tryouts held at the beginning of 
the year. During the fall and spring semesters the 
orchestra made the following appearances: appeared 
in a concert on November 27th, accompanied the 
chorus in the Messiah on December 14th, assisted the 
chorus in the Bach Cantata, broadcasted four times 
over K S R W concert programs, and collaborated 
with the Choir in the May Program. 

^^"'r/du''"^ » 


The Women's Glee club again this year, lived up to its tradition of fine performance. Under the capable direction 
of Elfleda Littlejohn it has appeared alone in one concert; and in collaboration with the orchestra and A Cap- 
pella Choir gave a final concert during Notional Music Week. 


omen 6 

The programs for these concerts included the beautiful and difficult Dido's Lament, By a Lonely Forest, 
The Evening Prayer, I Hear a Harp, The Dream Robber, With Muted Strings, and such folk songs as At Night 
When I Was Dreaming, and Old Love Song. 

The officers of the Women's Glee Club ore: Clara Biasello, president, Barbara Welton, vice president, 
and Rosella Dull, secretary. 


The forty blended voices of the A Coppello Choir, 
under the direction of Joseph Lupkiewicz, again 
brought distinction to the music department of 
K. S. U. Membership in this select group is by 
try out only. During the past years the A Coppella 
choir has made numerous appearances. Among 
these have been the Thanksgiving assembly, the 
Christmas assembly, and the Easter assembly. 
They were featured at one concert in February, 
also appeared in the Congregational Church, and 
assisted in the opening of the new Christian Church 
of Kent. 




More than 100 voices ore prepared to ring 
out over the airwaves as the University pre- 
sents its sixth onnual "Messiah." 
Insert shows Prot. Fred H. Denker drawing the 
crescendo: from the group. 

Declared by many to be the best ever staged at Kent 
State University, the sixth annual performance of Han- 
del's "Messiah" was presented Sunday, December 14. 

The tenor tones of Arthur Kraft, soloist, made the 
greatest impression on the audience, which filled the 
auditorium. Kraft came from Rochester, N. Y., where 
he was a faculty member of the Eastman School of Music. 

With the voices of 150 glee club members as back- 
ground, other solo performances were given by Laura 
Durstein, contralto, Foster Miller, bass, and Hilda Mc- 
Millen, soprano. 

Miss Durstein was soloist of the Church of the Cov- 
enant in Cleveland. Miller, noted New York singer, 
was a native of Bedford, O. 

John Boda provided the piano accompaniment, 
while June Brenneman was organist. 


E s s 


Top left: Rockwell Kent, artist, signs his autograph. 
Center: E. L. Novotny, University professor, gives o 
painting demonstration. Top right: Roger N. Baldwin, 
director. Civil Liberties Union, makes a dramatic ges- 
ture. Bottom left: Wills gym is crowded as the Marine 
Band makes a hit. Bottom right: Frosh president Bob 
Byrne puts a dink on the blonde head of Jessica Drag- 
onette as Marvin Eubanks looks down on the petite singer. 

Congressmen, educators, religious leaders, artists 
— all spoke before University students during as- 
semblies held this lost year in the auditorium. 

A long list of prominent names and high sound- 
ing titles attest to the variety and calibre of the 

Among the speakers were Representative Dow 
Harter, member of the House military affairs com- 
mittee, Senator Robert A. Toft, Dr. Arthur H. Comp- 
ton, head of the department of physics at the Uni- 
versity of Chicago, Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, head 
of the Cleveland Temple, Dr. Everett Clinchy, of 
the National Conference of Christians and Jews, 
and Father Vincent C. Donovan, of the Catholic 
Thought Association. 

Also Dr. Harland Hatcher, member of the Ohio 
State University English department and the author 
of several books on Ohio country, Dr. Reinhold 

Schairer, former head of the department of inter- 
national relations at the University of London, 
Rockwell Kent, noted illustrator and artist. Max 
Brauer, former German official and League of 
Nations envoy, Dr. T. V. Smith, lecturer and pro- 
fessor of philosophy at the University of Chicago. 

Dr. K. C. Leebrick, Kent State University presi- 
dent, figured in many assemblies. He spoke at the 
first assembly, honoring the seniors, and sow his 
life caricatured from birth to present day by the 
two campus zanies. Bill Guisewite and Stan Mouse. 

E. Ladislaw Novotny, associate professor of art, 
demonstrated painting techniques in one of the 
"home talent" shows. Bill Guisewite, Marian Zupan 
and Henry Keppner shared the spotlight with the 
a cappella choir in the Christmas assembly, and 
several administrative sessions were called to clar- 
ify students' viewpoints on certain matters. 







Behind the scenes of any publication, there are many words and pictures that are never 
written and never published. Perhaps some of these words and pictures can be described as 
the job or duty at hand. At any rate, the production of a college yearbook requires not only 
the months of planning and the months of action, but a distinctive ability of its staff to judge 
and evaluate what the students like. 

The 1942 Burr took for its masthead, "College Life in Pictorial Journalism." it's ambi- 
tion was the production of a vibrant and life-like picture of the life at Kent State for the lost 
year. Based on the power of the photogroph, more effort wos expanded on the publication of 
fine photographs than any other single element. However, this is by no means an attempt at 
a photographic masterpiece. 

It is only the viewpoint of the staff and editor. What the camera can say is limited by 
what the action to be photographed can say. The subject was Kent State University and the 
Burr staff has attempted an honest and different approach for its recording. 

Every picture takes as much time in the darkroom as it 
does before the comera. 

Harold N. Murphy, 
business manager of 
the Burr complained 
obouf the ban on tires 
and outos but man- 
aged a successful ad 
section. Right: Shoot- 
ing photos outside, the 
editor takes a moment 
for congratulations. 

Matt Fenn, ace copy edi- 
tor looks over a story by 
Polly Wikle, society edi- 

onces White, Lig Mayhew and Phil Rubin. White and Mayhew made valu- 
>le assistance in editorial work while Rubin was the editors "monkey". 


is'/ii^ ^,3^1^: 

George Betts 
Supervisor of Publications 

Seofed, left to right: William Schroegie, Esther Knott, secretary. Prof. C. E. Sotterfield. 
Standing: Prof. Ada Hyatt, Prof. William Taylor, chairman. Dr. Eric T. Griebling, and Robert 

The men and women behind the men and women 
who put out the University publications compose 
the Board of Publications. 

Headed by Prof. William Taylor, chairman, 
the board is empowered to do the hiring and fir- 
ing on the publications, to advise the editors and 
business managers of the three University or- 
gans. The Chestnut Burr, The Kent Stater, and 
The Duchess. 

The Board had a quiet first period during 
most of the first semester but went into action 

later when the Duchess was put to bed. The Kent 
Stater later was also set right on University 
policy and the Board ruled that "editors and 
business managers of the university publica- 
tions must comply with the regulations set down 
by the committee." 

The Board of Publications performs a valuable 
service to the university in that ability and sin- 
cerity govern their choice of publication heads. 

Composed of three students and four faculty 
members, the Board keeps a democratic watch 
over the campus publications. 


Gus J. Chigges 

John W. Mine 




.^gf S'*' ^fC^ ' Two seniors this year shared the responsibility of editing The Kent 

.„ \j^ '\\y^ Stater, University daily newspaper. 

> $i^ O^ John Mine, who hails from Newark, N. J., served as first semester 

^■jC^ \i'€'^ editor and Gus Chigges, six-foot-two Barberton, O., lad was in charge 

of the Stater during the second semester. 
,1^^ It was Mine, who instituted the "beat" system, gaining greater 

coverage for the paper by virtue of checking every possible news 

When the second semester came around, Chigges was forced to 
build a new staff, many of the veterans having dropped Stater work 
to concentrate on studies or take outside newspaper work. With many 
freshmen on the staff, Chigges nevertheless maintained the high 
quality of writing and kept the Stater in the running for All-American 
honors with many excellent issues. 


Jim Thierry, Janet Woodley, and Ed Dreger, 
business sfoff members, look over the day's 

Left: Eugene McCord delegotes some of 
his managing editor duties to Frances Mur- 
phey and Luello Heupel Cordier. 

Below: Bob Matson, foreground, and Mat< 
Fenn working on feature stories. Matsoi 
served as sports editor, while Fenn collectei 
olmost twice as many merits as his neores 
competitor in o staff elimination contest. 

Mort Metker does the 
typing for the Stater. 

Dot Roessel and Lee Pearson listen to words of wisdom from 
second semester editor Gus Chigges. 

Red Turner, printer, helps Lindy Barch moke up a page. 

The typical student looks at the daily issue of The Kent Stater, reads a few of the articles, and leaves it in 
some classroom, commenting perhaps on a particular issue being "pretty good." 

And that's all the student thinks about it. But there's a lot more to putting out the Stater than meets the eye. 

An extensive "beat" coverage network has been set up, which leaves it well nigh impossible to leave out 
any news of the University. Each reporter is assigned a certain amount of news sources to cover. He checks 
these every day and turns in his stories to the managing editor, who sits at the copy desk. 

After all mistakes are edited out, headlines written, the material is linotyped. But the editor's job is far 
from finished. Proof must still be read and not until it is certain that all four pages ore typographically perfect 
do the presses start rolling. 

uth Recht and Frances 
Vhite look ot one of the 
eporfs on fhe bulletin board. 

Bob Roful, Marianno Ledbetfer, Bob Ledbetter, and Al Geltgey 
were in charge of the Stater business during the year. 

Tousle haired, likable C. A. Ayres piloted the Duchess through 
the first semester, deadline time heard his favorite "I's been 

Picture Editor Joyne Karnosh smiles approvingly at her print 
handled by Art Editor Dave Donald. Assistant Editor Chick 
Ready liked the football issue. 




The Duchess, adroitly headed "humor magazine 
of Kent State university," hit the campus with the 
best edition ever, plainly labeled September. Two 
young men, Editor Charley Ayres and Business 
Manager H. J. Doehia got themselves into a quan- 
dary and decided to produce the great "American 
humor magazine" at dear old K. S. U. 

As individualistic as only the staff can make it, 
the Duchess took the campus, selling at 15 cents 
per copy. And so it did. Popularity increased, the 
Duchess went to 24 pages, glossier paper, and the 
price upped to 20 cents. 

Subscriptions award went to Sigma Sigma Sigma 
sorority who became the proud possessors of the 
1 6 inch trophy. 

Editor Ayres inaugurated many new features in 
the "new" Duchess. Through her lorgnette she saw 
more pictures, jokes, short stories, and cartoons. 

Picture deadline time for Charley — three days 
and the printer wants the dummy, but Donald — 
where are those cartoons, and Guisewite, how about 
those columns, and for Mercy's sake. Sours, you 
haven't developed those negatives yet 

But the copy always came through — except for 
December. Ayres resigned when the December is- 
sue was put to bed by the Board of Publications. 

Glenn Miller congratulates his Phixx girl choice, freshman Dorothy Stark, 
while Roy Eberle looks handily on. Miller later serenaded Dottie from 
Hollywood, C.B.S. and the radio. 

Herb Rosen, Gag Men Mouse and Guisewite talk over some pos- 
sible angles while photographer Bill Sours looks on. Ad and 
ilatjftBt fflgB J"** DeJute. Jim Rectot, ond Bill Hudec. 

First semester business manager H. J. "Buck" Doehia contem- 
plates a letter for Marge Hook and Duchets. 




Taking the helm in February, brown-eyed Editor 
Lindy Barch announced a face lifting for the 
Duchess. Changing her format and design, the 
Duchess kept pace with student opinion and man- 
aged a successful year. 

Highlights of the year included the man and 
woman of the month, the Phizz girl contest, and 
the picture parade. 

Bob Raful became second semester business 
manager, while other staff members included 
Luella Heupel, Lig Mayhew, Don Kemp, Al Von 
Auker and Harris Knight. 

Old favorites remained with the new face- 1 if ted 
Duchess including Kenyon and Vacariu, Dick 
Kerckhoff's breezy and bizarre typewritings. Notes 
to You with Herb Rosen, and least of all, the humor. 

guided four issues successfully throu^ 








With the scarlet of the fall scene also comes the green 
of the freshmen . . . enviable in that they are seeing 
the beauty of the campus for the first time . . . thrilling 
to its color, pungent odor and rolling hills . . . but the 
rush of first days of college leave little time for homesick- 
ness . . . eagerly the happy days begin, glorious foot- 
ball games, the band blares, and then, the first dance 
. . . little Miss Freshman arrays herself in glamorous 
b'b-ond-tuck and anxiously awaits her buzzer signal . . . 
more dates, and yes, "my love affair" can happen here 
. . . later, more classes, and the Freshmen learn "this 
sure is different from high school" . . . assignments 
and more . . . the shock of first grades . . . the thrill 
of belonging at the first assembly . . . letters slow down 
from home . . . discovery that professors are just like 
they are in the movies . . . long walks . . . and 
around Thanksgiving ... a campus citizen finding 
friends, opportunities, and interests. 

Typical freshman co-ed is Marilyn Soule. Clockwise, 
she goes through freshman week. A greeting at Moulton, 
physical exams, filling out schedules, paying fees, meet- 
ing the room-mate, exploring the campus, polishing the 
seal and meeting upper classmen. 

Don Kelly 


Jean Phister 


Tom Harris 


Bob Byrne 


T~)Y the time the middle of the sec- 
^_j ond semester hits the calendar. 
University students begin to settle 
doion and realize that the hooks they 
bought 'way back are more than orna- 

The midnight oil begins to get a 
little more of the burning treatment 
and formerly "just plain students" be- 
come academic wizards. 

But extra-curricular activity is still 
not completely forgotten. 

With the war becoming more and 
more the motivating influence behind 
every move, Kent State's war program 
received a thorough streamliniiig luhen 
the War Activities Council was set up 
to replace the University Defense 
Council. The function of the WAC is 
"to clear and approve all University 
programs having to do with the emer- 
gency and to coordinate and approve 
the efforts of the various University 
organizations and committees which 
have bee?! or will be established for 
emergency purposes." 

Student council okayed the neiv 
constitution by a unanimous vote and 
Glenn Miller, ace band leader, pre- 
sented Kent State with a serenade, 
playing "When the Roses Bloom 

Wills gym became the scene of the 
state Class A high school basketball 
finals, Xenia Central triumphing over 
Toledo Central Catholic . . . Ruth 
Erricson loas named Burr queen and 
250 couples heard Jack Coffey's music 
at the annual Pan-Hell dance, held at 
the East Market Gardens, Akron. 

The Kent Stater came out with an 
issue depicting the paper as it would 
look if the Nazis took over. The name 
was changed to "Das Lugenblatt" 
. . . Joe Hart was elected Student 
council president. 

Designed to aid students, faculty 
members, and toionspeople in reaching 
some intelligent understanding of the 
problems growing out of a nation at 
ivar, a series of tear courses ivas offered. 

Percy Grainer, famed pianist, pre- 
sented a concert before nearly 1,000 
people . . . One-hundred-and-three 
music groups came to the University 
for two days to participate in the 
annual NEO music festival, of which 
Prof. Roy D. Metcalf acted as chair- 

Prof. G. Harry Wright served as di- 
rector for the seventh annual Thespian 
One- Act Drama Festival for NEO high 
schools. Of the five festivals in the 
state, the contest sponsored by the 
University school of speech has always 
been the largest. 









:<\. 'A >^ 



























From the ploy, "Invita- 
tion to o Murder," Suz- 
anne Martin and Richard 
Willey speak their stoir- 
woy lines to Mary Hoines. 
The scene is the Great 
Hall of the Chonning es- 
tote on the Coast of 
Southern Colifornia. 

Curtoin going up . . . 
theatre technicians form 
the backbone of the uni- 
versity theatre. Lights, 
props, and sets during 
the post season proved 
professional in appear- 

Makeup activity before 
curtain time. Mrs. Lila 
Wright, wife of Prof. G. 
Klorry Wright, dons the 
makeup on the thespians. 

On-the-set glamour por- 
trait of Opal Wigner, con- 
sistent and talented act- 
ress, who played two maj- 
or roles with outstanding 

a I 

irtain Going up" 

University Theatre officers listen to Hal Martin, Moster of the House. Left to right: Joe Calta, Opal Wigner, Margie Brown, Roger 
Wilkin, and Kitty Liptak. 


The University Theatre entered its 1 1 th major season with "Thunder 
Rock," a philosophical study starring Bob Hauser. Directed by E. 
Turner Stump, the play proved a successful vehicle. 

Even while the applause echoed in the auditorium, G. Harry 
Wright was preparing "The World We Live In," a satirical insect 

The third major university production proved a brilliant success, 
bringing forth new talents from Opal Wigner, Don Shanower, and 
Bill Guisewite in "Invitation to a Murder," constantly proving that 
crime doesn't pay. Produced before a two night audience and one mat- 
nee, the play featured low-key lighting, heavy characterizations, and 
continued suspense and excitement tempo. 

Bringing to a close the production schedule for the year, Prof. G. 
Harry Wright staged "George Washington Slept Here." This city-to- 
country comedy proved a substantial part for Bill Guisewite, who 
played little, pathetic Newton Fuller, and Milan Grnach, as the 
pseudo-rich uncle Stanley. 

In looking over the season, a better choice of plays brought good 
performances from the following theatre members: Stan Mouse, 
Charles Viscounty, Ruth West, Mary Haines, Marietta Young, E. 
Lenard Silverstein, Kitty Liptak, Jean Barger, Jim Theis, Charles 
Piper, Marian Zupan, Bob Hauser, Opal Wigner, Don Shanower, Bob 
Wiley, Suzanne Martin, Joe Calta, Helen DeLaney and Bob Telford. 

Jim Theis as "Okoy" Chang, 
Chinese coolie, and Stan Mouse 
as the intrepid airman Streeter 
in "Thunder Rock." 

Milan Grnach os Inspector Planning on center 
steps from "Thunder Rock." Pointing is Neol 
Shepherd, extreme top, Bob Houser as the eccen- 
tric ex-reporter Charleston. Extreme right is Ston 


From the colorful morally significant, surrealistic 
"The World We Live In" Don Shanower is pic- 
tured as one of the leading butterflies. 

Balcony view of the thriller "In- 
vitation to a Murder," third 
major theatre production which 
ran three performances. 


Effective lighHng produced sus- 
pense in this scene from "In- 
vitation to Murder." Opal 
Wigner ployed sophisticated 
actress Lorinda Chonning. 


On-the-stoge candid photograph of Suzanne Mar- 
tin, old-timer of University theatre productions. 

^1 V I 

In one of the more tender 
scenes of the play, fHouser ond 
De Loney find solace in each 
other's arms. Act I Scene II. 









l^utL & 


Jean Melick 
Robin Keitk 

Ohio's most beautiful campus . . . spring .... 
rolling hills star-studded with Ohio's most 
beautiful co-eds .... 

Every girl a queen .... and here are the 
queens of the queens .... 

Kent State's own Court of Beauties. Gor- 
geous pulchritude by the bucketfulls .... 

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever . . . ." 

And these things are really beautiful .... 

Some eyes .... some legs .... some hair 
. . . . some neck .... 

Some don't. 


Mory Hoxen Dorofhy Humphrey 

"If you get simple beauty and naught else, 

You get about the best thing God invents — " 

And these gals got it! And no patent on the 
invention either. 

Especially in spring. Spring at Kent State is 
the time when the female drip who sat next to 
you in American History all winter suddenly 
becomes a budding beauty. 

So more spring .... and more beauty .... 
and more co-eds. 

Lila Sprague 

Barbara Hole 
Jean Hungerford 




Alpha Omega 





/?/■ ^ 


Alpha Omego sorority in group singing competition on the steps of Merrill 

More than five thousand students and visitors watched the 16th annual 
Campus Night activities. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority went modernistic in their costume design or 
perhaps it was the "picture appeal." 

Kent State university's oldest and finest tradition, 
Campus Night, was never more elaborate, colorful, 
or ceremonious than lost year, when 17 organiza- 
tions, led by the May Queen, Miss Donna Johnson 
and her attendants, formed a mile-long parade. 

The 16th annual Campus Night had Elizabeth 
Tucker in charge while Betty Crompton was chair- 
man of the lawn festivities. 

>,.^;i^^,^ v^.^.i.onies show co-eds in their dance of the May. 

When the cool evening sun settled behind the 
clouds for the day, students, townsfolks, and visitors 
were all in agreement on the impressive and spir- 
itual tempo of the event. 

Marching in order of their establishment on the 
campus, the 17 campus organizations which par- 
ticipated in the activities, later convened at the 
informal dance held later in the evening in Wills 


£— ^ 



A Spectacular float brought applause for the Varsity K boys with 
this gold painted creation. 


Beta Gamma sorority pictured during their group singing activities 
on the steps of Merrill Hall. 

mi Ff 

jomma Sigmo Phi sorority won the first place award with this "Miss 
Liberty" float. 

Alpha Omega sorority, above, took the historical point of view, while, 
below, the dancers entwirl the maypole to the tunes of the University 

Totaling up the night's results found Gemma Sigma Phi sorority walking away 
with the major honors. They won first place — a 13 inch trophy — for their 
"Miss Liberty" float. Phi Beta Phi fraternity was awarded second place for 
its "Propaganda Machine." In the queenship battle, Elaine Harvey, Sigma 
Sigma Sigma, won second place; Beatrice Wright, Englemon Hall, won third 
place; and Doris Stanton, Independent, was awarded fourth. 


Whaddayameon, strikei* If was a mile wide, 
Coach Starreft seems fo be thinking. 

'Iron Horse ' Joe Fortunate shows how ro 
keep an opponent from reaching first base. 

Looks iii(e a home run ror ourch macic. 
Howard is the brother of Cleveland Indians' 
Ray Mack. 

Taking second place in the Ohio conference for the second 
consecutive year, the Golden Flashes laid a firm foundation 
for at least two more years of winning baseball. 

B n S £ B fl L L 

Except for the pitching and catching staff, sophomores 
dominated the team. Hurlers Joe Mileski and Dan Gulgin 
served their last year, and catcher Mike Feduniak was a 

The infield was composed entirely of sophomores, Joe For- 
tunato, Howard Mack, Ted Tucker, and Dick Weigle. The 
brunt of the outfield work was carried by Stan Drongowski, 
Chet Banio, Bob Speicher, and Gene Sponseller. 

First Row, left to right: Tucker, Fortunato, 
Feduniak, Mileski, Mack. Back Row: Weigle, 
Karakul, Schroder, Kubuski, Bania, Coach 

Editor Lenny Shofitz shoots a remorkable 
picture, showing Ted Tucker sofe but the 
umpire screamed "out." Note orrow on ball. 

Byesville Flash At Work. 

Would-be-sluggers — take notice of Tucker's 
perfect batting form. 

First Row: Thompson, Beery, Difford, Boli- 
anfx, Daniels, Lejsek, Gloss; second row: 
Dinsmore, Shutts, Gallogher, Scarem, Wet- 
lel, Horrell; bock row: Begolo, Forwell, 
Schwabe, Porowski, Hein, Netzen. 

Top picture: Dick Schwabe and Gerry Don- 
iels starting the 880; below: Schwabe and 
Daniels taking it easy, while Elgie Dinsmore 
limbers up Anton Lejsek. 

Except for the lone defeat inflicted upon the Golden 
Flashes in the opening dual meet, the Kent State track 
team could have gone through three straight seasons 
without a loss. 


Walt Porowski prepores to heave the discus. 

This year, the Flashes were upset in their opening 
contest, dropping a 78-53 decision to Findlay. 

Undaunted by the reversal, the tracksters went on to 
clip Hiram, 80-51, steamroller Akron, 881/2-421/2, 
blast Fenn, 85-46, and score a convincing 84-47 triumph 
over Mt. Union. 

The Flashes made their best showing in history in the 
Big Four meet, finishing second to Cose. 

Stan Gloss makes a last-stretch bid for 

Bob Hein taking first place in the high jump. 

Elgie Dinsmore romps home for in front 
in the Kent Stote-Mt. Union meet. 

First- row, left to right: Elliot, Shafer, Rucker, Brooks, Teltord. 
Second row; Edwards, Roberts, Beam. 

Don Edwards comes up for air. 

Bill Shafer all set to leap into the deep. 

Coach Judy Marshall looks on 
OS Edwards tries to outstare the 

Here's how it's done. 

Loder Brooks coming up with a 
victory smile. 

Louie Simone, manager, calling 
the next event. 

s uj I m m I n G 

Even though Kent State's swimmers contributed 
only one victory to the University athletic record, 
their triumph came during "Victory Week," which 
saw the Golden Flashes defeat the University of 
Akron in basketball, wrestling, and swimming. 

Judy Marshall, believed to be the only woman 
collegiate swimming coach in the nation, led the 
squad, together with Harry Adams, assistant foot- 
ball mentor. 

Besides participating in 10 dual meets, the swim- 
mers went to the Ohio conference and district AAU 
meets. Bob Telford and Don Edwards represented 
the varsity and George VanVolkenberg and Bill 
Long were sent from the freshman squad. 

Top photo: Bill Shafer, in the 

middle, dives in to start the 


Bottom: Shafer and Loder 

Brooks set to carry on in the 

440-yard relay. 

i l l i i Dtf l i W w pilli JI Iit H II MWWff 

Gvm TEflm 

With the largest gym team in 
Kent State's history, Prof. G. 
J. Altmann's trapeze artists 
performed between the halves 
of eight basketball games and 
climaxed their season by win- 
ning five awards in the invita- 
tional meet held at Akron. 

Those receiving awards in- 
cluded John Paulich, Richard 
Johnson, Paul Whitworth, Eli 
Beery, and Ralph Church. 



Both the golf and tennis teams 
ended successful seasons, each 
notching seven victories as 
against four losses. 

Cliff Thompson, profession- 
al at nearby Meadowview 
course, served as coach for the 
niblick swingers, while Bill 
O'Neil led the racquet squad. 
O'Neil resigned his position at 
the close of the season and was 
replaced by senior Harold An- 

Solf Teom: left to right, Walt Holmes, 
Fred Prasse, Lou Simone, Jim Muzzy. 
Tennis Team: left to right, Horold 
^ndreos, Bill Wotson, Bill Gillies, Ver- 
lon Heichel. 

First Row: Mizer, Whitworth, Rosen. Second Row: Davis, Oesch, Hrabko, Sirak, Wise. Bock 
Row: Church, Rowe, B. Altmonn, Johnson, Paulich, Watkins, G. J. Altmann. 

Rivalling varsity athletic contests for interest and spirit, the men's intramur- 
al program at the University reached new heights in participation and variety 
this year. 

Under the leadership of Nick Carter and Prof. G. J. Altmann, of the 
HPE staff, a well rounded curriculum of sports was planned and followed. 

Contests were held among independent groups and fraternities, separate 
trophies being given in each class. Sports participated in included horseshoes, 
swimming, basketball, volleyball, Softball, football, fencing, table tennis, and 










Judging by the smile on Roy 
Apple's face as he measures 
the distance between one 
horseshoe and the peg, he and 
Lowell Gotts won that round. 
Nick Stanfar and Bill Bailey 
don't look as happy. 

It's the beginning of a touch- 
down play on the Women's 
Athletic field, where many in- 
tramural football games were 
played. There wasn't any brass 
band around, but there was 
just as much competition in the 
interfraternity games as in the 
varsity contests. 


ft^"* - .. ':>■■. 

Kappa Mu Kappa and Alpha Phi Beta 
in a hot and heavy scrap as the bas- 
ketball shoots into the air. The regu- 
lar schedule of intramural court games 
was broken up when Wills gym was 
monopolized by high school teams, 
here for the state tournament. 





Delta Phi Sigma 






Beta Gamnia 



S P E fl K I n G OF 

Bill: "We're going to wipe the mops right ott 
the Japs." 

Stan: "Slap 'em, scrap 'em, bap 'em, trap 'em. 

Bill: "Hitler's the 

The annual Rowboat Regatta brings out both the feminine and masculine side of the sport 
of rowing. Fraternities, sororities and independent organizations compete on the Cuyahoga 
river each veor for the Kent Stater trophy. 

This is Kent State university calling I 
This is o language calling. A language which 
distinguishes between "droops" and "drips;" 
a language which gives a new meaning to 
"rough" and "rugged"; a longuage which 
sums up a good life as being "right in the 
side pocket." 

^ :iCr-:^is*s:tJ 


next in line ' 

"The U. S. A. is doin' tine.' 

"Stay with Roosevelt, Buy a Bond, Stoy with the 
U. S. A." 

Assembly time filled the auditorium many times like this during the yeor, especially 
durmg the performance of "George Washington Slept Here" shown below. 

This is a society calling. A society which 
forbids 4-points and encourages Brody-sitting. 
A society which cuts classes and walks hand 
in hand over green campus hills, and writes 
poetry .... but keeps it a secret from the 
outside world. This is a society which dresses 
OS it pleases, thinks as it pleases, and recog- 
nizes no equal or superior. 

S P £ fl K I n G OF 

The "Top Hop" dance brought more than 500 
couples to the Will's gym floor, when Raymond 
Scott brought his famous orchestra to put the 
"Huckleberry Duck." and "Toy Trumpet" be- 
fore the packed dancers. 

This society recognizes beouty ... if she belongs to the 
right sorority. 

This is a future colling. This is o future of bragging about 
what college wos like "then" .... this is a future of 
forgetting to attend alumni meetings. 

Scott's comedian trombone player entertained the 
Staters with a new twist in the orchestra leading 

Below: At the Pigskin Prom, the 
queen was Dr. Catherine Mc- 
Gregor elected by the varsity 


The East Market Gardens was the scene 
of the annual Spring Inter-Fraternity 
Pan Hellenic dance. Jack Coffey and 
his rock and rhythm music supplied the 
evening's entertainment. Highlight of 
the evening was the crowning of the 
Chestnut Burr Beauty of the Year, 
Ruth Erricson. 

This is a future of extra-ordinary people in an ordinary 
world. And who can say that the amazingly clever, cap- 
able, and colorful campus leaders of today will be swal- 
lowed up by drab-colored world tomorrow? Who can? 

Below: The University 
Theatre formal in early 

Below: Watching the presentation of the Burr 

S P £ fl K I n G 


Teachers Training building where potential teachers 
do their training. Betty Jane Leadenham as Miss 
Kent State while at bottom, Ray Rozuk awards the 
Kappa Sigma Chi cup to its Sweetheart Mary Hazen 
at the fraternities' Winter Formal. 

This is a class room calling! 

This is a classroom where profs work pupils and pupils work 
profs. This is o classroom where Arsenal-working students 
catch badly needed bits of sleep. This is a classroom where a 
Harvard accent with a butch hair cut perches on a table and 
gives history lectures, — where o goatee expounds on the values 
of early American ancestors, — where a hard-hitting sarcasm 
teaches composition students to write novels, — where a much- 
loved lump of white hair differentiates between the federal and 
the confederate system of governments, — and where an absent 
minded Spanish prof pats down the one thin whisp of hair on 
the top of his head and tells about his grandfather and Abe 
And still the Arsenal worker sleeps. Pleasant dreams! 

— Kerckhoff 

Ray Eberle, fomous singer with Glenn 
Miller smiles his approval of Phixz Girl 
Dotfy Stark. Below: Kent State's float 
in the Defense Day Rally Oct. 19, 
sponsored by Blue Key and Cardinal 

The University Band's high stepping 
majorettes. Below: The Greeks hold a 
pre-election rally. 

Top: Library scene. Below: The mite 
and the giant, wrestlers Don Rippberger 
and Walt Porowski. 

At Leebrick Day, Mouse and Guisewite 
put on Casey at the Bat. 

The University's Heating Plant'. 

Spring scene on the campus. 


Below: Moulton Hall posts and pillars. 

Prentice Gate. 

R.A.F. flyers in Kent for the Defense Day Festivals 
find Kent Co-Eds charming and sociable. 

Found deeply engrossed in a hidden part of the 
library, the camera caught Lily Mobile on a research 




senioR CLASS 


With graduation in sight, 263 seniors began compiling point averages, major 
and minor requirements, and credits. When the work was done, a nostalgic 
bit of reminiscence took hold end the Senior Lament for '42 had begun. Those 
dear old college sentimentalities consisting of joe college, apple polishing, 
college humor, why didn't I study more often, and the more general period 
of Brady sitting. Den "cokes," Junior proms, pre-quiz cramming, and opening 
football games have meant much for the memory. 

Hal Martin 


But the traditionally melancholy senior, after commencement prophecies 
are made, starts down life's trail with "a tear in his eye and a smile on his 
lips." And almost at that same moment he begins to shy away from the 
references of his light and fancy college years. For his approach to maturity 
has begun. And then "What Next?" 

Alice O'Sickey 

Vice President 

For hundreds of men the future is already decided and again it may well 
be for the women. But today, the men and women have a new job in the 
task that besets the nation. For the seniors must fit into the great effort as 
the captain takes the helm during a storm. 

When this storm blows away and that silver lining bursts forth new 
happiness — the seniors will take up the realizations they put aside and will 
go down the trail with "new vigor, determination, and effort." 

Clara Biasella 


John Pentz 


Outstanding seniors this year produced one of the finest graduating 
classes. Senior activities were climaxed by Senior Week, which included a 
dance at the Mayflower hotel, Akron, Ohio featuring Col Dalton and his or- 
chestra. In addition, there were innumerable informal parties and a banquet. 
Commencement activities took place June 7, 8. 

Verdabelle Abbol-f 

Phi Alpha Theta, 
Kappa Delta Pi, 
Wesley Foundation, 
Glee Club. 

Mae Belle Anglemeyer 

H.P.E. Club, W.A.A. 

Eileen Arnold 

Wesley Foundation, 
Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. 

Betty M. Ackley 

Theta Sigma Upsi 
Ion, H.P.E. Club, 
Home Economics 
Club, W.A.A. 

Gerald Prinz 

Psi Chi, Lutherans, 
Y.M.C.A., Forensic 
Club, Int. Relations 

Seward Averill 

Physical Science 
Club, Biology Club, 
Mathematics Club. 

Berton Altman Alta Mae Alvord 

Sigma Tau Gamma, Phi Alpha Alpha, 

Newman Club, Phi Alpha Theta, 

Biology Club, Gym French Club. 

June M. Arnold 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, 
Home Economics 

Lillian Antonelli 

French Club, 
Women's League, 

Paul J. Acker 

Psi Chi, Wesley 

Hope Bahler 


Fred Bortz 


Betty Bowles 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, 
Phi Alpha Theta, 
Newman Club, 
Cardinal Key, Pan- 
Hellenic League, 
Who's Who. 

Robert A. Barnes 

Alpha Phi Beta. 

Margaret Bevilocquo 

Newman Club, 
H.P.W. Club, 

Clara Biasella 

Music Club, Glee 

Marguerite Blue 

H.P.E. Club. 

Ed Boyle 

Delta Phi Sigma, 
Blue Key, Varsity K 
Club, H.P.E. Club, 

June Brenemon 

Kappa Delta Pi, 
Y.W.C.A., K.P. 

Henry D. Briggs 

Sigma Tau Gamma, 
Industrial Arts 

Elizabeth Burzlaff 

K,P. Club. 

George f. Begg 

Alpha Phi Beta, 
Commerce Club, 
Newman Club, 

Mary Lois Brown 

Commerce Club, 
Biology Club. 

George Buzilencio 

Kappa Mu Kappa, 
H.P.E. Club, 
Biology Club. 

Thomas C. Berg 

Commerce Club. 

Marjory Burriss 

French Club, 
Commerce Club. 

Lindy Barch 

Gamma Sigma Phi, 
Lambda Phi, 
Kent Stater, 
Chestnut Burr, Edi- 
tor, Duchess. 

Joseph Blair, Jr. 

Pi Kappa Delta, 
Delta Kappa Psi, 
Kent Stater, 
Y.M.C.A., Student 
Council, Commerce 

Arnold E. Bereit 

Lola Jean Bibbs 

French Club, 
Sociology Club. 

Bet-h Boulton 

Mathematics Club, 
Physical Science 
Club, Biology Club. 

Mary Dean Brandf 

Beta Gamma, 
French Club, 
Kent Stater, W.AA. 

Richard Burwell 

June Caldwell 

Beta Gamma, 
Elementary Educa- 
tion Club, Y.W.CA. 

Joe Calto 

Kappa Sigma Chi, 
Alpha Psi Omega, 
Dramatics Club. 

Hilda Joyne Cofhan 

Y.W.CA., Home 
Economics Club, 
Biology Club, Wes- 
ley Foundation. 

Elizabeth Cowles 

Pi Kappa Sigma, 

Marie Chandler 

Kappa Delta Pi, 
Wesley Foundation, 
French Club. 

Edgar H. Chapman 

Student Forensic 
Club, Art Club. 

Gweneth Moy 

Double E. Club. 


Stella Chaykowski 

Zeta Iota, 
Commerce Club. 

Catherine V. Chelovitz 

Commerce Club, 

Elizabeth D. Church 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, 
Art Club. 

Charles Clark 

Alpha Phi Beta, 
Commerce Club. 

Eugene Clark 

Kappa Delta Pi, 
Mathematics Club, 
Biology Club. 

Jeanne Claypoole 

Alpha Psi Omega, 
Kappa Delta Pi, 
Psi Lambda Omi- 
cron. Cardinal Key, 
Wesley Foundation, 
Home Economics 

Betty Combs 

Forensic Club, 
Rodio Club, 

Pi Kappa Sigma. 

Betty Marie Coven 

Mathematics Club, 
Science Club, 
Radio Club. 

Jane Cowel! 

Alpha Psi Omega, 
Pi Kappa Sigma. 

Ronald Covanaugh 

Newman Club, 
Commerce Club. 

George W. Campbell 

Delta Kappa Psi, 
Kent Stater. 

Joseph Coscia 

Phi Beta Phi, 
Delta Kappa Psi, 
Commerce Club. 

.C^. O v*f' 

Milton Cross 

Delta Phi Sigma, 
Commerce Club, 

Gus J. Chlgges 

Sigma Tau Gamma, 
Chi Pi, Blue Key, 
Editor, Kent Stater, 
Chestnut Burr. 

Gerry C. Daniels 

Wesley Foundation, 
Sociology Club, 
Glee Club, 
Y.M.C.A., Band. 

Fred Crawford 

Track, Physical 
Science Club, 
Varsity K, 
Biology Club. 

Bob Cook 

Kappa Mu Kappa, 
Student Council, 
Council, Student 
Senate, Newman 
Club, Men's Union. 

Margaret DeLoney 

Y W.C.A., Wesley 
Glee Club. 

Norman G. Chase 

Delta Phi Sigma, 
Debate Team. 

William D. Cropley 

Alpha Phi Beta, 
Engineers Club, 
Physical Science 
Club, Wrestling, 

W. Ray Deming 


Wesley Foundation. 

Patricia Devine 

Phi Alpha Alpha, 
Sociology Club. 

Sara Domer 

Wesley Foundation, 
Home Economics 
Club, Y.W.C.A., 
Theatre Club. 

David Dowding 

Delta Phi Sigma, 
Glee Club. 

Jeanne Drenkhan 

Y.V/.C.A., Music 
Club, Glee Club, 
Wesley Foundation. 

Rosella Dull 

Kappa Delta Pi, 
Wesley Foundation 
Glee Club, 
Music Club. 

Doris Dusenberry 

Music Club, 
Glee Club, 

Donnelly R. Diltz 

Sigma Tou Gamma, 
Commerce Club. 

Harry Dinsmore 

Commerce Club. 

Howard J. DoeKJo 


Delta Kappa Psi, 

Ohio Northern U. 

Jim DeJute 

Kappa Mu Kappa, 
Newman Club, 
Physical Sciencra 

Jean Douglass 

French Club, 
Mathematics Club. 

Burton Duck 

Walter Dengel 

Kappa Sigma Chi. 

Charles E. Earhart^ 

Industrial Arts 
H.P.E. Club. 

Mabel Esping 

Alpha Omega, 
Y.W.C.A., H.P.E. 
Club, W.A.A. 

Elaine H. Evans 

Alpha Psi Omega, 
French Club, 
Mathematics Club, 
Glee Club. 

Ralph W. Frank 

Kappa Delta Pi, 
Phi Alpha Theta. 

Lenora Erase Carl Essig 

Wesley FoundatiOl^, Y.M.C.A., Physicnl 
Home Economics Science Club. 


Jean Evans 

Jeanne Filiatraulf 

Franklyn Fleder 

Emmy Ferenchak 

John Fclsinger 


ino Ferrini 

Pi Kappa Sigma, 

Gamma Sigma Phi. 

Commerce Club, 

French Club, 

Psi Chi, French 

Alpha Phi Beta, 

Psi Lambda Omi- 


Newman Club. 

Club, Sociology 

French Club, 

cron, Cardinal Kev 

Club, Psychology 

Physical Science 

Y.WC.A., Pan- 

Club, International 


Hellenic Council, 

Relations Club. 

Physical Science 


Clyde Friar 

Alpha Phi Beta, 
Chi Pi, Y.M.C.A., 
Kent Stater, 
Chestnut Burr, 
Physical Science 

Dorothy Gerber 

Zeta Iota, Wesley 
Foundation, Y.W.C. 
A. Commerce Club. 

Nathan Galpert 

Commerce Club. 

Lowell A. Gatts 

Y.M.C.A , 
Biology Club. 

Dorothy Gialelis 

E. E. Club. 

Shirley Lee Giles 

K. P. Club. 


Bill Gilles 

Kappa Mu Kappa, 
Football, Tennis 
H.P.E. Club, 
Varsity K. 

Stanley C. Gloss 

Phi Alpha Theto, 
Mathematics Club, 
Y.M.C.A., Varsity 
K, Track. 

Helen Gregory 

Music Club. 

James J. Griffin ^°^^ Grooms 

Delta Phi Sigma, Biology Club, 

Newman Club, Senate Club. 

Football, Rifle Club. 

James Y, Gordon 

Commerce Club. 

f^, O ^ 

Connie Hagan 

Jewell Hardman 

Warren Harlan 

Delia Harms Risl-ow 

Mary Hazen 

Gamma Sigma 


Pi Kappa Delta, 

Kent Stater 

W.A.A., H.P.E. 

Gamma Sigma Phi, 

Newman Club, 

Kappa Delta Pi, 

Club, Women's Pro- 

Double E. Club, 

Duchess, Y.W.C.A., 

Cardinal Key, Phi 

fessional Club. 

Duchess, Kent 


Alpha Theta, Soci- 
ology Club, Inter- 
national Relations 
Club, Who's Who. 


Alice Harsha 

Mory Ellen Hoys 

Helen Heinz 

Betty Herbst 

Marjorie Hine 

Mathematics C 


Alpha Psi Omega, 

Home Economics 


Beta Gamma, Biolo 

Glee Club, French 


gy Club, Y.W.C.A., 

Club, Music Club. 

Sociology Club, 
H.P.E. Club. 

|»*s?i 1^ *^li !% ^i 

June Hoffmeyer 

Dorothy Holmes 

Walt Holmes 

Margaret Horton 

Dorothy Hostettler 

Arline L. Howell 

K.P. Club, W.A.A. 

K.P. Club, Y.WC. 

Kappa Sigma Chi, 

Kappa Delta Pi, 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, 

Phi Alpha Alpha, 

A., W.A.A. 

Duchess, Golf, Engi- 

Wesley Foundation, 

Cardinal Key, Kappa 

Kappa Delta Pi, E.E 

neers Club, Physical 

Music Club, Glee 

Delta Pi, Student 

Club, Y.W.C.A., 

Science Club. 


Council, Art Club, 
Home Economics 
Club, Who's Who. 

Junior Secretory, 

Irene Hunt 

Mildred Hunt 

Don Hawley 

Vernon Heichel 

Leonard Hill 

Bartley Horrell 

Commerce Club, 

Physical Science 

Sigma Tau Gamma, 

Varsity K, Football, 

Delta Phi Sigma, 

Mathematics Club, 

Duchess, W.A.A. 

Club, Biology Club, 


Tennis, Basketball. 

Delta Kappa Psi, 

Y.M.C.A., H.P.E. 

Y.W.CA., W.A.A. 

Band, Sophomore 

Commerce Club, 

Club, Varsity K, 

Vice President, 

Blue Key, Inter- 



fraternity Council. 

Jo Ann Hacha 

Marjorie Hunt 

Eleanor E. Jamison 

Gladys R. Jacobs 


Beta Gamma, Lynn 

Alpha Omega, 

Band, Home 

Home Economics 


Club, Pan-Hellenic 

Cardinal Key, Soph- 

Economics Club. 



Council, W.A.A. 

omore Secretary, 
Junior Secretary, 
Duchess, Kent 


]^sf^ ^Wm 

Marjorie Jacof 

Joe J. Jones 

Richard E. Johnson 

Eillen Karnosh 

■ -^ . 

*5^; .. 

Pi Kappa Delta, 

Delta Phi Sigma, 

Swimming, Gym 

Psi Lambda Omi- 


Cardinal Key, 

Industrial Arts Club. 

Team, Varsity K, 

cron, H.P.E. Club, 

Kappa Delta Pi, 

Sigma Tau Gamma, 

Pi Koppo Sigma, 


Student Council, 

H.P.E. Club, Delta 


Who's Who. 

Kappa Psi. 


Hazel Kelly 

Richard Kilbourne 

Dorothy Kime 

Margaret R. Kincaid C 

harlene Kreighbaum 

Frances L. Keyser 

Beta Gamma, H.P.E. 

Kappa Delta Pi, 

Wesley Foundation, 

H.P.E. Club, Wesley 

Y.W.C.A., Lutheran 

Wesley Foundation, 

Club, W.A.A. 

Physical Science 
Club, Football, 

Music Club, Band. 

Foundation, W.A.A. 



/illiam Kellerman 

Delta Phi Sigma, 


Charlotte Knight 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, 

Janice Koons 

Maxine Kopp 

Dorothy Kramer 

Dick Kerckhoff 

Delta Kappa Psi, 

Music Club, Glee 

Psi Lambda 

Phi Alpha Theta, 

Newman Club, 

International Rela- 

Commerce Club, 


Omicron, Home 

Kappa Delta Pi, Phi 

Home Economics 

tions Club, Stater, 

Duchess, Burr. 

Economics Club, 

Alpha Alpha, Bond, 

Club, W.A.A. 



Lutheran Club. 



William C. Lakios 

Psychology Club, 

Robert- N. Lee 

Meade Lefts 

Pi Gamma Mu. 

Joseph LeChaix 

Delta Phi Sigma, 
Biology Club, H.P.E. 
Club, Varsity K, 

Lyia F. Lee Ver 

Kent Stater. 

Mildred Luli 

Theta Sigma Upsi- 
lon, H.P.E. Club, 
Wesley .f^oundotion, 

Betty Line 

Alpha Omega 

Ann Marie Legan 

Newman Club, Glee 
Club, Elementary 
Ed Club, W.A.A., 
Art Club. 

Raymond Ladd 

George M. Logan 

Edward Charles Loomis 

Marianna Ledbetter 

Chorlene McFetridge 

Wallace McBane 

Petryna Molyk 

Lambda Phi, Kent 

Theta Sigma Upsi- 

Wesley Foundation, 

Home Economics 


lon, K.P. Club, 
Elementary Ed Club. 

Y.M.C.A., Indus- 
trial Arts Club, 


Alice Marcy 

Virginia Marti 

Hal Martin 

Hazel Midgley 

Gerald 1. Miller 

Marjorie Ann Miller 

Double E. Club, 

Gamma Sigma Phi, 

Sigma Tou Gamma, 

Commerce Club, 

Pi Kappa Sigma, 

Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. 

Home Economics 

Football, Senior 

Newman Club. 

Wesley Foundation, 

Club, Art Club. 

President, H.P.E. 
Club, Varsity K, 
Industriol Arts Club. 

Double E. Club, 


Maxine Miller 

Y W C A., K.P. 
Club, W.A.A. 

Z. Anne MIcek 

Phi Alpha Theto, 
Newman Club, 
French Club, 

Dorothy Mohr 

Phi Alpha Alpha, 
Alpha Chi Omega, 
Glee Club, Home 
Economics Club, 
Wesley Foundation, 

Dom J. Monaco 

Alpha Phi Beta, Phi 
Alpha Theta, Rifle 
Club, Wrestling. 

Jean Ihrig Moron 

E.E. Club, Kent 

Jeonette Morgan 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, 
Y.W.C.A., Home 
Economics Club, 

Mada Moseley 

Robert H. Mitchell 

Mary Nickerson 

Connie Obermiller 

Kappa Delta Pi, 

Kappa Mu Kappa, 

W A A. 

E E. Club, Y.W C.A 

Y.W.C.A., Glee 

Engineers Club. 

Wesley Foundation 

Club, E.E. Club, 

Who's Who. 

Frederick E. Myers 

Mary Jane O'Brien 

Comma Sigma Phi, 

Frank F. O'Brien 

Phi Beta Phi, New- 

James O'Hara 

Kappa Mu Kappa, 

Cardinal Key, Zeta 

man Club, Hiking 

Blue Key, Student 

Iota, Commerce 

Club, Interfraternity 

Council, Inter- 

Club, Student 


fraternity Council, 

Senate, Duchess. 

Newman Club. 

Bill McCune 

Delta Phi Sigma, 

Mary Louise Oliver 

Alice O'Sickey 

Elizabeth Potton 

Delta Kappa Psi, 

Phi Alpha Alpha, 

Pi Kappa Sigma, Pi 



Wesley Foundation, 

Kappa Delta, Phi 

Education Club, 

Home Economics 

Alpha Theta, Stu- 

Y.W.C.A., W.A A. 

Pete Manyo 

Club, Biology Club. 

dent Council, Senior 

Sigma Tou Gamma, 


Delta Kappa Psi, 

Newman Club. 

Newman Club, 
Psychology Club, 
Kent Stater, Sopho- 
more Treasurer, 
Who's Who. 

Ned Miner 

Phi Beta Phi, Delta 
Kappa Psi, Com- 
merce Club, Glee 
Club, Y.M.C.A., 

Robert Mosher 

Sigma Tau Gomma, 
Men's Union, New- 
man Club, Com- 
merce Club, Stater, 
Who's Who. 



John Phelps 

Raymond Phillips 

Alpha Phi Beta, 
Newman Club, 
Commerce Club. 

Mary Jane Pollock 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, 
Home Economics 

Walter Porowski 

Newman Club, 
H.P.E. Club, Foot- 
ball, Wrestling, 
Track, Varsity K. 

Henrietto Porter 

Y.W.C.A., Sociology 
Club, W.A.A. 

Fred Prasse 

Delta Phi Sigma, 
Blue Key, Kappa 
Delta Pi, Student 
Council, H.P.E. 
Club, Golf, Who's 

John Pentz 

Kappa Sigma Chi, 
Commerce Club, 
Senior Secretary. 

Helen Pfeifer 

Gamma Sigma Phi, 
Zeta Iota, Newman 
Club, Student Coun- 
cil, Student Senate, 
Commerce Club. 

Harold Parrlsh 

Kappa Sigma Chi, 
Biology Club. 

John W. Powell 

Alpha Psi Omega, 
Pi Kappa Delta, 
Blue Key. 

C. Howard Roby 

Y.M.C.A., Math 
Club, Freshman 
Football, Swimming. 

August Quattrochi 

Chi Pi, Kent Stater, 
Jargon, Y.M.C.A., 
Blue Key. 

Lulse Reitzel 

Alpha Omega, 
Wesley Foundation, 
H.P.E. Club, W.A. 
A., Dance Club. 

Chester Randies 

Kappa Delta Pi, 
Biology Club. 

Dorothy Ann Reese 

Commerce Club, 
Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. 

Helen Reuter 

K.P. Club, 
Y.W.C.A., Wesley 

Tom Rickey 

Pi Kappa Delta, 
Industrial Arts Club, 
Debate Team, 
Y.M.C.A., Scouters 

Ruth M. Ricks 

Y.W.C.A., Notional 
Student Forensic, 
Double E. Club. 

William H. Roberts 

Kappa Mu Kappa. 

Joseph J. Rose Ray E. Rozuk 

Y.M.C.A., Com- Kappa Sigma Chi, 

merce Club, Biology Art Club, Newman 

Club. Club. 

Thomas A. Rosich 

Newman Club, 
Commerce Club. 

Willard Reynolds Jacky Richner Beffy Ruggles 

Wesley Foundation, Psi Chi, French Sigma Sigma Sigma, 

Engineers Club, Club, Chestnut Burr. Glee Club, Art Club. 

Physical Science 

Helen Sacco 

Rene Schneider 

Mary Schnitzer 

Newman Club. 

French Club, 

Kappo Delta Pi, Psi 
Lambda Omicron, 
Wesley Foundation, 
Home Economics 
Club, W.AA., Glee 

Geraldine Shulfz 

Mary Jane Scofield 

Robert Scott 

Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., 


K.P. Club. 

George Sewald 

Chemistry Club, 
Biology Club. 

Marie Slivka Richard Smetts 

International Rela- 
tions Club, K.P. 

Elaine Stange Doris Stanton 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, K.P. Club. 
Home Ec Club, 
Glee Club. 

Dorothy Struble 






Fred Swasey 

Alpha Phi Beta, 
H.P.E. Club, 

Helen Swisher 

Beta Gamma, 
French Club, Bond, 

Jack J. Schafer 

John F. Shuke 

Delta Kappa Psi, 
Commerce Club. 

Robert H. Solow 

Wesley Foundation, 
Commerce Club, 
Psychology Club, 
Y.M.C.A., Tennis. 

Juh'o Salem 

Senate, W.A.A., 
Sociology Club. 

Leonard J. Shafitz 

Editor, Chestnut 
Burr, Blue Key, Chi 
Pi, Who's Who. 

William Schraegle 

Chi Pi, Psi Chi, Blue 
Key, Junior Presi- 
dent, Who's Who, 
Editor, Chestnut 
Burr, Publications 

Robert Scribner 

Kappa Delta Pi. 

Jerry Swope 

Lambda Phi, Kent 
Stater, Chestnut 

Starling Taylor 

Delta Phi Sigma, 
Moth Club, Com- 
merce Club, Biology 
Club, Basketball. 

Margaret Toth 

K.P. Club, Newman 

Harmon Traxler 

Delta Phi Sigma, 
Varsity K, Baseball. 

Arthur Turri 

Robert Truxell 

Delta Phi Sigma, 
Football, Basketball, 
Commerce Club. 

Elizabeth Ann 

Wesley Foundation, 
Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. 

June B. Thomos 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, 
Physical Science, 
Biology Club. 

Raymond Volenti 

John R. Verbanek 

Kappa Mu Kappa, 
Kappa Delta Pi, 
French Club. 

F. Wesley Vrsan 

Kappa Sigma Chi, 
Newman Club, 
Sociology Club. 

John Watson 

Delta Phi Sigma, 
Football, Basketball 
Tennis, Varsity K, 
Biology Club. 

Robert B. Wallis 

Phi Beta Phi, 
Y.M.C.A., Inter- 
fraternity Counci 
Band, Orchestra. 
Biology Club. 

Ila Warstler 

HP E. Club, WA.A. 

Elizabeth Whife 

Gamma Sigma Phi 
Double E Club, 

Bertha Mae Weiss 

E.E. Club, Band. 

Wilfred Wiest 

French Club, Biology 

Winona Weiss 

Y.W.C.A., Wesley 
Foundation, Orches- 
tra, W.A.A. 

Opol Wigner 

Alpha Psi Omega, 
Kappa Delta Pi, Pi 
Kappo Delta, Cardi- 
nal Key, Glee Club. 

Erwin Wermon 

Lutheran Club. 

Jessie Wilcox 

Home Ec Club, 

Theodore J. Werb 

Newman Club, 
French Club, Soc. Club. 

Doris Williams 

Zeta Iota, Wesley, 
Commerce Club, 

Herbert Wolfe 

Loretto Yarano 

Beta Gamma, 
Newman Club, 
Home Ec. Club. 

Eileen Wuchter 

Y.W.C.A., Wesley 
Foundation, Ele- 
mentary Ed Club. 

'fetty McCurdy 

Kappa Delta Pi, 
Cardinal Key, 
Y.W.C.A., Band. 

Scott Wheeler 

Sigma Tau Gamma, 
Commerce Club, 

Phyllis M. Dodd 

W.A.A., Home Ec. 
Club, Y.W.C.A. 

Roger Wilkin 

Alpha Psi Omega, 
Wesley Foundation, 
Industrial Arts Club. 

Clementine Hayne 

Anne Wahl 

Biology Club, Ger- 
man Club, Inter- 
national Relations 
Club, Newman Club. 

Robert Seese 

Sigma Tau Gamma, 
Kent Stater, Blue 
Key, Inter-Frat 
Council, Chairman 
NSFA, Chi Pi. 



f*^ Ni Nt 




Ni Ni Ni fiji 


Nn N Ni 

Who's Who and where — with the Armed Forces 

Adolph, Pvt. Kenneth 

Q. M. Det, 1206 C.A.S.U. 

Sta. Compl. 

Ft. Niagara, N. Y. 

Alogdelis, James, C.B.M. 

C.P.O. Mess 


San Diego, Calif. 

Alstoff, E. Louis 

U.S.N.R. Aviation Base 
Fairfax Airport 
Kansas City, Kansas 

Anderson, Kenneth 

Hdq. & Hdq. Co. A. W. 5. 
4th Interceptor Command 
March Field, Calif. 

Bailey, A. C. Ervin 

42-C. Co. H 
Randolph Field, Texas 

Bombaci, Matthew J. 

Headquarters, Co. 
First Engineer Batt. 
Fort Devens, Mass. 

Barkolow, Pvt. Richard 

Troop C. 1st Trn. Sqd. 


Ft. Riley, Kansas 

Beal, Pvt. J. L. 

Southwest Airways, Inc. 
Glendale, Arizona 

Beck, Pvt. Henry 

403 Sch. Sqd. Barr. 571 
Sheppard Field 
Wichita Falls, Texas 

Becker, Pvt. Lawrence 

Co. C, 54 B. N. Area 2 
Camp Welters, Texas 

Benson, Alan P. 

5th School Sqd. A.C. 
Chanute Field Bks. 431 
Rantaul, III. 

Benson, Norman (Pvt.) 

BIdg. 1268 Med. Base 


Sheppard Field, Texas 

Beuck, Ralph ISgt.) 
Officers Trn. Battery 
57th Coast Artillery 
Camp Pendleton, Virginia 

Beuck, Corp. Robt. 

Service Co. 1 12th Q.M.R. 
Camp Shelby, Miss. 

Beyer, Donald 

21st Sch. Sqd. Bks. 527 
Lowry Field 
Denver, Colo. 

Biasello, Edmund 

Co. D 57 
Training Batt. 
Camp Wolters, Texas 

Bittner, Hyel 

I Inst, ot Chanute Field) 
305 W. Illinois St. 
Urbana, III. 

Bolin, Russell 

Co. E, 2nd Reg. AM.I.C. 
Fort Francis E. Warren 

Bonar, A. C. Milton 

Building 24-10 

U. S. Naval Air Base 

Corpus Christi, Texas 

Boorom, Vincent 

Co. C 67 Qm. Bn. 

A. P.O. 301 

Fort Jackson, S. C. 

Boyle, Clarence 

Hq. Det. 

Inf. Rep. Center Group 

Camp Wheeler, Go. 

Bridges, John 

Hdq. Stry, 2nd. Bn. 
134 F.A., A. P.O. 37 
Camp Shelby 
Hattiesburg, Miss. 

Brooks A. C. W. Holland 

Western Ferry Command 
Municipal Airport 
Long Beach, Calif. 

Brown, Corp. H. A. 

Hq. & Hq. Co. Rec. Bn. 
Ft. Benjamin Harrison 

Brown, Paul W. 

Co. D, 52nd Inf. Trg. Bn. 
Camp Wolters, Texas 

Butler, Lt. R. E. 

Operations Division 
Pan-American Airway, Inc. 
Brownsville, Texas 

Callahan, Pvt. James 

Marine Barracks 
Naval Ammunition Depot 
Dover, N.J. 

Conard, A. C. Ray 

Brooks Field 

San Antonio, Texos 

Cirincione, Joe 

Bks. No. 8, Sch. Sqd. 
Keesler Field, Miss. 

DeEulis, A. C. Tim 

42-B A.C.A.F.S. 
Luke Field 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Deniston, A. C. Dale 

42-C, Co. A. 
A. C. B. F. S. 
Bakers Field, Calif. 

Dietx, Ensign W. D. 

Pensacola, Florida 

Dingledine, Lewis 

Co. B. 25th Bn. 

1st Pt. 

Camp Grant, 111. 

Dover, Pvt. Mickey 

Co. C I 12thQ.M. 
37th Division 
Camp Shelby, Miss. 

Drongowski, Pvt. Stanley 

H. Q. Co. 

I Armored Corps 

Fort Knox, Ky. 

Druckenmiller, Pvt. M. F. 

24th Sch. Sq. Air Corps 
Ft. Logan, Colo. 

Eisenmann, Pvt. Arthur 

52 Tr. Batt. Co. D 
Camp Wolters, Texas 

Etter, A. C. J. B. 

A. C. P. 0. Box 1022 Brks. C 
Cimarron Field 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Farinocci, Pvt. John 

H. Q. H. Q. Band (w) 
Fort Sill, Okla. 

Feduniok, Pvt. Stephen 

361st Sch. Sqd. 
Lowry Field 
Denver, Colo. 

Fleischer, George 

Bks. 219-lst S. S. 
Chanute Field, 111. 

Follin, Ens. Lyie 

B. 0. Q. Bldg. 662 Rm. 182 
U. S. Naval Air Sta. 
Pensacola, Flo. 

Foust, Pvt. J. E. 

Co. F, 6th QM. Reg. 
Camp Lee 
Petersburg, Va. 

Fox, Pvt. Carl A. 

35th Air Base Group 
Jackson Air Base 
Jackson, Miss. 

Gantz, David 

Co. D 57 
Training Batt. 
Camp Wolters, Texas 

Gibson, Joseph 

Co. A, 4th Bn. 
Signal Corps 
Fort Monmouth 
New Jersey 

Gifford, Pvt. Jack 

Hdq. & Hdq. 
50th Pursuit Group 
Bks 1 104 
< Meridian, Miss. 

Gifford, Roy G. 

454 School Sqd. 
Shaw Field 
Sumter, S. C. 

Gill, Ensign H. T. 

Sqd. 13, Main Sta. 
U. S. Naval Air Sta. 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

Greer, Pvt. Robt. 

Hq. & Hq. Co. 
1229th R, C. 
Ft. Dix, N. J. 

Guiher, John 

3rd Squadron 

Flight "D" 

Pilots Replacement Center 

Son Antonio, Texas 

Harrington, Pvt. Robt. 

Battery C-32 Batt. 
8th F. A. T. R. 
Fort Sill, Okla. 

Heil, Tom J. 

1 2th Infantry 
Camp Gordon, Go. 

A. C. H. Herbert, U. S. N. R. 

824-90 R. 1 16 
U. S. N.-A. S. 
Corpus Christi, Texas 

Hoenstine, Pvt. Chester 

Co. D. 5th Med. Trg. Bn. 
Camp Lee, Va. 

Homick, Steve 

143 Signal Co. 
Camp Polk, La. 

Jacobson, Kenneth 

346 School Squadron 
Luke Field 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Jenkins, Dick 

Fort Lewis 

Jones, Joseph A. 

Hq. Btry 

10th Field Artillery 

Fort Lewis, Wash. 

Kasik, Pvt. Charles 

84th Bombardment Sqdn. 
Fresno Air Base 
Fresno, Calif. 

Kennedy, Bill 

7th Infantry Hdq. Co. 
Fort Lewis, Wash. 

Knott, Pvt. John L. 

Hdq. Det. C.A.S.C. 
Camp Wolters, Texas 

Koller, Marvin 

Hdq. Btry. 

62nd. F. A. Brigade 

Camp Shelby, Miss., A. P.O., 

37th Div. 

Kreighboum, A. C. Bruce 

Class 41 I 
Kelly Field 
Son Antonio, Texas 

Kruck, Lieutenant Charles 

Lawson Field 
Fort Benning, Go. 

Losker, A. C. Ray J. 

Basic Flying School Co. B 
Bakers Field, Calif. 

Lewis, Edward 

2148 Palms St. 
Detroit, Mich. 

McCort, Ensign John 

Squad. 1 3 
Jacksonville, Flo. 

McCready, Pvt. Tom 

504th M. P. Batt. 

Company A 

Fort Sam Houston, Texas 

Mack, Pvt. Marlin 

Battery B, 2nd C. A. Trg. Bn. 
2nd Platoon 
Fort Eustis, Va. 

Magee, Robert 

399th School Squadron 
35 6th Flight 
Keesler Field, Miss. 


Mafhews, Robert John 

Co. B-L.S.S.C. 
Fort Benning, Go. 

Mayhew, Ellis 

3rd Platoon, Co. D, 
SVth Training Battalion 
Camp Wolters, Texas 

Metzger, Potrick H. 

Company B, 26th Batt. 
Med. Repl. Center 
Camp Grant, III. 

Michaels, Acting Corp, J. M. 

Battery A 

1 18 Field Artillery 

Fort Jackson, S. C. 

Miller, Sergeant C. M. 

Company C, I 1 2 Q, M. 

A. P. O. 37 

Camp Shelby, Miss. 

Miller, Pvt. Horry 

Co. I- 1 8th Infantry 

1st Division 

Ft. Devens, Mass. 

Miner, Pvt. Sherman L. 

17fh Signal Service Co. 
War Dept. Munitions 
Washington, D. C. 

Mitchell, Any 

Med. Det. 
Fort Hayes 
Columbus, Ohio 

Moroto, Lester P. 

30th Air Base Squadron 
Charlotte Army Air Base 
Charlotte, N. Carolina 

Moricoli, John 

Hg. Det. 3rd Batt. 
1 66 Infantry 
Camp Shelby, Miss. 

Myers. Corp. John 

107 Cav. IH. Mecz.) 
Bank Section 
Fort Ord, Calif. 

Nace, George M., Jr. 

Medical Technicians School 
Army and Navy Gen. Hospital 
Hot Springs, Arkansas 

Nelson, A. Harry (Pvt.) 
E. E. D. 
Fort Monroe, Va. 

Netzen, Corp. Leslie 

Co. D 4th Med. Trg. Bn. 
I 308 Service Unit 
Camp Lee, Va. 

Ondreos, John 

42nd School Squadron 
Army Air Corps 
Lowry Field 
Denver, Colo. 

Poluch, Pvt. N. 

51st Med. Bn. 
A. P. O. 302 
Ft. Bragg, N. C. 

Parker, Al 

Ft. Francis E. Warren 
Cheyenne, Wyoming 

Podwojski, A. C. Alvin 

Air Corp Bosic Flying School 
Greenville, Miss. 

Pratt, Lieut. Roy B. 

Air Force Combat Command 
Jackson Air Base 
Jackson, Miss. 

Quinette, Charles E. 

Battery B. 70th C. A. (A.A.) 
Baltimore, Md. 

Reese, Lieut. Grif 

Pan-American Air Way 
Miami, Fla. 

Rigby, Corp. Williom A. 

45th School Squadron 
Randolph Field, Texas 

Ruch, Lorenzo Dow. 

Co, D. Brks. T.-773 

8th Q. M. Training Center 

Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va. 

Russell, Pvt. Norman 

Company A, 52nd Trn. Btn. 
Camp Wolters, Texas 

Schoetzle, Pvt. J. A. 

Apt. 3, BIdg. 271, Officers 
Fort Monmouth, N. J. 

Schenz. Pvt. Wm. 

Co. H, 2nd Q.M.T.R. 
Fort Francis E. Warren 
Cheyenne, Wyoming 

Schultz, Leonord 

B. 0. Q. Goodfellow Field 
San Angelo, Texas 

Scullion, A. C. Donald 

Navigation School 
Class 42-4 
Turner Field 
Albany, Go. 

Shivelv, Richard 

3037 Bancroft Hall 

United States Naval Academy 

Annapolis, Md. 

Shrigley, Pvt. Ralph C. 

12th Pursuit Sqd. 
Meridian Air Base 
Meridian, Miss. 

Sintetos, Pvt. Constontine 

Co. B, 5th Sig. Trg. Bn. 
Fort Monmouth, Bks. 2 
Red Bank, N, J. 

Sirrine, Maurice 

Steamship A. F. Harvey 
Sault Ste. Marie 

Slyman, Theodore J. 

Co. G, Randolph Field 

Smith, Kyle P.F.C. 

Bond 7th Inf. 
Ft. Lewis, Wash. 

Sprunger, Preston R. 

c/o N. R.A.B. 
Miami, Fla. 

Stocking, Sgt. Milon A. 

107 Cav. (H. Mecz) 
Bond Section 
Fort Ord, Calif. 

Tobler, Corp. Charles J. 

Hqt. Co. 166 Infantry 

A. P. O. 37 

Camp Shelby, Miss. 

Tapper, Pvt. Bill 

H. & H. Squadron 
Denver Branch, A.C.T.S. 
Lowry Field 
Denver, Colo. 

Taylor, Pvt. Donald P. 

Company A, 2nd Battalion 
Camp Wheeler, Go. 

Thiele, P.F.C. Vernon M. 

Company B, 1 51 st 
Medical Battalion 
Fort McClellan, Ala. 

Tims, Eugene Jay 

Troop F, 112 Cavalry 
Fort Clark, Texas 

Treat, Lieut. Mark 

Air Force Combat Command 
Jackson Air Base 
Jackson, Miss. 

Wagner, Harold P. 

15069623 — Q.M.C. 

A. P.O. 891 — c/o Post Office 

New York, N. Y. 

Weil, Pvt. Harold 

28th Field Artillery 
Fort Jackson 
South Carolina 

Weimer, Don A. 

Great Lakes, III. 

White, Pvt. John L. 

502 Parachute Bn. 

Co. B 

Fort Benning, Ga. 

Wilson, Bernie 

Naval Service School 
Ford Motor Company 
Bks. G., Upper West 
Dearborn, Mich. 

Winsper, A/C L. Dean 

4th Squadron Flight C 

Air Corp Replacement Center 

Kelly Field, Texas 

Wolcott, Pvt. Fremont 

Btry B, 198 CA— A.A. 
Hartford, Conn. 

Young, Dole 

C.P.S.C. No. 8 
Marietta, Ohio 

Zaderecky, Michael 

D — 10 4 

Fort Bragg, N. C. 

Zink, Sgt. Dole 

57 Coast Artillery 
Camp Pendleton, Vir. 

Zink, Richard 

7th Infantry, Co. F. 
Fort Lewis, Wash. 

Barber, Pvt. Charles 

Company G, 57th Q.M. Regt. 
Camp Polk, La. 

Boosinger, Pvt. John 

Fort Knox, Ky. 

Cochran, Pvt. Merle 

Co. C 

4th Ordnance Training Batt. 

Aberdeen Proving Grounds 


Cox, Lt. R. L. 

41st Squadron 

Orlando Air Base, Florida 

DeLoss, Warren 

400th School Squadron 
Flight A-51 
Keesler Field, Miss. 

Dunlop, Wilmer W. 

Hq. Botry. Md. Bu. 

94th CA. 

Camp Davis, N. C. 

Hart, Ensign Robert 

Son Juan, Puerto Rico 

Jacoby, Pvt. Bernard 

Btry. B, 12th Bn., 4th Regt. 
F.A.R.T.C, 3rd Platoon 
Ft. Bragg, N. C. 

Keeler, P.F.C. Robert 

303 School Squadron 
Keesler Field 
Biloxi, Miss. 

Jenkins, Jack P.F.C. 

Band, 7th Infantry 
Fort Lewis, Washington 

Lewis, Pvt. Milton 

Quartermaster Division 
Camp Polk, La. 

Luzio, Anthony 

Hq. Det. 3rd Bn. 

A. P.O. 37, 166th Inf. 

Camp Shelby, Miss. 

Meyers, AC Ralph 

Sqd. 2, Flight A 

Pilot Replacement Center 

San Antonio, Texas 

Opeil, Ensign L. J. 

U S.S. Greene, AV.D. 13 
"oPostmaster General 
New York, N. Y. 

Rowles, Sgt. Clint 

Camp M, 145th Inf. 
Camp Shelby, Miss. 

Stribley, Corp. R. C. 

Co. B, Officers Cond. Bn. 
Fort Benning, Go. 

Theobold, Lt. Geo. E. 

37th Armored Reg't (LI 
Pine Camp, N. Y. 

Papushok, George 

Naval Reserve Aviation Base 
Miami, Flo. 

Siedschlog, Ensign Karl 

B.O.Q. Breezy Point 
Naval Air Station 
Norfolk, Va. 

McKinley, P.F.C. Jay E. 

209 General Hospital 
Fort G. G. Meade 

Barkett, Pvt. Woodrow 

Co. L, 145th Infantry 
A. P.O. 37 Div. 
Camp Shelby, Miss. 



Roy D. Metcalf, Director 

B flat Clarinets 

John Busch 
Joan Norris 
David Kepner 
Robert Hortman 
Don Howley 
Thelma Gick 
Dorothy Kime 
Arne Ahonen 
Ruth Altmann 
Mary Hoffman 
Harriet Sadler 
Eleanor Jamison 
Marjorie Chadwick 
Alma Newsome 
Norma Baldwin 

E flat Clarinet 

Jeanette Irwin 

Flutes and Piccolos 

Jean Gard 
Phyllis Fuller 
Alberta Albright 
latser Mortz 
Pauline Knapp 


Evelyn Mumow 
Grace Seeley 


Mary Jane Wertenberger 

Alto Clarinet 

Zada Farmer 
Bass Clarinet 

Lois Langmead 

Alto Saxophone 

Doris Linerode 

Tenor Saxophones 

Ted Irmiter 
Donald Thwaite 

String Bass 

Evan Wolcott 


Arthur Sill 
Robert Ruggels 
William Meyers 


Lorin Correll 
Mary Jane Lynch 
Alyce Simmons 
Kenneth Richards 
Marjorie Rosfeld 


George Pake 
Jack Russell 
Ruth Board 
Monetta Croakman 
Marjorie Ross 

Baritone Horns 

George Toot 
Joyce Hanan 
Virginia Klier 


Jim Austin 
Archie Brown 
Harris Knight 
Harold Hirt 
Dorothy Hamilton 

Mary White 
George Ebel 
Alan U'Ren 

E flat Bass 

Isabel Baughman 

BB flat Basses 

William Collins 
Evan Wolcott 


Robert Deal 
Sue Duke 
Chris Johnson 
Herbert Sibson 
Annis McCoy 
Betty Rhoades 


John Lemok 

Evelyn Smiley 
Eleanor Teele 
Pauline Knapp 
Mary Joan Parry 
Doris Dusenberry 
lola Bucher 
Isabel Baughman 
Helen Burton 
Lewis Myers 
Georgia Glasseo 
Carolyn Boncek 
Marjorie Edsall 
Phyllis Ricart 
Archie Brown 


Kenneth Byler, Director 


Esther Douglass 
Phyllis Marie Read 
Winona Weiss 
Melba Ratchford 


Earl Boardman 
Elizabeth Cowles 
Patricio Anne Reed 
Martha Lansinger 


Evan Wolcott 
John Boda 
Harriet Radford 


Jean Gord 
Phyllis Fuller 
Jeon Guiss 


Marjorie Semon 
Grace Seeley 


John Busch 
Ruth Altman 
Harriet Sadler 
Robert Hortman 


Mary Jane Wertenberger 
Edmund Siennicki 


Arthur Johnson 
Jack Russell 
George Pake 
Audrey Wells 


Mae Ochenreider 
Marjorie Hosfeld 
Mary Jane Lynch 
Arthur Sill 


George Toot 
James Austin 
George Ebel 

Alan U'ren 
Constance Neil 


William Collins 


Robert Deal 


Sue Duke 


Evan Wolcott 

Kenneth Byler 


First Scprano 

Clara Biaseila 
Marjorie Gatts 
Janet Harris 
Morion Nichols 
Evelyne Slor 
Elinor Teele 

First Alto 

Virginia Allison 
Norma Baldwin 
Helen Gregory 

Joseph Lupkiewicz, Director 

Esther Douglass 
Margaret Horton 
Ruth West 

First Tenor 

David Dowding 
Herbert Koehn 
Willord Myser 
Robert Ruble 
Robert Shaffer 

First Boss 

Richard Evans 

Robert Hcuser 
Charles James 
Jack Russell 
Eugene Sirak 

Second Soprano 

Marilyn Jones 
Dorothy Keorns 
Beryl McHugh 
June Nicodemus 
Alice Sprouse 
Carol Waltz 

Second Alto 

Virginia Black 
Frances Conner 
Rose Christ 
Alice Henderson 
Barbara Welton 
Louise Wilson 

Second Tenor 

Alan Cope 
James Edwards 

Donald Holland 
Alan Hammock 
John McDonald 

Second Boss 

John Busch 
Frank Crofoot 
James Ebel 
Milan Granoch 
Tom Harris 
Robert Hougue 


Abbott, Dorothy 
Abbott, Verdabelle 
Allison, Virginia 
Arnold, Jennie Louise 
Bankhurst, Catherine 
Biaseila, Clara 
Both, Rose Marie 
Brewbaker, Ruth 
Bricklev, Carol 
Carr, Alyce 
Celinscak, Kotherine 
Charles, Verne 

Elfleda Littlejohn, Director 

Christ, Rose 
Cox, Alice 
Cramer, Miriam 
Crutchfield, Mary B. 
DeMottia, Fedora 
Domer, Sally 
Drenkham, Jeanne 
Dull, Rosella 
Dusenberry, Doris 
Folkowski, Carole 
French, Elfreda 

Goldman, Ermo 
Gray, Doris 
Gue, Bernice 
Haley, Frances 
Hogan, Ann Marie 
Hullis, Bessie 
Jones, Esme 
La Wand, Lorna 
Legan, Ann Marie 
Lockard, Paula 
McCoy, Eunice 

McHugh, Beryl 
McMonus, Leah 
Miller, Marjorie 
Miller, Maxine 
Mueller, Jane 
Nicodemus, June 
Neil, Constance 
Obermiller, Connie 
Pearce, Mildred 
Perkins, Rebecca 
Peterson, Laura Mae 

Phister, Jean 
Ratchford, Melba 
Schulenberg, Margaret 
Slor, Evelyne 
Sprouse, Alice 
Von Orman, Edith 
Vincent, Emily 
Walker, Ordella 
Waltz, Carol 
Welton, Barbara 
Wiegman, Marjorie 
Youtzy, Lois 







STUDENT DIRECTORY - 1941 - 1942 

(Following the name, in each case, there is an indication of the semester 
or semesters for which the student has been enrolled. The address given 
is the home address of the student.) 


Abbott, Dorothy Isabelle — 1, 2 W. Washington St. Ext., New Castle, Pa. 

Abbott, Verdabelle M. — 1, 2 Roosevelt Drive, Mentor, Ohio 

Abshire, Mildred Matney — 1, 2 48 North Martha Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Acker, Paul Jay — 1, 2 Huntsburg, Ohio 

Ackley, Betty Marie — 1, 2 371 Lisbon Ave., Buffalo, New York 

Adams, Catherine Elaine — 1, 2 1513 Lincoln Ave., WellsviUe, Ohio 

Adams, Harry Charles — 1 806 Clover Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Adams, Jean Elise — 1, 2 2320 South 22nd St., Akron, Ohio 

Adams, Mary Emily— 1, 2 267 West Prospect St., Mantua, Ohio 

Adams, Wesley Lyall — 1 Beechbrook, Chagrin Falls. Ohio 

Adams, Wilbur Edwin — 1, 2 R. R. No. 6, Box 354 N. W., Dayton, Ohio 

Agar, William Jess — 1, 2 3115 Barber Court, Cleveland, Ohio 

Ahonen, Arne E.— 1, 2 537 Bank St., Painesville, Ohio 

Akin, James Clyde — 1, 2 2104 Sycamore St., Akron, Ohio 

Albright, Alberta Mae — 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 2, Steubenville, Ohio 

Albright, Harold Jack — 1 476 Fairfield Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Alden, Paul— 1, 2 226 East William St., Kent, Ohio 

Aldrich, William Case — 1 , 2 Aurora, Ohio 

Alexander, Morton — 1 11611 Hopkins Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Alexoff, Romie Manol — 1 R.D. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Allen, Beverly Lora- 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 1, Creston, Ohio 

Allen, Frances— 1, 2 7307 Linwood Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Allen, Nancy Jane — 1, 2 216 University Drive, Kent, Ohio 

Allison, Virginia Marie — 1, 2 776 Glenwood St., Warren, Ohio 

Allyn, Ethel Elizabeth— 1 113 Linden Rd., Kent, Ohio 

Altmann. Berion George — 1 317 E. College Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Altmann, Jeanne Margaret — 1, 2 317 E. College Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Altmann, Ruth Cecilia — 1, 2 317 E. College Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Alvord, Alta Mae — 1, 2 912 Crain Ave., Kent Ohio 

Amon, Viola Mae — 1, 2 39 Chester Ave., Massillon, Ohio 

Amstadt, Richard Anton — 1, 2 344 W. Bowery St., Akron, Ohio 

Anderson, Frank Oliver — 1, 2 961 McKinley Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Anderson, Helen Jeanne— 1, 2 1324 South St., S. E., Warren, Ohio 

Anderson, James Jerry — 1, 2 428 Palm Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Anderson, Jean Anna — 1, 2 936 Oakland Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Anderson, Patricia Evans — 1, 2....0trs. "P", Ravenna Ord. Plant, Rav., O. 

Anderson, Willis S. (Budd) — 1 R. D. No. 2, Barberton, Ohio 

Andreas, Harold Metcalf— 2 305 N. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Andrie, William Henry — 1 467 Pratt St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Andrus, Winifred Ruth — 1, 2 13015 Beachwood, Cleveland, Ohio 

Angel®ne, Armand Augustus — 1, 2 10804 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Anglemyer, Mae Belle — 1, 2.... 347 E. Auburndale Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Ankrom, Sara Jane — I, 2 904 Pierce Ave., Toronto, Ohio 

Annandono, Albert Michael — 1, 2 12004 Paul Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ansell, James David — 1 , 2 252 Sumer St., Akron, Ohio 

Antonelli, Lillian Marie — 1 319 Charles Ave., S. E., Warren, Ohio 

Apostolos, John George — 1, 2 232 Ohio Ave., Louisville, Ohio 

Apple, Roy Sanford — 1, 2 3242 Dellwood Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Appleby, Gertrude Vaughn — 1 Brewster, Ohio 

Appleby, Thomas Todd — 1 Brewster, Ohio 

Armstrong, Jerry Sweesy — 2 236 Adelaide Ave., Warren, Ohio 

Arnold, Eileen Jane — 1, 2 Miami Rd., Menlor, Ohio 

Arnold, Jennie Louise — 2 R. D. No. 1, Norwalk, Ohio 

Arnold, June Maxine — 1, 2 352 Dalwood Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 

ArnotI, Charles Dale — 1, 2 312 lUinois Ave., McDonald, Ohio 

Arters, Helen Irene — 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 2, Spencer, Ohio 

Arthur, Malcolm Boyd — 1, 2 17836 Clifton Blvd., Lakewood, Ohio 

Ashton, William James— 1 1015 Eighth St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Austin, James Clayton — 1, 2 296 Daisy Ave., Berea, Ohio 

Austin, Nadine Genevieve — 1, 2 2343 17th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

AveriU, Seward E.— 1, 2 878 North Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Ayers, Ruth Louise — 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 2, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Ayres, Charles Henry — 1, 2 842 S. Main St., Franklin, Ohio 

Aylsworth, Edward Breckenridge — 1, 2 R. D. No. 3, Ravenna, Ohio 


Bachman, Elton George — 1 R. No. 1, Vermilion, Ohio 

Bader, Robert Andrew — 1, 2 706 Morgan Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Baer, Milton Daniel — 1, 2 5140 Summer Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Bagent, Betty Louise — 1, 2 1250 Tonawanda Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Bahler, Hope C. — 1, 2 N. Broadway, Sugarcreek, Ohio 

Bailey, Mary Levina — 1, 2 36 S. Canal St., Newton FaUs, Ohio 

Bailey, Nancy Louise — 1, 2 329 Christian Ave., Hubbard, Ohio 

Baird, Marjorie Ann — 1, 2 308 Madison Ave., Steubenville, Ohio 

Baird, Russ Norman— 1, 2 7401 Snow Rd., Parma, Ohio 

Baker, Robert Charles— 1, 2 Box 37, WashmgtonviUe, Ohio 

Batch, Jean Frances — 2 Middle Ridge, Madison, Ohio 

Balder, Margery June — 1, 2 31 EUenwood St., Bedford, Ohio 

Baldwin, Arthur Leroy — 1, 2 1365 Burkhardt Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Baldwin, Arthur Richard — 1, 2 8115 Jeffries Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Baldwin, Charles Loren — 1, 2 Main St., GiUett, Wisconsin 

Baldwin, Martha Louise — 1, 2 1838 Page Ave., E. Cleveland, Ohio 

Baldwin, Norma Louise — 1, 2 518 Lafayette St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Ballard, William John- 1 1159 Big Falls Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Bane, Norma Elaine — 1, 2 781 Bonnie Brae St., Warren, Ohio 

Banfield, M. Kemp — 1, 2 1001 Logan Ave., Toronto, Ohio 

Bania, Chester James — 1, 2 1148 Buhrer Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Bankhurst, Catherine Joan— 1. 2 1330 Piper Ct., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Banyai, Francis— 1 2840 East 122nd St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Barber, Mollie Elizabeth— 1, 2 2373 Professor St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Barch, Lyndell (Lindy)— 1, 2 3235 Hyde Park, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Barger, Jean — 1, 2 22 Marathon Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 

Barham, Charles K. — 1 1449 Maple Ave., Canton, Ohio 

Barnes, Robert Alfred — 1 28 North Richview, Youngstown, Ohio 

Barney, Duane Edwin— 1 2104 East 42nd St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Bortel, Wayne Ellon— 1, 2 1922 W. Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 

Bartlelt, Edward Charles— 1 597 Robinette Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Bartley, Earl Marshall— 1 1713 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Bartley, Harreli E.— 1 1964 Fifth St., S. E., Canton, Ohio 

Bartholomeo, Rosemary — 2 314t/''2 North Mechanic St., Alliance, Ohio 

Bartholomeo, Olivia — 1, 2 542 S. Liberty Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Bates, Thomas Ahern — 1, 2 244 North Pardee St., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Bauer, Jack Christie — 2 2930 Ivanhoe Rd., Silver Lake, Ohio 

Baughman, Isobel Louise — 1, 2 1747 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Baumgardner, Lyal Clarence — 2 2652 W. Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Bauman, Kenneth Eugene — 1 R. D. No. 1, Mogadore, Ohio 

Baxter, Miriam Jeanne — 1, 2 12806 S. Parkway Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 

Bayliss, George Hen-old — 1, 2 1102 Winfon Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Baynes, Wanda Jean — 1, 2 1385 Bellows St., Akron, Ohio 

Beacom, Patricia Jane — 1, 2 23 Wadsworth St., Randolph, New York 

Beal, Kathryn Pearl— 1, 2 2559 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Heal, Nelson Sterling — 1 414 Summit St., Kent, Ohio 

Beam, Naomi Pearl— 1, 2 R. D. No. 8, Box 215, Akron, Ohio 

Beam, William Clifford— 1, 2 R. D. No. 7, North Canton, Ohio 

Beckwith, Richard Eugene — 1, 2 Fairchild Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Beckwith, Robert Earl— 1, 2 R. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Beckwith, Roger Stanley — 2 R. D. No. 4, Ravenna, Ohio 

Beech, Charlotte Elizabeth— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Novelty, Ohio 

Beery, Eli Whitney — 1, 2 85 Frances Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Beetem, Max D.— 1 2041 13th St., Akron, Ohio 

Begg, Mary Elizabeth (Betty) — 1, 2 7606 Jameson Rd., Parma, Ohio 

Begg, George F.— 1, 2 7606 Jameson Rd., Parma, Oh: 

Beichly, Russell James— 2 747 Perkins Park Dr., Akron, Oh 

Beier, Barbara— 1, 2 R. D. No. 4, Box 666, Akron, Oh: 

Beitzel, Raymond Eugene — 1, 2 East Sparta, Oh: 

Belford, Norma Clara— 1, 2 1957 Goodyear Blvd., Akron, Oh: 

Bell, Marjorie Joan— 1, 2 1798 Marks Ave., Akron, Oh 

Bell, William Harlan— 1, 2 636 Ohio Ave., N. W., Warren, Oh: 

Benjamin, Kenneth — 1, 2 3277 Monmouth Rd., Cleveland, Oh: 

Bennett, Dorothy Marie — 1, 2 929 W. 41st St., Ashtabula, Oh 

Benson, Margaret Annette — 1, 2 834 Michigan Ave., Ashtabula, Oh: 

Bentley, Paul Edward— 1, 2 1729 HoUiday, East Liverpool, Oh 

Benton, Marilyn Mona — 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 1, Burton, Oh: 

Bereit, Arnold Ernst— 1, 2 6706 Ackley Rd., Parma, Oh 

Berg, Thomas Charles— 1 270 Storer Ave., Akron, Oh 

Bergdorf, Clarence Arthur — 1, 2 2345 East Ave., Akron, Oh 

Berger, Roy Norman — 1, 2 4221 Whitman Ave., Cleveland, Oh: 

Berndt, June Ruth— 1, 2 6708 Orchard Grove, Cleveland, Oh 

Berns, Kathleen A. — 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 1, Uniontown, Oh: 

Bernstein, Katherine Louise — 1, 2 Blackhawk Rd., Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Bert, Ruth Anne— 1, 2 954 Parkside Ave., Alliance, Oh: 

Bertschi. Jessie Ruth— 1, 2 3981 Eleanor Ave., Mogadore, Oh 

Best, Miriam Ann— 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 1, Box 53, Middlefield, Oh: 

Betterton, James Stewart— 2 1673 Preston St., Akron, Oh 

Bettler, Herman Wilson— 1 R. D. No. 2, Uniontown, Oh 

Belts, George Cornelius— 1 132 S. Lincoln St., Kent, Oh 

Bevilacgua, Margaret Lucille — 1, 2.... 11217 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, O 

Beynon, Thomas William — 1 Amsterdam, Oh 

Biasella, Clara Lillian— 1, 2 500 N. Mantua St., Kent, Oh 

Bibbs, Lola Jean— 1, 2 8906 Blaine Ave., Cleveland, Oh 

Bienz, Ellen Eileen— 1 R. D. No. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, Oh- 

Bmford, Weston M.— 1 1111 Second St., Akron, Oh: 

Bingham, Jane Ardell — 1, 2 Farmdale, Oh 

Birkner, Mrs. May Louise — 1 R. D. No. I, Twin Lakes, Kent, Oh 

Birkner, Richard— 1 R. D. No. 1, Twin Lakes, Kent, Oh 

Bishop, Mary Jane — 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Leavittsburg, Oh 

Bittmger, June Kathleen— 1, 2 Box 820, R. D. No. 1, East Akron, Oh 

Bittner, John Mildord— 1 217 East Main St., Kent, Oh: 

Bjorson, Louis Elaine — 1, 2 146 E. Delason, Youngstow-n, Oh 

Black, Calle Jane — 1, 2 1062 Abbieshire Ave., Lakewood, Oh 

Black, Virginia Marguerite — 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 1, Ravenna, Oh: 

Blackburn, F. Marion— 1 92 W. Miller St., Akron, Oh 

Blackstock, James Garfield — 1 930 Work Drive, Akron, Oh 

Blackwell, Robert Sherman— 1 693 Hazel St., Akron, Oh 

Blackwood, Harold Carson — 1, 2 246 Wildwood Ave., Akron, Oh: 

Blahu, David WiUiam— 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 1, Warren, Oh 

Blair, Donald Albert— 1, 2 136 Mills St., Wadsworth, Oh 

Blair, Joseph Skiles— 1, 2 203 Highland Ave., Kent, Oh 

Blanchard, Lloyd Emmons — 1 1523 Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Blaser, Ted Wayne— 1 2136 IBth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Oh 

Bloom, James Elmer — 2 10,000 Manor Ave., Cleveland, Oh 

Blue, Marguerite Josephine — 1, 2 2218 E. 81st St., Cleveland, Oh 

Blunt, Claudius B. — 1 675 Euclid Ave., Akron, Oh 

Board, Ruth Naoma— 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 6, Akron, Oh 

Boda, John— 1, 2 3335 Vine Ave., Lorain, Oh 

Bodey, Ernest C. — 1, 2 2173 East 38th St., Cleveland, Oh 

Boecker, A. Alilz— 1, 2 126 Franklin St., Melrose, Mass 

Boerio, Armand Louis— 1, 2 1564 E. 31st St., Cleveland, Oh 

Boesch, John— 1. 2 Kirtland Rd., Willoughby, Oh 

Boffo, Louis Henry — 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 1, Steubenville, Oh 

Bogard, Tom L. — 1, 2 South Prospect, Hartville, Oh 

Bognar, Jules D. — 1 671 Noah Ave., Akron, Oh 

Bohn, Musser Edward- 1, 2 667 Noah Ave., Akron, Oh 

Bond, Rhea Inez— 1, 2 865 Berwin St., Akron, Oh: 

Book, Twylah Marion— 1, 2 93 W. State St., Barberton, Oh 

Boorstein, Leonard Robert — 1, 2 1820 Phelan PL, New York, N. Y. 

Bordner, Clifford— 1 145 Grand Ave., Akron, Oh: 

Borofka, Joanne J. — 1 1452 Marlowe Ave., Lakewood, Oh 

Borton, Joseph Clifford- 1 209 E. Mill St., Alliance, Oh: 

Bortz, Fred Albert— 1, 2 R. No. 1, Box 490, East Akron, Oh 

Boschini, Louis Lawerence — 1 914 South St., Alliance, Oh 

Bosma, Grace — 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, GarrettsviUe, Oh 

Bosserman, Violet Earline — 1, 2 842 Shannon Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O 

Bostnar, Louis Herbert— 1 3774 E. 93rd St., Cleveland, Oh: 

Both Rose Marie — 1, 2 433 Dorwil Drive, South Akron, Oh: 

Bothel, Richard Lee — 1 121 Vine Si., Ravenna, Oh 

Boucek, Carolyn — 1 ,2 Macedonia, Oh 

Boulton, Beth — 1 , 2 Macedonia, Oh: 

Bowersock, Betty Anne — I 15610 Clifton Blvd., Lakewood, Oh 

Bowles, Betly D.— 1, 2 Hartville, Oh 

Boyd, Emmett Walter — 1, 2 1355 Dueber, Canton, Oh 

Boyd, Helen Pauline — 1, 2 JeromesviUe, Oh 

Boyd, Jack Cameron— 1, 2 -. 121 N. DePeysler St., Kent, Oh 

Boyd, Jack Henry — 1 712 Tallmadge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Oh 

Boyd, Melvin Lester — 1 East Sparta, Oh 

Boyle Edward John— 1, 2 5116 Lyndhurst St., South Euclid, Oh 

Bozzo, Mary Louise — 1, 2 122 W. Main St., East Paleshne, Oh 

Braden, Ralph Caron— 1, 2 1031 Fourth St., N. E., Massillon, Oh 

Bradley, Edward George — 1, 2 7015 Wolf Ave., Parma, Oh 

Bradley, Emma Marie — 1, 2 22 E. Bowman Ave., Dayton, Oh: 

Brainard, Betty Jane — 1 886 Silvercrest Ave., Akron, Oh 

Brainard, Evelyn Lucille — 1, 2 886 Silvercrest Ave., Akron, Oh 

Bramlett, Audrey Laura — 1, 2 444 Madison Ave., Akron, Oh 

Brandt, Mary Dean— 1, 2 1389 Lynn Park Dr., Cleveland Heights, O. 

Brant, Margaret Freshour — 1, 2 13901 Beaumont St., East Cleveland, O. 

Braun, Madeline Nicia— I, 2 3265 Altamont Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

Bray, Josephine Marie — 1 10201 Gaylord Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Brdar Peter James— 1, 2 1094 E. 68th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Breen, Betty Jane— 1, 2 705 Perry Hwy., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Breneman, June Lorene — 1, 2 929 Spink St., Wooster, Ohio 

Brewbaker, Agnes Ruth— 1, 2 1626 Larch St., Akron, Ohio 

Brickley, Carol lone— 1, 2 Box 43, Tallmadge Ave., Tallmadge, Ohio 

Brigeman, Fred W., Jr.— 1, 2 Route No. 1, Copley, Ohio 

Briggs, Henry Carson— 1, 2 Main St., Tiltonville, Ohio 

BriUhart, Beatrice Arlene^l, 2 1636 25th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Brillhart, Gladys Pauline — 1, 2 1636 25th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Britt, John J.— 1, 2 53 Ella St., Girard, Ohio 

Brixey Betty June — 1, 2 1848 Ninth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Brodie, Edwin Thomas— 1, 2 1928 Sixth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Brooks, I Loder--l, 2 93 Woodland Ave., Columbus, Ohio 

Brooks, Robert Leo— 1 1809 E. 44th St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Brolt, Elmer Ray— 1, 2 30 Sector Dr., Bedford, Ohio 

Brown, Archie Steen— 1, 2 4730 Horton Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Brown, Carolyn Marie — I Mentor Ave., Mentor, Ohio 

Brown, John McRae — 1, 2 894 Donald Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Brown, John William— 1 1535 E. 84th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Brown, Margie Merida— 1, 2 3255 Scranton Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Brown, Marian Eileen — 1 Avondale, Canton, Ohio 

Brown, Marjorie — 1, 2 67 Wilson Ave., Struthers, Ohio 

Brown, Martha Anna— 1, 2 1559 E. I96th St., Euclid, Ohio 

Brown, Mary Lois — 1 East Sparta, Ohio 

Brown, Paul Fowler — 1, 2 554 S. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Brown, Peggy Jean — 1, 2 30071/2 Southern Blvd., Youngstown, Ohio 

Brown, Sheldon Herbert— 1 2130 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Brownewell, Charles Edward — 1, 2 438 Seneca St., Massillon, Ohio 


{BeojuJjj. and JiowsUiA 


j^^^^^KK^^ ^^ 


Bi^B^^^P^^^vAHi^ff ^^^B 



mL ' J^ ■ -'^ ^1 








' " .. " ■ > ■ 



By TERESE GREEN, Florists 

414 E. MAIN ST, 

DIAL 4565 

Brubaker, Paul Eugene — 1, 2 17 Carlton Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Brumbaugh, Elmer Isaac — 1, 2 726 E. Spruce St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Brumbaugh, Ivan Leroy — 1 Hartville, Ohio 

Brumter, EHzabeth Virginia — 1, 2 734 Stibbs St., Wooster, Ohio 

Brunner, Betty Margot — I, 2 R. D. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Brunner, Mrs. Ruth Kowalke— 1 527 S. Water St., Kent, Ohio 

Brush, Eleanor Mae — 1, 2 631 Lake Erie St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Bryan, Harold— 1 422 Malacca St., Akron, Ohio 

Bryant, Betty Arlene— 1, 2 2054 Eighth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Buccilli, Alvino Anthony— 2 17 Adams St., Campbell, Ohio 

Bucher, lola Dell— I, 2 Route No. 3, Wooster, Ohio 

Buchholz, Marion— 2 Claverack, New York 

Buelow, Verna Marie— 1, 2 3375 We^t 95th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Buller, Olympia Aurelia— 1, 2 1281 Moore St., Akron, Ohio 

Bump, Doris Irene — 1, 2 5533 Clement Drive Maple Heights, Ohio 

Bunell, Betty Virginia— 1, 2 2337 Charney Rd., University Heights, O. 

Burch, lean Louise— 1, 2 4028 Hudson Dr., Youngstown, Ohio 

Burge, Jane Caroline — 1, 2 R. D. No. I, Wellington, Ohio 

Burger, Arvilla Adelaide — 1 5101 Burger Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Burgeon, Earl Dean— 1 1621 Frazer A-ve., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Burhans, Ralph Wellman — I, 2 120 Aurora St., Hudson, Ohio 

Burke, Leonard Charles— 1 162 Elm St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Burkhardt, June Elva — 1, 2 3168 Goldengate Ave., Rocky River, Ohio 

Burkholder, Paul LaVerne — 1 296 First Babin Court, Akron, Ohio 

Burns, Betty Myrtle— 1 R. D. No. 1, Mogadore, Ohio 

Burns, Frank— 1 ,2 439 Dodge St., Kent, Ohio 

Burr, Doris Eileen— 1 R.F.D, No. 2, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Burris, Rosamund Ilo— 1 739 Beall Ave., Wooster, Ohio 

Burriss, Marjory Jane — 1, 2 R. D. No. 4, Canton, Ohio 

Burson, Shirley Jean- 1 2216 Northland, Lakewood, Ohio 

Burton, Helen L.— 1 Salida Rd., Mentor, Ohio 

Burwell, Richard Euaene — 1 Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Burzlaff, Elizabeth W.— 1, 2 Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Busch, lohn F.— 1 641 Mill Rd., Ravenna, Ohio 

Bushey, Robert Everett— 1, 2 I98I High St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Buss, Harold Harter — 1, 2 Apple Creek, Ohio 

Butler, Robert Harry— 1, 2 354 Roosevelt Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Button, Leoha Myrtle- 1, 2 177 Elm St.. Middlefield, Ohio 

Butz, Charles Russell— 1 452 Grain Ave., Kent. Ohio 

Buzulencia, George — 1 780 Poland Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Byers, Alton Beach— 1 Route No. 2, Box 175, East Akron, Ohio 

Byrne, Eleanor Hone — 1, 2 South Willow St., Ext., Kent, Ohio 

Byrne, Robert DeWitt— 1, 2 South Willow St., Ext., Kent, Ohio 


Cacioppo, Anthony Joseph— 1, 2 Riddle Blk., No. 4, Ravenna, Ohio 

Cady, William James— 1 320 Howe St., Akron, Ohio 

Cain, Robert Kenneth— 1 346 Grace Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Cairns, Hugh— 1, 2 348 South State Line Rd., Brookfield, Ohio 

Caldwe'l, Janet Eileen — 1, 2 919 Montgomery Ave., East Liverpool O. 

Caldwell, June Rosamond— 1, 2 46 W. York St., Akron, Ohio 

Callahan, Raymond Alfred— I 275 Shields Rd., Youngstown, Ohio 

Calta, Joe Franklin— I, 2 4232 E. 119th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Cameron, Harry G. — 1 875 Berwin St., Akron, Ohio 

Campbell, Betty M.— 1, 2 316 Canter St., Huron, Ohio 

Campbell, George Wallace— 1, 2 383 Zeller Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Campbe'l, Mary Imogene— 1 881 W. Colleoe St., Alliance, Ohio 

Campbell, William A.— I, 2 1966 High St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Conner, Frances Louise — 1, 2..,. 247 Broadway, East, Cuyahoga Falls O 

Cannon, Phyllis Marie — 1, 2 118 Brady St., Kent, Ohio 

Cardinal, C. Cathryn— 1, 2 173 E. Pennsylvania Ave., Sebrina. O 

Carlozzi, Jean Rita— 1, 2 3352 Sultan, Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Carlson, Arnold Norman — 1, 2 Main St., KingsviUe, Ohio 

Carlson, Clara Viola — 1 R.F.D. No. 7, North Canton, Ohio 

Carlson, Lawrence Alfred— 1, 2 Box 155-J, R. D. No. 2, Akron, Ohio 

Carlson, Russell Leroy — 1, 2 Randolph, Ohio 

Carnahan, Mary Jane — 2 918 Swallow St., Warren, Ohio 

Carnes, James Samuel— 1, 2 979 Yellowstone, CleveJand Heights, Ohio 

Carpenter, Jack Rathburn — 1 360 E. Tuscarawas Ave., Barberton, Ohio 

Carpenter, William A.— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Twin Lakes, Kent, Ohio 

Carr, Alice Marie — 1, 2 1708 Sackett St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Carr, Alyce Marie — 1, 2 723 E. I65th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Carrell, Henrietta— 1 1834 Malasia Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Carroll, Jane Isabel— 1, 2 955 Warren St., Huntington, Indiana 

Corrothers, Carl Elmer— 1, 2 Box 3532 North Hill St., Akron, Ohio 

Carson, Clyde Leroy— 1, 2 501 High Ave., S. W,, Canton, Ohio 

Carson, Jcmies Estle — 1, 2 1216 Auburn PI., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Carson, Richard Harold — 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Orrville, Ohio 

Caruso, Anthony— 1, 2 3182 W. 33rd St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Gary, Carolyn Joan— 1 Richmond Rd., Bedford, Ohio 

Case, Betsey Ann— 1, 2 864 Delaware St., Buffalo, New York 

Cathan, Hilda Jayne — 1, 2 Falls River Rd., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Cavanaugh, Dan James— 1, 2 56 Broad St., Akron, Ohio 

Cavanaugh, Ronald J, — 1, 2 56 Broad St., Akron, Ohio 

Celinscak, Kathleen Mercia — 1, 2 Empire, Ohio 

Cerin, Pauline Josephine — 1, 2 14014 Westropp Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Chacopulos, Mary Jane — 2 117 East Church St., Gallon, Ohio 

Chadwick, Marjorie H, — 1,2 R. D. No. 1, Kent. Ohio 

Chalmers, Thomas William — 1. 2 1336 Woodland Ave., Canton, Ohio 

Chamberlain, Carol Gertrude — 1, 2 2396 Sixth St„ Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Chamberlin, Arlene Ruth — 1, 2 2553 Edgerton Ave., Cleveland Hts., O, 

Champney, Betty Crampton — 1, 2 447 Cuyahoga St., Kent, Ohio 

Chandler, R. Marie — 1, 2 935 Stow St., Kent, Ohio 

Chapman, Edgar Hughes— 1, 2 2881 Hastings Rd., Silver Lake, Ohio 

Chapman, Jeanne Yvonne — 1 428 W. Findlay St., Carey, Ohio 

Chapman, Mae Elizabeth (Betty)— 1, 2.. 3828 Glenwood Rd., Cleve. Hts., O. 

Charles, Thomas Ansel — 1.2 453 Second St., New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Charles, Verne Elizabeth — 1, 2 715 Delaware Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Charters, Marcieile James — 1 , 2 Wiltiamsfield, Ohio 

Chase, Norman Gunn — I Reynolds Rd., Mentor, Ohio 

Chasek, Denis Frank— 1, 2 2165 W. 47th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Chatham, Gweneth May — I, 2 1621 Belle Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Chaykowski, Stella— 1, 2 Garrettsville, Ohio 

Chelovitz, Catherine Violet- 1, 2 R. No. 6, Box 468, Akron, Ohio 

Chesleski, Edward Joseph — I, 2 426 E. Marion St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Chigges, Gus John— 1, 2 503 W. Tuscarawas St., Barberton, Ohio 

Chiles, Robert Eugene — 1, 2 208 E. Main St., Columbus Grove, Ohio 

Chiverton, Alice Mae — I. 2 73 Syme St., Sharon, Pa. 

Chlysta, Charles— 1, 2 R. D, No. 1, Ravenna, Ohio 

Chovan, Daniel John — 1 51 Norwood St., Barberton, Ohio 

Christ, Rose Clara— I, 2 1360 Laffer Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Christian, Edward Denial — 1, 2 3117 Searsdale Ave,, Cleveland, Ohio 

Christian, Enola Evelyn — 1, 2 2473 Elmwood St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Christian, Rosalie Jane — I, 2 591 W. Main St., Geneva, Ohio 

Christian, Walter Harold— 1 612 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Christman, Ruth Carol— 1, 2 514 Cleveland St„ Elyria, Ohio 

Church, D. Ralph— 1, 2 New Milford, Ohio 

Church, Elizabeth Dake — I, 2 447 E. Kline St., Girard, Ohio 

Ciresi, Joseph John— 1. 2 3521 W. Boulevard St.. Cleveland, Ohio 

Claflin, Howard Burton — 1, 2 1763 14th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Clark, Carol Nan— 1, 2 1534 E, Market St., Warren, Ohio 

Clark, Charles E,— 1, 2 440 Slinaff St,, Kent, Ohio 

Clark, Eleanor Hinsdale — I. 2 305 S. Prospect St,, Kent, Ohio 

Clark, Eugene Nelson — 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Ravenna, Ohio 

Clark, Lester Regis — 1 Brecksville Rd., Brecksville, Ohio 

Clark, Margaret Louise— 1, 2 18022 Marcella St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Clark, Martha Jane— 1 ,2 Brilliant 

Clark, Richard Martin— 1, 2 440 Stinaff St., Kent! 

Clark, Robert James— 1, 2 222 Willow St., Kent, 

S'"'^ w"!^ "^"'s-' ■■;■■;■■„ Augusta, 

C ark, William Raymond— I, 2 Kent-Ravenna Rd., Kent 

C arke, Curtis Edwin— 1 4088 E. 78th St.. Cleveland 

C awson, Alice Jane— 1, 2 315 Church St., Louisville 

C ay, Virginia—l t^j^ Lakes, Kent 

C aypoole F. Jeanne— 1, 2 306 E. College St., Kent 

C ay on, Mary Ann— 1 2 R, F, D. No. 3, Ravenna! 

C ayton, William-I, 2 2166 E. 89th St., Cleveland, 

C emens. Merle Thomas— 1 2468 First St., Cuyahoga Falls 

C ements, Marion Dale— 2 208 East Williams St.. Kent 

C emmons, Beatrice Winter— 1, 2 545 S. Lincoln St., Kent' 

C emons, Velma— 2 10106 Quebec St., Cleveland' 

C eveland, Betty Jean— 1, 2 Brookfield 

Clewell, Beulah Spahlinger — I, 2 Hudson 

Coakley, Earl James— 1, 2 1320 Bunts Rd., ' Lakewood 

Cocita, Clara C— 1 15334 Yorick Ave., Cleveland 

Cockrell, Ruth- 1, 2 3375 Superior Drive, Cleveland Heights 

Coe, Margaret Ann— 1, 2 38 West Lucius Ave., Youngstown' 

Coia, Lois Noble— 2 161 Spruce St., Ravenna, 

Co e, Clarence P., Jr,— 1, 2 1220 Broadway, Bedford 

Cole, Kenneth F.— 1, 2 319 Portage Trail, W., Cuyahoga Falls 

Co e, Viola Lucille— 1 , 2 164 Henry St., Akron 

Colley, Barbara Elaine — 2 302 Woodard Ave , Kent 

Colley, Lois Virginia—l, 2 R. D. No. 9, Stahl Rd., Akron 

Collins, Betty June— 1, 2 11308 Clarebird Ave., Cleveland 

Collins, Jack Elwood— 1, 2 958 W. Main St., Kent 

Collins, William Alfred— I, 2 129 North Diamond St., Ravenna 

Combs, Betty Jane— I, 2 298 W. South St., Akron 

Compo, Gloria Frances— 1, 2 1418 Ardoon Rd., Cleveland Heights 

Condell, Joseph Edward — I 1843 Beersford Rd., East Cleveland' 

Cone, Richard Henry— 2 215 Main St., Perry, 

Cone Vernon Charles— 1, 2 Portis, Kansas 

Conkle, Perry Dean— 1 Box 292, Danville 

Conkle, Robert A.— 1 R. p. D., Danville 

Conlow, Mary Elizabeth— 1, 2 940 S. Liberty St., Alliance 

Conn, Betty Carolyn— 1, 2 1211 Chestnut St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Connolly, Thomas— 1 121 Simon Dr., Akron 

Conwell, Tom H.— 1 Main St., Gnadenhutten 

Cook, Eleanor Elizabeth — 2 R. F. D No. 6, Medina 

Cook, Fred— 1 R, D. No. 2. Kent, 

Cook, Marguerite E. — 1, 2 South Water St., Ext., Kent 

Cook, Marjorie Marie— 1, 2 1123 Walnut Blvd,, Ashtabula 

Cook, Robert Eugene — 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Kent 

Cook, Wilford Theodore — 1 217 S. DePeyster St.,' Kent 

Cooley, Treva Gwendolyn — 1, 2 Route No. 14, Streetsboro 

Cooper, Anita Lee— 1, 2 Springdale St., East Liverpool 

Cooper, Francis Marion— 1, 2 Stow Rd., Tallmadge, 

Cope, Alan Ellsworth— 1, 2 748 East Highland St., Ravenna 

Corbeau, Betty Jane — 1, 2 940 Nelaview Rd., Cleveland Heights 

Cordea, George, Jr.— 1, 2 693 Storer Ave., Akron 

Cornell, George W.— 1 West Jefferson St., Jefferson 

Cornwell, Robert Benjamin — 1, 2 305 Arch St., Akron 

Correll, Lorin Elton — 1, 2 Route No. 3, Canton 

Cortesi, Vincent Thomas — 1, 2 1538 10th St,, Cuyahoga Falls 

Cory, Mae Belle — 1 ,2 Diamond 

Cosby, Eileen Eleanor — 1. 2 416 Hillwood Drive. Akron 

Coscia, Joseph Vincent — 1 352 N. Howard St., Akron 

Cotton, Dale Amos — 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Lorain 

Coven, Betty Marie— 1, 2 1112 Sackett St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Coventry, James Alfred — I 2835 Hudson Dri,. Cuyahoga Falls 

Cowan, Paul Hiram — 2 R. D. No. I, Kent 

Cowan, Ruth Marion — 1, 2 R. D. No. 4, Ravenna 

Cowell, Jane Louise — 1, 2 7009 Clinton Ave., Cleveland 

Cowle, Charlotte Maude — 1, 2 12 Madison Ave., Painesville 

Cowles, Elisabeth Louise — 1, 2 77 Ricky River Dr,, Berea 

Cox, Alice Emily— 1, 2 338 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls 

Cox, Henry Stuart— 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 1, North Lima 

Coy, Edward (Ted) Alan — 2 2736 Third St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Crabbe, Marjorie Mary — 1, 2 1017 Bloomfield Ave,, Akron 

Cramer, Miriam Grace — I, 2 R, D. No, 2, Navarre 

Cranz, Louise Carolina — I R. D. No. 1, Barberton, 

Crawford, Fred— 1, 2 217 Harris St., Kent Oh 

Creamer, Richard Muhleman — 1 1361 E St., Lorain, Oh 

Crist, Steve— I, 2 205 15th St., Sebring, Oh 

Croakman, Monetta Ameera — 1, 2 3913 Muriel St,, Cleveland, Oh 

Crofoot, Frank Eugene — 1, 2 90 Lusard St., Painesville, Oh 

Cropley, William Dexter- 1, 2 421 I6th St., N. W., Canton, Oh: 

Crosbie, Merle Ruth— 1, 2 Route No. 2, Louisville, Oh 

Cross, Edwin Frederick — I, 2 133 King Drive, Stow, Oh 

Cross, Milton B,— I, 2 lOII North Howard St„ Akron, Oh: 

Crossen, Alberta Elizabeth— 1, .2 82 Outlook Drive, Tallmadge, Oh 

Crossen, John Cooper — I 82 Outlook Drive, Tallmadge, Oh 

Crolty, Robert Godfrey— 1, 2 607 Main St., Kent, Oh 

Crowell, Dorothy Adele — 1, 2 Angle Rd., Orchard Park, New Yo: 

Crutchfield, Mary Barnes— 1, 2 1783 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Culler, Dorothy May — 1 Route No. 5, Medina, 

Culler, Gaultine Naoma — 1, 2 Route No, 5, Medina 

Cully, Richard John — 1, 2 11 Jewett St., Akron 

Culver, Charles Ridgeway — 1 1014 Florida Ave,, Akron 

Culver, Robert Cloyd— 1, 2 Box 21, Monroe Falls 

Cunningham, Donald I. — 2 R, D. No. 1, Fredericksburg 

Cunningham, V/arner E, — 1 161 Clinton St,, Ravenna 

Curry, Edward A.— 2 1605 Preston Ave., Akron 

Curry, Margaret Juliann — 1, 2 1605 Preston Ave,, Akron 

Curtiss, Neil — 1 , 2 100 E. Main St.. Kent 

Czajkowski, Louis Frank— 1 343 W. Elm St., Kent 

Czuha. Michael — 1, 2 467 Loomis St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Daetwyler, Peggy Jo— 1, 2 507 Pauline Ct., Cuyahoga Falls, Oh 

Dailey, Patricia Anne — 1 1215 Woodland Ave., Warren, Oh 

Dally, Betty Mae— 1 , 2 1 186 Florida Ave,, Akron, Oh 

D'Amico, Arnold Carmen— 1, 2 245 Laird St., N. E., Warren, Oh: 

Daniels, Gerald C— I, 2 433 Water St., Chardon, Oh 

Danner, Alice Marie — 1, 2 1304 E, Tuscarawas, Canton, Oh: 

Danner, Maxine Annabelle — I, 2 1304 E. Tuscarawas, Canton, Oh 

Daprano, Lucille Marie— I, 2 2423 E. I3th St., Cleveland, Oh: 

Datesh, Aurelia — 1 1 81 4 Eighth St., N, E., Canton, Oh: 

Davidson, Norwood William — 1, 2 Gnadenhutten, Oh 

Davidson, Phyllis Aleene — 1 97 Creed St., Struthers, Oh 

Davies, Warren Lewis — 2 I72I Mulberry St., Scranton, Pi 

Davis, Hope May— 1, 2 21130 Edgecliff St., Euclid, Oh 

Davis, Jean Louise — 1, 2 920 Lincoln Dr,, Conneaut, 

Davis, John Lawrence — 1. 2 624 Vienna Ave., Niles 

Davis. Kenneth Charles— 1, 2 403 Norih DePeyster, Kent 

Davis, Kenneth Gregory — I 30 Marie Terrace, Akron, Oh 

Davis, Margaret Estelle — 1, 2 21130 Edgecliff Blvd., Euclid, Oh 

Davis, Philip Theiss — 1, 2 718 Lafayette Ave,, Ravenna, Oh: 

Davis, Phyllis June — 1, 2 1211 North River Ave,, Toronto, 

Davis, Robert Thornton — 1 Box 66, Phalanx Station 

Davis, Ruth— 1, 2 710 North 6th St„ Steubenville 

Davis, Sidney Alexander — 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 3, Ravenna, 

Davis, Thomas Loftus— 1, 2 12812 Thornhurst, Cleveland, 



IjJsi iBuUd ^h JomDhhDw 



Your Best Bet For A Reconditioned 

Used Car 




We Cater to Parties and Banquets 

Route 43 

Phone 4993 




We Don't Save Souls, But We Repair Them 

The Finest In 
Shoe Repairing 

Most Modern 
Equipment Used 

11%'^nrh imuurantfcti 

140 E. Main Si. Keni^ Ohi<» 









PHONE 3614 






W. W. Reed 

& i$on 

Established 1913 

Phone 5838 





Current Dividends 3H% 

Safety — Each Account Fully Insured Up To 
$5,000.00. Chartered and Supervised by the 
United States Government. 



141 East Main Street 

Phone 5838 Kent, Ohio 

Davis, Tom Michael— 1, 2 1635 EasI 66th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Dawson. Robert Gordon— 1, 2 2781 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Day, Ethel Mane— 1, 2 223 S. Walnut St.. Ravenna, Ohio 

Deal, Robert Windsor— 1, 2 12602 Thornhurst Ave., Cleveland. Ohio 

Dearth, H. Harrison— 1, 2 612 Lincoln Ave., Niles, Ohio 

DeChant, Mary Helen — 1, 2 408 E. Liberty St., Girard, Ohio 

Decker, William- ^1,2 530 Park St., Marion, Ohio 

Dedinsky, Edward James — 1 638 St. Leqer Ave.. Akron, Ohio 

Dedinsky, Wilham Richard— 1, 2 538 St. Leger Ave., Akron. Ohio 

DeEulis, Siverina Rose — 1 , 2 334 Central Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

DeFrieze, Mary Jane— 1, 2 928 Selwyn Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

DeGeorge, Bernice Dorothy— 1 22 West State St., Barberton, Ohio 

Degutis, Madalen Mary— 1, 2 503 North Franklin St., Alliance, Ohio 

Dehnbostel, Nellie Gwynne— 1, 2 178 Iddinas Ave., N. E., Warren, Ohio 

Deitle, Charles Maurice— 1 286 Black St., Akron, Ohic 

Dejute, James Anthony — 1,2 337 Robbins Ave., Niles, Ohio 

DeLaney, Helen— 1 903 Center St.. Ashland, Ohio 

DeLaney, Margaret Louise — 1, 2 Orchard Court, Mineral Ridge, Ohio 

DeLaney, Warren George— 1, 2 903 Center St., Ashland, Ohio 

DeLong, Richard Wayne — 1 Box 1 14, Tallmadge, Ohio 

DeLoss, Warren Herbert — 1 3791 E. Scarboro, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Delsantro, John Edward — 1, 2 32 Waldamere, Willoughby, Ohio 

DelVal, Michael Thomas— 1, 2 382 Midland Ave., Rye, N. Y. 

DeMass, Robert Merle — 2 R. D. No. 2, Wooster, Ohio 

DeMaltia, Fedora— 1, 2 435 South St., SteubenviUe, Ohio 

Deming, J. Roy — 1 Caniield, Ohio 

Deming, W. Ray — 1, 2 51 Fairview Ave., Caniield, Ohio 

Deneke. Lois Marie — 1, 2 SmithviUe. Ohio 

Dengel. Walter Martin— 1, 2 3273 W. 99th St.. Cleveland, Ohio 

Dennstedt. Frank John— 1, 2 13855 Clifton St.. Lakewood, Ohio 

Detty, James Norman — 1, 2 5843 Wellington, Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Deuschle, Kurt Walter— 1, 2 143 Cleveland St., Elyria, Ohio 

Deuvall, Dorothy Maxine---1, 2 48 W. Washington St.. Alliance, Ohio 

DeVegter, Rosemary Frances — 1 2054 Broadway, Toledo, Ohio 

Devine, Elwood Martin— 2 117 E. Oak St., Kent, Ohio 

Devine, Patricia Joan — 1, 2 64 Tenth St., Struthers, Ohio 

DeWalt, Maurice — 1 General Delivery, North Canton, Ohio 

De Young, John Jacob — 1, 2 R. D. No. 4, Wall St., Ravenna. Ohio 

Dial. Bertha Lois— 1, 2 Atwater, Ohio 

Dick, Virginia M. — 1, 2 Windham, Ohio 

Dickerson, Phyllis Mary — 1 Warner Hotel, Warren, Ohio 

Dickson, V/erner Kenneth — 1, 2 354 E. Crosiers, Akron, Ohio 

Diczhazy, Irma — 1 9529 Lamontier Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Diefenbach, Dons Mae — 1, 2 24 Elm St., Brecksville, Ohio 

Diefenbach. Jeanne EUen— 1, 2 24 Elm St., Brecksville, Ohio 

Dilgard, Jean Elizabeth— 1, 2 401 E. North St., Wooster, Ohio 

Diltz, Donnelly Richard— 1, 2 508 N. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Dinsmore, Elgie— 1 ,2 Greenford, Ohio 

Dinsmore, Harry C. — 1 610 Pioneer Ave., Kent, Ohio 

DiVencenzo, Mary Ellen — 1, 2 Route No. 2, Grafton, Ohio 

Doak, Jane Adeline — 1, 2 1348 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Dodd, Helen Virginia — 1, 2 4371 Lee Highway, Arlington, Va. 

Dodd. Phyllis Moore— 2 2420 N. Custis Rd., Arlington, Va. 

Dodds, Paul Rider — 1 , 2 Moqadore, Ohio 

Doehla, Howard Jackson — 1, 2 506 Louise Ave., Mansfield, Ohio 

Dolenc, Emily Anne— 1, 2 573 E. 140th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Domer, Sara Elizabeth — 1 , 2 Baltic, Ohio 

Domoracki, Joseph — 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Mantua, Ohio 

Donald, Dave— 1, 2 357 Grand Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Dornbusch, Margaret Catherine — 1, 2 Hillcrest Rd., Barnesville, Ohio 

Dorrance, Enid Lavon — 1 141 Lake St., Kent, Ohio 

Dougherty, Mary Kathryn — 1, 2 192 Shadyside Dr., Youngstown, Ohio 

Douglas, Bertha )ean--l, 2 Wayne Co. Trng. Sch., NorthviUe, Mich. 

Douglas, Lois Colleen— 1, 2 814 Bunker Hill Rd.. Ashtabula. Ohio 

Douglass, Eleanor Marie — 1, 2 1011 Vine St., Kent. Ohio 

Douglass. Esther Louise— 1, 2 1011 Vine St.. Kent, Ohio 

Douglass, Jean Elizabeth— 1, 2 1011 Vine St., Kent, Ohio 

Dowding, David Harper — 1, 2 724 22nd St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Downs, Edward Millard— 1 112 E. College St . Kent. Ohio 

Dragga, Charles— 1. 2 2360 E. 36th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Drake, Marion lacgueline— 1, 2 3361 Chalfant Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Dreger, Edwin Karl — 1, 2 Route No. 2, Brunswick, Ohio 

Drenkhan, Jeanne Louise — 1, 2 3522 W. 128th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Drews, Robert William— 1 700 Glendora Ave.. Akron, Ohio 

Drexel. William Allen — 1, 2 2644 Weybridge, Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Duck, Burton Joseph — 1, 2 North Bloomfield, Ohio 

Duff, Elizabeth Rowell— 1, 2 166 Columbus, Bedford, Ohio 

Duke, Ellen Sue— 2 226 N. DePeyster St., Kent, Ohio 

Duhn, Dale Eugene — 1 1 139 Berwin St., Akron, Ohio 

Dull. Rosella Louise — 1, 2 WiUshire, Ohio 

Duly, Anne— 1, 2 1039 Starkweather Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Dumych, Helen Dicky — 1, 2 Route No. 5, Medina. Ohio 

Dunbrook, Marilyn Jeanne — 1, 2 206 S. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Duncan, Dixie Lee — 1 ,2 Ostrander, Ohio 

Duncan, Elizabeth Crozier — 1, 2 Route No. 1, Medina, Ohio 

Duncan, Forrest Roy — 1, 2 539 E. Broadway, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Duncan, Jack Ray — 1, 2 539 E. Broadway, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Dundon, Roy Willard — 1, 2 685 South Prospect, Ravenna, Ohio 

Dunmire, Virginia Eleanor — 1, 2... 17922 Scoltsdale Blvd., Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Dunn, Joseph Ward — 2 35V2 North Valley St., Akron, Ohio 

Durbrow, George DeWitt— 1, 2 160 Elm Rd.. Stow, Ohio 

Dunvage, Arthur Alexie — 1, 2 90 New York St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Durkott, Helen Sandra— 2 3803 Bader St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Dusenberry, Doris Irene — 1, 2 246 Main St.. Clinton, Ohio 

Dutton, Robert E. Lee — 1, 2 123 Lyman St., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Duzy, Robert Harold— 1, 2 546 Eighth St., Struthers, Ohio 

Dwyer, Martha Emilee — 1, 2 2108 17th St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 


Eagan, Paul John -1, 2 1707 Scckett St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Earhart, Charles Edward— 1, 2 67 E. Church St., Newark, Ohio 

Eaton, Elizabeth — 1 270 W. Main St., Geneva, Ohio 

Ebel, George F.— 1, 2 230 16th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Edgerton, David Lowell — 1, 2 525 V7. Lincoln Way, Lisbon, Ohio 

Edixon, Margie Donna— 1, 2 1715 E. 44lh St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Edsall, Manorie Mead — 1, 2 43 Melrose Ave., East Orange, New Jersey 

Edwards, Donald Lewis — 1, 2.... 672 W. Tuscarawas Ave.. Barberton, Ohio 

Edwards, Dorothy Jane — 1 455 Carlysle, Newcomerstown, Ohio 

Edwards, James Jerome — 1, 2 227 Louisiana Ave., Lorain, Ohio 

Etchers, Bessie Margaret — 1 722 East Spruce St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Eichorn, Charles D.— 1 933 Linwood St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Eisenhauer, Richard Carl — 1, 2 Boys' Farm, Hudson, Ohio 

Ek, Edith Marie — 1, 2 1068 East Ave.. Akron, Ohio 

Eklund, Lars — 1, 2 76 Grand Ave.. Akron, Ohio 

Elliott, lerold Everitt- 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 3, Cortland, Ohio 

Ellis, Margaret Ellen — 1, 2 Route No. 2, Peninsula, Ohio 

Ellsworth, Dora Barbara — 1, 2 87 North Park, Buffalo, New York 

Ellsworth, Mrs. Frances Callender— 1, 2 33 Brown St., Hudson. Ohio 

Elsby, Mary Gertrude — 1, 2 Lake Lucerne, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Elton, Marianne Ruth — 1 7115 Marinthiana Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Elwood, Robert Mitchell — 1 498 Avalon Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Emerick, Donna Dean — 2 335 Woodard Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Epperson, Ruth Louise — 1, 2 730 Rolsh Ave., Massillon, Ohio 

Erfley, Elizabeth Anne — 1, 2 539 Ohio Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

Eriksson, Esther Margaret — 1, 2 256 E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Eriser, Robert James — 1, 2 1528 Eldor Ave,, Cleveland, Ohio 

Erlewine, Kathryn Evalena— 1, 2 R. D. No. 8, Box 241 A, Akron, Ohio 

Ernstmeyer, Mary Laurel— 1, 2 311 Florence, Bay Village, Ohio 

Erncson, Ruth Velma— 1, 2 1406 Franklin St., Cincinnati, Ohio 

Lrvin Bernard Edward— 1, 2 400 Monroe St., East Liverpool, Ohio 

tschbacher Jean E. -1, 2 6108 Kelsey Rd., Parma, Ohio 

Espmg, I. Mabel— 1, 2 3119 Idlewood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Ess, Mary Helen— 1, 2 206 Parkview Ave., Massillon, Ohio 

Lsselburn, Margaret Ellen— 1, 2 845 16th St., N. E., Massillon, Ohio 

Essig, Carl Fohl— 1, 2 1383 Crescent Rd„ S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Essig, Virginia Mas^^l, 2 3111 Dewey PL, S. W„ Canton, Ohio 

Estes, Emily Loraine— 1, 2 1684 Hampton Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Eubanks Marvin John— 1, 2 728 S. Eighth St., Hamilton, Ohio 

Evans, Elaine Helen— 1, 2 3628 W. 130 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Evans, Jean Frances— 1, 2.... 3805 Montevisia Dr., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Evans, K. Elaine-1, 2 R. D. No. 4, Lisbon, Ohio 

Evans, Richard Allan— 1, 2 1634 E, 45th St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Everett Elaine B.— 1, 2 514 Glendora Ave., Akron, Ohio 

tyre, Mabel Irene— 1, 2 360 Rockel Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Eyster, Charles Ulmer— 1, 2 Edison, Ohio 


Faber, Gloria Elains^l, 2 3136 Sebor Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

habian, Nicholas Steven— 1 32 Montgomery St,, Youngstown, Ohio 

Factor Beatrice Evelyn-1, 2 222 Cherry St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Fagert, Hazel Carolyn-1, 2 225 E. Graham Rd., Stow, Ohio 

tagley, Louise King-1 2 912 Grant Ave., New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Fairhurst, Thomas Wesley-2 2789 Sixth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Falkowski, Carole Ann— 1. 2 10805 Park Hts. Ave., Garfield Hts.. Ohio 

Fankhauser Marjone Elizabeth— 1, 2.. 218 S. St. Clair St., Painesvuie Ohio 

Farmer, ^ada Arlene-1, 2, R. F. D. No. 2, Leetonia, Ohio 

tarnsworth Viola Jeanne— 1, 2 609 N. Cedar St., Niles. Ohio 

harr, Roy Hubert— 1, 2 c, o Marshall Estate, Macedonia, Ohio 

tarns, Joseph lames— 1 1124 Fifth St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

1 arson Frances Marion— 2 2515 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Farwell Richard Walter-1 367 Spalding St., Akron, Ohio 

Fedor, Paul-1, 2 70 Charles St., Akron, Ohio 

Fedumak, Mike-1, 2 706 Morgan Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Fe cht, Shirley Jean-1, 2. Route No. 5, Salem, Ohio 

?! f f/ ""*f. ^'^y-\' 2 Negley Ohio 

Fe ler, Maxine Miriorn-l, 2 R. F. D. No. 1, Dundee, Ohio 

Fen h'f'J."'"' ^,-~^' ^-o 41''2 S. Union St., Akron, Ohio 

Fenchak Mary Eleanor— 2 55 Jay St., Newton Falls, Ohio 

Fenko, Edward Andrew— 1, 2 1538 Buhrer Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

f!^' M^'.t^^ ^?"^-'' 2 R. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Fenn, Matthev/ James— 1, 2 64 Union Ave.. Irvington, New Jersey 

Fenton Ruth Ailene-1, 2 Park Rd., Leavittsburg, Ohio 

Ferenchak, Emmy Margaret— 1, 2 59 Fairview, Campbell, Ohio 

Fergus, Vincent Joseph— 1 1645 Oak St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Ferguson, Adelbert Emil— 1 39 River St.. Willoughby, Ohio 

Ferguson, Virginia Louise— 1, 2.. 16717 Lakewood Hts., Blvd., Lakewood O 

Ferrini, Gmo Peter-1, 2 7818 Vineyard, Cleveland, Ohio 

Ferris, Frank Charles— 1 1124 Plain Ave., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

herns, Lorena lean— 1 451 par); Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Fe ty, Kenneth DaIton-1 427 Allyn St., Akron, Ohio 

Fetzer Norman Louis— 1 20 Harrison St., Bedford, Ohio 

?'i ' w?,''^ ^®/"' "'■ 2 1560 Arthur Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Fike, William Jacques— 1, 2 77 Belvidere Way, Akron, Ohio 

Filiatrault, joanne A. — 1 129 N. Prospect St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Findley, Bernice Hazel— 1 409 Birchwood St., Akron, Ohio 

Fink. Ralph Frederick— 2 551 Franklin Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Fmks, Eugene— 1 Rt. No. 1, Hudson Dr.. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Finnegan, John William— 1 274 Reed Ave., Marion, Ohio 

Finney, Robert William— 1, 2 778 E, I30th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Finney Irene Frances— 2 1572 Maiasia Rd., Akron, Ohio 

First, Marjone Elizabeth— 1 3095 W Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Fish, Elvina Rae—l, 2 27lh St., N. E., Massillon, Ohio 

Fisher, Oran V.— 1 R. D. No. 1 , Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Fisher, Sara Jane^l 2225 Winfield Way, N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Fites, Gilbert Garver-1, 2 Glenmont. Ohio 

Fitzgerald Helen- 1. 2 234 Highland Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

F eck. Wilbur Eugene- 1 528 Nahs St., Akron, Ohio 

F eder, Franklyn Eugene- 1, 2 13310 Rexwood St., Garfield Heights, Ohio 

Flinn, Fred Joseph— 1 2186 21st St.. S. W., Akron, Ohio 

Fludine Foster Joseph— 1, 2 204 S. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Fogle, Wilham DeWitt— 1 R. D. No. 1, Twin Lakes. Kent. Ohio 

Fo m, Bette Eva— 1, 2 119 S. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Fo lin, Dwight Cook— 2 119 s. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Foltin, Stephen— 1 637 E. 118th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Foote, Pauline Jane— 1, 2 881 Oakland St., Akron. Ohio 

Foote. Richard F.— 1, 2 218 N. DePeyster St.. Kent, Ohio 

Ford, Henry Osman— 1, 2 R, F. D., Rayland. Ohio 

Ford, Jean Marie— 2 4501 Outhwaite, Cleveland Ohio 

Forner, Marian Gladys— 1, 2 U. S. Coast Guard, Loram, Ohio 

Forsberg, Martha Elizabeth— 1, 2 800 Forest Ave., S. W., Canton Ohio 

Fortunate, Joseph— 1, 2 817 W. Norwood, Youngstown, Ohio 

Foster, Ruth Eleanore--!, 2 Rayland Ohio 

Fountain, Jeannette— 1, 2 3905 Station Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Fouse, Fred Russell— 1 588 Dayton St., Akron, Ohio 

Foust, Margaret Jant^-l, 2 105 S. Mantua St., Kent Ohio 

Fox, Genevieve Esther— 1, 2 Mogadore. Ohio 

Fox, Vincent L.— 1. 2 E. Satin St., Jefferson, Ohio 

Francis, LaVerne M.— 1, 2 780 Kenilworth S. E., Warren, Ohio 

Frank, Burt Carl— 1 ,2 562 E. Riddle St.. Ravenna. Ohio 

Frank, Ralph William— 1, 2 202 Penn Ave., Massillon Ohio 

Frase, Lenora Ma^- 1 , 2 28-24th St.. Barberton. Ohio 

Eraser, Robert Shannon— 1. 2 2592 Ashurst Rd., Cleveland Hts Ohio 

Frashure, Edith Ann^l, 2 29 Judson Rd., Masury Ohio 

Frashure, Jack— 1 29 Judson Rd., Masury, Ohio 

Freconna, John— 1 422 S. Mahoning, Alliance, Ohio 

Frell, Carmela Calabria— 1, 2 434 High St., Warren, Ohio 

Frell, Elizabeth Calabria- 2 434 High St., Warren Ohio 

French, Elfreda Loia— 1, 2 Route No. 2. Medina, Ohio 

Fnar, Clyde Luther— 1 , 2 Dillonvale Ohio 

Friedland, Elaine Pearl— 1, 2 215 S. DePeyster St.. Kent Ohio 

Fristoe. Marjone Evelyn— 1, 2 1295 Inglewood Dr., Cleveland Hts Ohio 

Frost, Bernard Earl— 1, 2 439 S. Meridian. Ravenna. Ohio 

Frye, Carolyn Mae -1, 2 13905 Castalia, Cleveland, Ohio 

Fugman, Harold William— 1 , 2 Aurora Station, Ohio 

Fuller, Frances Elizabeth— 1 121 Elm St., Hudson, Ohio 

Fuller, Phyllis Faye— 1, 2 Lodi, Ohio 

Fuller, Warren Earl— 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Brunswick. Ohio 

Fulmer, Frances Harriet— 1, 2 437 Grain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Furrer, John Harding— 1 R. D. No. 1, Rcrvenna, Ohio 


Gage, Vivian Estelle -1, 2 21060 Maplewood Ave.. Rocky River. Ohio 

Gaghardi, Angelo George— 1, 2 3397 E. 49th St., C'eveland. Ohio 

Gaher, Adelyn Cecilia— 1, 2 3596 Lee Rd., Cleveland. Ohio 

Gahzio, Helen Lucille — 1, 2 561 Talbot Ave.. Akron. Ohio 

Gallagher, Raymond Michael— 1, 2 6103 Franklin Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Gallagher, Robert Thomas— 1, 2 R. D. No. 8, Box 253 A, Akron, Ohio 

Gallivan, Vincent Edward — 1, 2.. 5486 Dalewood Ave.. Maple Heights. Ohio 

Galloway, Martha Louise — 1, 2.... 1207 Jennings Ave., East Liverpool, Ohio 

Galloway, Ruth Jane — 1, 2 Route No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Galpert, Nathan I.— 1 828 11th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Gambaccini, Serino — 1 339 Harris St., Kent. Ohio 

Gambino, Samuel Frank — 1 2850 Bradley Rd., Westlake, Ohio 


Ganas, James J.— 1 215 E. Third St., East Liverpool, Ohio 

Ganyard, Dale C— 1, 2 114 W, Kent Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Gard, Jean Caroline— 1, 2 1608 Ninth St., Lorain, Ohio 

Gardner, Gladys Ruth— 1, 2 147 Cram Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Garee, Jean— 1. 2 723 Spruce Ave., Ravenna. Ohio 

Garlitz, James Earl— 2 782 Ruth Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Garvey, Sister Mary Lorana— 2 St. Thomas Hospital, Akron, Ohio 

Gatts, Lowell Arden— 1, 2 Berlin Heights, Ohio 

Gatts, Marjorie Jayne— 1, 2 918 N. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Gavagan, Thomas Jerome— 1, 2 1164 Ansel Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Gaylord, Howard Raymond— 2 Route No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Geckler, Myrtle Grace — 1, 2 Zoar, Ohio 

Geitgey, Alvin James— 1, 2 501 Woodland Ave., Wooster, Ohio 

Gensler, Karl Edward— 1, 2 12411 Chesterfield Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Gerber, Dorothy Elizabeth — 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Oberlin Ohio 

Gerber, Warren Willis— 1, 2 871 S, Haines St., Alliance, Ohio 

Gerbench, John Barnes — 1. 2 2350 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Gerengher, Joseph Kurt— 1 2147 W. 45th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Getz, Shirley Hortense — 1 238 Whitney St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Gialehs, Dorothy— 1, 2 522 18th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Gialluca, Henry Nicholas— 1, 2 1821 Fourth St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Gibbons, James Edgar — 1, 2 1709 Chestnut Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Gick, Thelma Ellen— 1, 2 13925 Elm Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Glffels, Robert William— 1, 2 504 Avalon Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Gilford, George Washington — 1, 2 Strongsville, Ohio 

Gilbert, Beatrice Beth— 1, 2 880 S. Union St., Alliance, Ohio 

Gilbert, Florence Marie— 1, 2 739 Stow St., Kent, Ohio 

Gilbert, Marilyn Jane — 1, 2 429 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Gilbert, Roy L.— 1, 2 739 Stow St., Kent, Ohio 

Gilchrist, Mary Elinor— 1, 2 941 Boulevard St., Akron, Ohio 

Gilchrist, Shiela— 1, 2 S. O. M. Rd., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Gilcrest, Carol Frances — 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, HammondsviUe, Ohio 

Gilcrest, Margery Nell —1, 2 R. D. No. 2, HammondsviUe, Ohio 

Giles, Shirley Lee— 1, 2 617 Perry St., Massillon, Ohio 

Gillette, Katharine Johanna— 1 R. D. No. 1, Box 9, Lake St., Kent, Ohio 

Gilhes, William Henry— 1, 2 317 Illinois St., Lorain, Ohio 

Gillis, Herbert Russell— 1 482 Erie St., Barberton, Ohio 

Gingrich, Raymond Eugene — 1 430 Stetler Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Glass, George Wayne — 1, 2 456 S. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Glass, Miriam Elliott- 1, 2 456 S. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Glassco, Georgia Luetta — 2 441 E. Market St., Warren, Ohio 

Glenn, Jeanne Anne — 1 1433 Northland Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Glenn, Ray Frazier- 1, 2 413 Celtic St., Akron, Ohio 

Gloss, Stanley Charles— 1, 2 912 Forest Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Glover, Wanda Mane— 1, 2 132 S. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Gluhank, Armella Mary— 1, 2 1775 East 36th St., Lorain, Ohio 

Gluck, Bert Murray— 1, 2 160 W. 106 St., New York, N. Y. 

Godfrey, Juanita Suzanne — 1 Mentor Ave., Painesville, Ohio 

Godges, Harry Frank- -1 Windham, Ohio 

Goerke, Vera Rosemarie— 1, 2 304 E. 149th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Goldie, Virginia Nancy — 1, 2 264 Kenilworth Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Goldman, Irm.a— 1 2240 West 93rd St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Goldsmith, William C— 1, 2 1459 Fourth Ave., New Brighton, Pa. 

Gombert, Elsiemae — 1, 2 425 E. College Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Gombita, Elmer Paul— 1, 2 1710 Oak St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Good, Janet Audrey— 1, 2 232 Hartwell Rd., Buffalo, New York 

Goode, Frances Mary— 1, 2 3633 TuUamore Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Goode, Thomas— 1 251 Dodge St., Kent, Ohio 

Goodwin, Frank Leroy — 1 R. D. No. 2, Medina, Ohio 

Gordon, James Yarnell— 1, 2 1395 Girard St., Akron, Ohio 

Gordon, Martin E. — 1, 2 162 Westwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Gordon, Sam— 1, 2 421 Bishop St., Akron, Ohio 

Gordon, Wesley James — 1, 2 1848 Torbenson Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 

Gorham, Lewis — 1 , 2 452 Crain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Gorhch, Elizabeth Helen— 1, 2 4217 Buckley Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Gossett, James McKinley — 1, 2 Jones Ave., Brady Lake, Ohio 

Grable, Gretchen Marie— 1, 2. . . .3199 S. Moreland St., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Grabowsky, Mildred Elaine— 1, 2 3300 Sixth St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Graham, George Oliver — 1, 2 414 Noah St., Akron, Ohio 

Graham, Patricia Connor — 1, 2 1153 Herberich Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Granquist, Marian Arline — 1, 2 1719 Burgess Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Granata, Anthony Francis — 1 64 Vesper St., Akron, Ohio 

Graves, Harry H.— 1, 2 985 Bailey Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Gray, Doris I.— 1, 2 417 Myrtle St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Gray, Irene Iane--1, 2 2451 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Gray, Norma Eileen— 1, 2 360 N. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Gray, Wilma Betty— I, 2 2324 Ilth St., Akron, Ohio 

Green, Jane Louise -1 419 Mill St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Greenamyer, Adelbert Charles — 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Salem, Ohio 

Greenbaum, Stella Ruth — 1, 2 68 Antles Ave., Barberton, Ohio 

Greenisen, Lorefta Jeanette — 1, 2 1117 Cleveland St., Salem, Ohio 

Greenlees, Carol Jean — 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 4, Alliance, Ohio 

Greenwood, Dorothy Olivia — 1, 2 11705 Imperial Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Greenwood, Ruth Ann — 1, 2 554 Ninth St., Lorain, Ohio 

Gregory, Dons J.— 1, 2 127 Elm St., Stow, Ohio 

Gregory, Helen— 1, 2 127 Elm St., Stow, Ohio 

Gregory, Howard Merle- 1, 2 R. No. 8, Box 204, Tallmadge, Ohio 

Gresham, Virginia M. — 1 46 Columbus St., Bedford, Ohio 

Griffey, Donald Morton— 1, 2 403 Broad St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Griffin, James Joseph— 1, 2 118 W. Glendale, Bedford, Ohio 

Griffin, Romano Eileen — 1, 2 344 Crestwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Griggy, Carl Edward— 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Grimm, Frank Kenneth — 1 7004 Market St., Youngstov^n, Ohio 

Grnach, Milan Joseph— 1, 2 1640 Bank PL, S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Grooms, Jack Walter— 1, 2 R. D. No. 4, Salem, Ohio 

Gross, John Joseph — 1, 2 8818 Union Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Grossenbacher, Inez Leibforth — 1, 2 849 Bertha Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Grove, Mrs. Jean— 2 522 Park Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Grunder, Lucille Kathryn— 1, 2 928 Bachert Ct., Canton, Ohio 

Gue, Berntce Mae — 2 46 Stewart St., Struthers, Ohio 

Guht, Carol Kay— 1, 2 1422 26th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Guinter, Richard Owen — 1, 2 7 South, Berlin Heights, Ohio 

Guisev/ite, Bill Lee — 1, 2 4407 Howard St., Youngstov^n, Ohio 

Guiss, Jean Ellen— 1, 2 109 E. Cornelia St., Hicksville, Ohio 

Gump, Bernadette A.— 1 212 N. DePeyster St., Kent, Ohio 

Guy, Pauline Kathryn — 1, 2..R. D. No. 2, Northampton, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 


Haas, Clair Eugene — 1 Mantua, Ohio 

Haas, Donald Lee — 1, 2 Fifth St., Strasburg, Ohio 

Haberkost, Ruth Ellen— 1, 2 1119 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Habmc, Emily Bertha— 1, 2 542 E. 185th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hacha, Jo Ann— 1, 2 2131 Walnut Blvd., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Hadsell, Mary Elizabeth— 1, 2 1575 Eighth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hafer, Paul Egan — 1, 2 533 E. Cambridge St., Alliance, Ohio 

Hagaman, Richard Charles — 1, 2 Tallmadge, Ohio 

Hagan, Constance Eleanor — 1, 2 297 Rye Beach Ave., Rye, New York 

Haglund, Mrs. Wayne Anderson— 1, 2.. 3059 Windsor PL, S. W., Canton, O. 

Hague, Duane — 1, 2 1370 Meriline Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hahn, Elaine — 2 610 Mistletoe Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Hahn, Kathryn Eileen— 1 , 2 511 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Hahn, Phyllis Louise — 1, 2 Paw Paw Lake, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Haines, Mary Elizabeth— 1, 2 2437 Ninth St., N. W., Canton. Ohio 

Hainei, Walter Charles— 1, 2 156 Hudson Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Hakundy, Arline Johanna — 1, 2 74 Merchants Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Hale, Evangeline Louise — 1, 2 94 Fenton St., Mogadore, Ohio 

Hale, Jean Ruth— 1, 2 160 Carmel St., Buffalo, New York 

Hale, John Fred— 1 2412 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hale, Maynard George— 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 1, Mentor Ohio 

Haley Frances Arlene— 1, 2 Creston, Ohio 

Ha , John William--! 2938 Hastings Rd., Silver Lake, Ohio 

Ha , Marian Evelyn— 1, 2 Cook Rd.. North Olmsted, Ohio 

Ha , Mary Anna-1 2 Kitts Hill, Ohio 

Ha , Mary Ehzabeth--1, 2 824 Douglas St., Akron, Ohio 

Ha enbeck, Mrs. Martha W.— 1 202 N. River St., Kent, Ohio 

Ha ler, Oscar Franklin— 1, 2 Royalton Rd., Brecksville, Ohio 

Halsey, George Henry— 1 Copley Ohio 

Haluska, Beth Mary-1 2 R. F. D. No. 2, Burton! Ohio 

Hami on, Dorothy M.— 1, 2 Route No. 2, Jefferson, Ohio 

Hamilton Gladys Marion— 1. 2 Jefferson, Ohio 

Hammock J. Alan— 1, 2 1721 Seventh St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hammel, Ruth Catherine— 1, 2 2106 13th St., Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 

Hammond, Vernon Kay— 1, 2 2333 11th St., Akron, Ohio 

Hanan, Joyce Jane-1, 2 2195 Valley View, Rocky River, Ohio 

Hancock, Clifford Thomas— 1, 2.. 1812 Anderson Blvd., East Liverpool Ohio 

Hand, E Jane— 1, 2 1229 Summit St., Lakewood, Ohio 

Hanna Jane Eleanor— 1 1839 William St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hanzel erome Richard— 1, 2 118 Bane, Newton Falls, Ohio 

Happoldt, Jeanriette Laura--1 , 2 1501 Thornapple Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Hardman, Jewell Fern— , 2 Route No. 7, North Canton, Ohio 

Hardy, Robert Eugene— 1, 2 127 S. Pearl St., Kent, Ohio 

Har an, Jean Eileen-1, 2 213 Grant St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Harlan, Warren Clinton— 1, 2 213 Grant St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Harmon, Bet y Lynn— 1 . 4502 Torrington, Parma, Ohio 

Harper, Martha Elizabeth-1. 2 411 Washington St., Niles, Ohio 

Harper, TotsyeLouise~l 2... 583 Plum Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Harrington, William Arthur-1 Strongville, Ohio 

Harris, Dorothy Hazel— 1, 2 942 Oxford Blvd., Steubenville, Ohio 

Harris, G. Bernie— , 2 1161 Woodward Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Harris, J Dona d— 1 ■■-..... 37 Centervale Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Hams, Janet Elizabeth--1 2 620 Cram Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Hams, Thomas Koch-1 2 620 Grain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

2°"u ' .V iL T I°"''^,r^' 2 R. D. No. 4, South Akron, Ohio 

Harsh, Mildred Ann-2. . P. O. Box 126, Kent, Ohio 

Harsha Alice Juanita— 1, 2 1945 Pilgrim PL, Akron, Ohio 

Har , Glen Vernon— 1 2 1067 Big Falls Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Hart, Joan Alice— 1, 2 309 S. Market St., Minerva, Ohio 

u° ,' It , .'■ ^- ■, 217 W. High St., Hicksville, Ohio 

Har , Shirley Ann-1 . . 123 N. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Harter, Phyllis May--1 2 104 Mam St., Clinton, Ohio 

Hartman, Robert Malcolm— 1, 2. . .1868 Rosalind Ave., East Cleveland Ohio 

Hartt Mariorie Jean— 1, 2 1318 Perry Ave., East Liverpool Ohio 

Hatch Harlan Seely— 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 4, Warren, Ohio 

Haught, The ma Lovernah— 1, 2 971 McKinley Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Hausrath Ellen Mane— 1, 2 13406 Rugby Rd., Cleveland Ohio 

Havens Gwenn Erlynn— 2 6610 Laverne Ave., Parma Ohio 

Havis, Franklin Eaton— 1 824 Harriet St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Hawk, Dale Jay— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Strasburg, Ohio 

Hawk, Dale Lester— 1, 2 237 Para Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Hawk, Lulu Mae— 1, ^ R. R^ No. 1, Mogadore, Ohio 

Hawley, Donald W.— 1, 2 227 S. Canal St., Newton Falls Ohio 

Hawsman Russ F.— 1, 2 404 E. Hopocan, Barberton, Ohio 

Hayman Marvin S.— 1, 2 3751 Oakwood PL, Riverside, Cal 

Hayne, Clementine— 2 Akron Rd., Wadsworth Ohio 

Hays, Mary Ellen— 1, 2 3223 W. 100th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hazen, Mary Elizabeth— 1, 2 1217 Columbus Ave., Sandusky Ohio 

Hazlett, Verda Louise— 1. 2 1 E. Main St., Salineville Ohio 

Hazlett, William Kerr— 1 81 Moffat Place, Akron Ohio 

Heaphey, Mary Jane— 1, 2 Third St., Brilliant, Ohio 

Heasley, Betty S.— 1, 2 436 Page St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Heckman, Audrey Lillian— 1, 2 1416 Lewis Dr., Lakewood Ohio 

Heflinger, Norma Janet— 1, 2 630 S. Park Ave., Fremont, Ohio 

Heichel, Vernon Glenn— 1, 2 445 W. Grant St., Kent, Ohio 

Heifner, Lucille Kathleen — 1. 2 Sullivan Ohio 

Heighberger, Robert N.— 2 Sharon Center! Ohio 

Hein, Robert William- 1, 2 3943 E. 131 St., Cleveland Ohio 

Heinz, Helen E.— 1, 2 11702 Rutland Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Held, Jean Faye— 1, 2 936 Thirty-Second St., Massillon Ohio 

Heller, Harold Richard— 1, 2 2067 27th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hellman, Donald August— 1, 2 1217 Market St., Meadville, Pa. 

Helman, Robert Jay— 1, 2 197 E. Kent Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Helsel, Elizabeth Geraldine — 1, 2.1521 Lansdowne Blvd., Youngstown Ohio 

Helvie, Dwight Theodore— 2 1747 College St., Huntington, Indiana 

Henderson, Alice Rebecca — 1, 2.... 13425 Shaw Ave., East Cleveland, Ohio 

Henderson, Richard Ward — 1, 2 146 Oakwood St., Ravenna Ohio 

Hendricks, Frank J.- -1, 2 421 E. Summit St., Kent, Ohio 

Hendricks, Marguerite Yvonne — 1, 2 7904 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Henry, Bob G. — 1, 2 1522 Larchmont Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Henry, Joel B.— 1, 2 1736 Pilgrim Place, Akron, Ohio 

Henry, William Paul- -1, 2 4208 Hunsicker Dr., S. Akron, Ohio 

Herbst, Betty Mary--1, 2 431 McKinley Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Hershkowitz, Harold Arnold— 1, 2 701 E. 180 St., The Bronx, New York 

Herrick, Mary Jane — 1 623 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hersman, Warren S. — 2 259 Oakdale Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Herzog, Elizabeth— 1, 2 1932 Ninth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hess, David Lee— 2 Box 256, Amsterdam, Ohio 

Hettinger, Judith— 1 , 2 Bank St., Ext., Painesville, Ohio 

Heupel, Luella Dorothy — 1. 2 Mogadore, Ohio 

Hewitt, D. James— 1, 2 1047 Bunker Hill Rd., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Heyl, Phyllis A.--1, 2 Route No. 2, Box 232, Kent, Ohio 

Hickey, James E.— 1, 2 Box 331 Route No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Hickman, Esther Lee— 1, 2 128 Sixth St., Barberton, Ohio 

Hicks, Betty lo— 1, 2 1374 Coventry St., Akron. Ohio 

Higgins, Jane Virginia — 1, 2 1208 East High St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Higgins, Robert Francis — 1, 2 1208 East High St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Hilbig, Thelma Louise — 2 2019 Weston St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Hill, Frank Grant— 1 873 Bryce Rd., Kent, Ohio 

Hill, Laura Elsie — 1, 2 417 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Hill, R. Leonard--!, 2 336 Broadway, Bedford, Ohio 

Hill, Renford Lloyd— 1 , 2 1 206 Marcy St., Akron, Ohio 

Hill, Robert Lucius— 1, 2 Route No. 2, Penn Yan, New York 

Hill, Russell Lloyd— 2 336 Broadway, Bedford, Ohio 

Hillary, Carl Allan— 1 136'/? Oregon St., Sebring, Ohio 

Hilsinger, Myra Elizabeth— 1, 2... 2133 Highbridge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Hine, Marjorie -1, 2 23 Castle Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Hines, Metta Virginia — 1, 2 Route No. 3, West Salem, Ohio 

Hirt, Harold Kessler— 1, 2 430 Woodard Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Hite, Lorain -1 907 Garfield St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Hodge, Bill Grange — ! 5115 Oakmont Dr., South Euclid, Ohio 

Hodgson, Dorothy Elizabeth— 1. 2 100 S. Main St.. Chagrin Falls. Ohio 

Hofer, Rosemary — 1, 2 Route No. 2, Ada, Ohio 

Hoffman, Gertrude Jean — 1. 2 569 Weber Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Hoffman, Mary Ellen— 1, 2 122 Carpenter St., Wellington, Ohio 

Hoffmeyer, June Elaine — 1, 2 21 Mayiield Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Hogan, Ann Marie — 1, 2 728 Woodlawn Rd., Steubenville, Ohio 

Hogue, Robert Marion — 1, 2 Cliestnut St., Jefferson, Ohio 

Hole, Barbara Alice— 1, 2 1523 E. Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 

Holkko, Elma Antoinette— 1, 2 992 Buffalo St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Holland, Donald Robert— 1, 2 1519 Mentor Ave., Mentor, Ohio 

Hollelt, John Bethel— 1, 2 810 Washington St., Lorain, Ohio 

Holman, Kathryn Ann— 1, 2 18311 Lomond Blvd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Holmes Brian W. — 1. 2 615 Hudson Rd., Stow, Ohio 


With the Best Wishes of- 


Supplying the needs of the Faculty and Students at 


To K.S.U. Graduates 

and Undergrads . . . 

Thanks for 



It has been c 

[ genuine pleasure 

to serve the students of K.S.U. 


In Our Pharmaceutical Department a 
Registered Pharmacist Is On Duty at All 
Times For Your Service and Protection 




Holmes, Dorothy M. — 1, 2 9701 Easton Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Holmes, Emma Catherine — 1, 2 Route No. 3, Box 325, Kent, Ohio 

Holms, Walter 1—1, 2 815 Grant Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Homan, Marian Elaine — 1, 2 1224 18lh St., N. £., Canton, Ohio 

Hook, Margie AHce — 1, 2 1638 17th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Hoover, Frances Kathryn — 2 527 Moreley Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Hoover, Harry Allen — 1 195 Indianola Rd., Youngstown, Ohio 

Hope, S. Lee — 1, 2 703 W. Jackson St., Painesville, Ohio 

Hoplinson, Caryl Ann — 1, 2 338 E. Main, North Adams, Mass. 

Horbaly, William— 1, 2 4067 E. 147 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Horton, Charles C— 1, 2 125 W. Third St., East Liverpool, Ohio 

Horton, Margaret Elizabeth — 1, 2 Rootstown, Ohio 

Horton, Yvonne — 1, 2 1418 Homer St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Hosfeld, Marjorie G. — 1, 2 Fredericksburg, Ohio 

Hosfield, Jacqueline Belle — 1, 2 121 W. Graham Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Hoskins, Doris Aleene — 1, 2 512 Wilber PL, N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Hoskins, LeRoy — 1, 2 162 Gariield, Youngstown, Ohio 

Hosteller, Dale — 1 , 2 Sugarcreek, Ohio 

Houglon, Dale E.— 1, 2 226 N. Pardee St., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Houser, Robert Albert — 1, 2 1265 Marlowe Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Howard, Joseph Wright — 1 145 Mope Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Howard, Mary Louise — 1, 2 2224 East Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Howell, Arline Louise— 1, 2 170 Monroe Falls Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Hrabko, Louis J.— 1 11904 Forest Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hromyak, Kathryn Louise — 1, 2 955 S. Irvine Ave., Sharon, Ohio 

Hudak, Michael— 1 2263 Fifth St., Akron, Ohio 

Hudak, Theodore Francis— 1 415 W. 32nd St., Lorain, Ohio 

Hudec, Wilham Elmer- 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, East Center Rd., Canton, Ohio 

Hudson, Lyman Ivan — 1 301 W. Line St., Minerva, Ohio 

Huffman, Dora Emily— 1, 2 339 15th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Hughes, Dorothy Carrie — 1, 2 3963 E. 153 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hughes, Robert Wesley — 1, 2 351 Garfield St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Hulbert, Margaret Eileen— 1 202 S. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Hulbert, Mary Arline — 1 202 S. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Hull, Dorothy Bailey — 1, 2 Route No. 1, Bucyrus, Ohio 

Hull, Herbert Donald— 1, 2 37 Franklin St., Akron, Ohio 

Hullis, Bessie G.— 1, 2 252 Sheffield Ave., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Hultberg, Dorothy Louise — 1, 2 1114 Avon St., Akron. Ohio 

Humphrey, Dorothy Jean — 1, 2 53 Cummmgs Ave., Geneva, O. 

Humphrey, Helen Louise — 1, 2 Homeworth, Ohio 

Humphries, Bruce Atkinson — 1, 2 Novelty, Ohio 

Hungerford, Jecm — 1, 2 Box 2643 Firestone Station, Akron, Ohio 

Hunsicker, George Arthur— 1, 2 2208 24th St., Akron, Ohio 

Hunt, C. Irene — I, 2 Port Washington, Ohio 

Hunt, Marge Adele — 1, 2 567 Sunset View Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Hunt, Mildred Carolyn— 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 2, Uniontown, Ohio 

Hunter, Lillian Luoile — 1, 2 R.D. No. 2, Loudonville, Ohio 

Hurley, Richard Louis--l 2657 Oak Park Blvd., Cuyhoga Falls, Ohio 

Hutchins, Kathern lone — 1, 2 402 E. Maple St., North Canton, Ohio 

Hutson, Martha Jane— 1 119 E. Ninth St., Uhrichsville, Ohio 

Hutchison, Allan Clarence — 2 1935 S. Sixth St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Hutton, Georgia Marian — 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 5, Medina, Ohio 

Huxtable, Robert Kenneth— 1 10007 Gaylord, Cleveland, Ohio 

Hyre, Marjorie Ann — 1, 2 1540 Spring Garden Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Imobersteg, Elma A. — 1 , 2 Beloit, Ohio 

Incorvaia, Joe Vincent — 1, 2 12213 Buckingham St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ingham, Mary Elizabeth— 1 201 Grain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Ingraham, Betty Jane — 1, 2 Diamond, Ohio 

Ipacs, Lenke — 1, 2 9428 Buckeye, Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Irmiter, Ted Ferer— 1, 2 447 Park Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Irvin, Richard Carter— 1, 2 195 W. Market St., Akron, Ohio 

Irwin, Jeanette Hazel— 1, 2 R.D. No. 3, Middlefield, Ohio 

Isaman, Donald Edgar — 1, 2 327 Auburndale St., Youngstown, O. 

Israel, Louise Jane — 1 , 2 Beloit, Ohio 


Jackman, Ann Berkley — 1, 2 Mentor Headlands, Painesville, Ohio 

Jackshaw, Walter Edward— 2 812 E. 155th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Jackson Grady — 1, 2 2033 Cornell St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Jackson, lames— 1, 2 2033 Cornell St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Jackson, Norma M. — 1, 2 27 Meigs Ave., Grand River, Ohio 

Jacobs, Gladys Rose — 1, 2 B204 Beman Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Jacobs, Jeanne Clare — 1, 2 187 Kenilworth N. E., Warren, Ohio 

Jacobs, Mildred Leona— 1, 2 167 23rd St., S. E., MassiUon, Ohio 

Jacoby, Bernard — 1 1815 Oakdcle Ave., Lorain, Ohio 

Jacot, Marjorie Ella — 1, 2 Copley, Ohio 

James, A. Eileen— 1, 2 312 Maple Ave., Niles, Ohio 

James, Charles Garner — 1, 2 207 Georgia Ave., Lorain, Ohio 

James, Leotta Louise— 1, 2 3642 Neilson Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Jamison, Eleanor Elizabeth — 1, 2 S. Myers Rd., Geneva, Ohio 

Jeckel, Lois Jane— 1, 2 2994 W. 32nd St., Cleveland, Ohio 

lefts, PrisciUa Louise — 1, 2 103 Pearl St., Melrose, Mass. 

ielinek, Margery — 1, 2 11210 Langton Ave., Garfield Heights, Ohio 

Jenkins, Everett Clark — 1, 2 98 McNaughton St., Akron, Ohio 

Jenkins, Robert Thomas — 1 331 N. Tuscarawas St., Dover, O. 

Jenkins, Thomas William — 1, 2 63 S. Hazelwood St., Youngstown, O. 

Jicha, Stephie Rose — 1, 2 10414 Union Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Johns, Kathryn Mae— I, 2 2420 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Johnson, Arthur William— 1, 2 710 S. Woods Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Johnson, Bette Louise — 1, 2 233 Hawk Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Johnson, Chris Albert— 1, 2 454 Robbins Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Johnson, Dona B.— 1, 2 821 Bryce Rd., Kent, Ohio 

Johnson, Floyd Walter — 1 1811 Bellflower St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Johnson, Horace Christopher — 1, 2 7708 Kinsman, Cleveland, Ohio 

Johnson, Marjorie Lucille — 1, 2 2821 lllh St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Johnson, Richard Edmund— 1, 2 2217 W. 100th St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Johnson Samuel — 2 12805 Imperial Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Johnson, Tom Code— 1, 2 1908 W. 71st., Cleveland, Ohio 

Johnston, Jeanne Marie— 1, 2 161 S. Balch St., Akron, Ohio 

Johnston, Pauline Mary— 1, 2 3307 E. 126 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Jones, Betty E.— 1, 2 711 Rokeby Rd., Willoughby, Ohio 

Jones, Blanch Ann— 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 2, Highland Dr., Hudson, Ohio 

Jones, Esme Amelia— 2 3300 E. 93rd St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Jones, James Edward— 1 Brookfield, Ohio 

Jones, Joseph J.— 1 4136 E. 114 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Jones, Louise S.— 1, 2 19985 Westover Ave., Rocky River, Ohio 

Jones, Marilyn Margart— 1, 2 First St., N. E., Massillon, Ohio 

Jones, Robert Carl— 1, 2 223 E. Summit St., Kent, Ohio 

Jones, Robert Griffith — 1 318 Kentucky St., Lorain, Ohio 

Jones Robert Thomas — 1, 2 13801 North Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 

Jones! Robert William— 1, 2 208 7th St., Barberton, Ohio 

Jones, William Earnest— 1 1270 Kentucky Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Joseph, Ernest Wendell — 1 2874 Woodbury Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 


Kaehne, Ethel Elizabeth— 1 268 King St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Kahszewski, Helen Marie— 1, 2 12709 Christine Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Kaminski, Arthur Jo^-1 302 W. Elm St., Kent, Ohio 

Kominski, Edward Francis— 1 302 W. Elm St., Kent, Ohio 

Kaminski, Genevieve Estelle— 1, 2 302 W. Elm St., Kent, Ohio 

Kane Tom Henry — 1 1320 Second St., Lorain, Ohio 

Kapp' Annetta Lillian— 1, 2 2217 East 78th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Karakul, Victor— 1, 2 2666 E. 37th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Karas, Milan Richard — 1, 2 1214 Manning, Youngstown, Ohio 

Karipides, Ruby — 1, 2 1327 Ohio Ave., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Karnosh, Eileen Mae — 1, 2... Second St., DiUonvale, Ohio 

Karnosh Jayne — 1, 2 3296 Lansmere Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Kato, Louise Elizabeth— I, 2 27951 Euclid Ave., Euclid, Ohio 

Katrick, Antone Charles — 1, 2 315 E. 25th St., Lorain, Ohio 

Kauvar, Jack — 1 688 S. Broadway, Geneva, Ohio 

Kazimer, William James — 1, 2 136 Church St., Newton Falls, Ohio 

Kearns, Dorothy Alice — 1, 2 2028 West Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Keeqan, Mary Jane — 1, 2 1820 Lampson Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Keith, Margaret Marie — 1, 2 1817 Noble Rd., No. 3, E. Cleveland, O 

Keith, Robin— 1, 2 R. No. 6, Box 252, Akron, Ohio 

Keller, Betty Joan — 1, 2 R. No. 1, Massillion, Ohio 

Keilerman, William Earl— 1, 2 418 Frazier St., Akron, Ohio 

Kelley, Donald William— 1, 2 94 Porter St., Melrose, Mass. 

Kelly, Hazel— 1, 2 Edison, Ohio 

Kelly, John Thomas — 1, 2 1416 Maile Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Kemp, Donald Robert — 1, 2 315 Harmon St., Warren, Ohio 

Kemp, Marguerite Katherine — 1, 2 214 15th St., N. W., Canton, O. 

Kemp, Orrville Story— 1, 2 555 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Kemper, Joseph Francis — 1, 2 313 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Kenyon, Robert S.— 1, 2 741 S. Main St., Orrville, Ohio 

Kepler, William Bernard — 1 Manchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Keplinger, Florence Ellen — 1, 2 R. R. No. 1, Dover, Ohio 

Kepner, Henry Paul — 1, 2 Nutwood, Ohio 

Kepner, Kathleen Ella— 1, 2 686 Princeton Blvd., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Kepner, David Nye— 2 125 Orchard St., Newton Falls, Ohio 

Kerckhoff, Alan Chester— 2 Centerridge Rd., Westlake, Ohio 

Kerckhoff, Richard Karl— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Westlake, Ohio 

Kerr, William Gregg— 2 R.F.D., Medina, Ohio 

Kerrigan, Warren Joseph — 1, 2 814 E. Center St., Marion, Ohio 

Kesselring, Boyd Charles — 1 1529 Triplett Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Kester, Ben Ellis— 1, 2 358 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Kester, Jean— 1 358 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Kester, Mary Wilhelmina — 1, 2 328 Noah Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ketchy, George — 1, 2 56 Chapman St., Jamestown, New York 

Keyser, Frances Lorene — 1, 2 1464 Hollywood Ave., Warren, O. 

Kieselbach, Edwin Carl— 1, 2 532 E. Highland St., Ravenna, O. 

Kilbourne, Richard A.— 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Kilby, Harry Robert— 1, 2 906 School St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

KiUgrove, Joe Darrell — 1 Hartville, Ohio 

Kime, Dorothy Lucille— 1, 2 R.D. No. I, North Fairfield, Ohio 

Kimmick, Eugene Mathew — 2 10613 Joan Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Kincaid, Margaret Ruth — 1, 2 4201 Main St., EggertsviUe, New York 

Kinder, Robert Theodore— 1, 2 632 S. DePeyster St., Kent, Ohio 

King, Kathleen Lucille — 1, 2 989 Greenwood Ave., Akron, O. 

Kirk, John E. — 1, 2 129 Arlington, North Canton, Ohio 

Kitchinqman, Roloert Ray — 1, 2 105 Byers Ave., Akron Ohio 

Klein C. Robert— 1, 2 Findlay Rd., Tiffin, Ohio 

Klein, Erwin John— 1, 2 401 Hyde St., Niles, Ohio 

Klein, Jack— 1, 2 Box 137, New Waterford, Ohio 

Kleir, Virginia Mae — 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 2, Jefferson, Ohio 

Kline, James Eugene— 1, 2 311 S. Water St., Kent, Ohio 

Klipsic, Anthony— 1, 2 7927 Jones Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Klifz, Lois Charlotte — 1, 2 55 Fairview, Glen Rock, Ne^v Jersey 

Klontz, Arlene Aronelle— 1, 2 248 Malacca St., Akron, Ohio 

Klontz, Everett E.— 1, 2 248 Malacca St., Akron, Ohio 

Klyop, Eleanor Frances— 1, 2 520 W. 15th St., Elyria, Ohio 

Knapp, Pauline Nevelyn — 1, 2 552 Tallmadge Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Knight, Charlotte Ann— 1, 2 525 Sieber Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Knight, Ervin Harris — 1, 2 1763 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Knisely, Dale Forrest— 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Hartville, Ohio 

Knoderer, M. Jean — 1, 2 361 S. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Knouff, Frances Mae — 1, 2 Ridge Rd., Willoughby, Ohio 

Knowlton, Harold Eugene — 1 710 Euclid S. W., Massillon, Ohio 

Knowles, Earle Frank— 2 4878 E. 88th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Koch, Paul Emanuel — 1, 2 Petersburg, Ohio 

Koch, Ruth Elizabeth — 1, 2 Petersburg, Ohio 

Koehn, Herbert William— 2 R.F.D. No. 2, Mantua, Ohio 

Koons, Janice — 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Koplin, Walter Scott— 1, 2 671 Mentor Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Kopp, Maxine Jeannette — 1, 2 338 Broad Ave., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Korecky, John Larry — 1, 2.... 3754 East Antisdale, Cleveland Heights, O. 

Korosec, Johanna Marie — 1, 2 3034 HiUman St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Koukies, Paul Mike— 1 166 W. Buchtel Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Kovacich, Charles F.— 1 389 Weeks St., Akron, Ohio 

Koza, Donald Robert — 1 810 Bisson Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Kramer, Dorothy Theresa— 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 3, Massillon, Ohio 

Kramer, Loretta Ann— 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 3, Massillon, Ohio 

Kramer, Neva Ann — 1, 2 47 Dodge Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Kraus, William Bibans — 2 730 Merriman Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Krebs, George Edward — 1, 2 640 Blaine Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Krebs, Robert Egan— 1, 2 1833 E. 79th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Krebs, William Arthur — 1, 2 640 Blaine Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Kreiger, Ralph Ernest— 1 504 25th St., Massillon, Ohio 

Kreighbaum, Charlene Evelyn— 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Box 49, East Akron. O. 

Kressling, Lucy E. — 1 Bancroft Rd., Andover, Mass. 

Kretchman, John Edward — 1 1 102 Dietz Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Krichbaum, Mary 01ive--l, 2 504 Third St. N. W., New Philadelphia, O. 

Krichbaum, Ruth E.— 1, 2 504 Third St., N. W., New Philadelphia, O. 

Krimmel, Alice Louise — 1, 2 83 Kenilworth Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Kronenthal, Milan— 1, 2 101 Kelly, Akron, Ohio 

Krumhar, Elizabeth Stanhope — 1 Twin Lakes, Kent, Ohio 

Kubuski, Edward Thomas— 1, 2 1008 Chestnut, Grafton, Ohio 

Kubuski, Ray J.— 1, 2 1032 Mechanic St., Grafton, Ohio 

Kuchenbacker, Cornelia Ann— 1, 2 395 E. 260 St., Euclid, Ohio 

Kuendig, Jane McKee— 1, 2 2218 Woodland Ave., Canton, Ohio 

Kuetha, Don B. — 2 620 Tallmadge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Kurtz, Wesley Alan— 1, 2 13842 Lake Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Kuszmaul, Clarence J.- 1, 2 R. D. No. 3, Warren, Ohio 

Kutina, Jane Lillian— 1, 2 2859 East Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Kuzmenko, Harry Conrad— 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 1, Valley City, Medina, O. 


LaCroix, James Joseph — 1 494 Store Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ladd, Raymond Edward — 1, 2 41 W. Salome Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Lakios, William Constantinos — 1, 2 438 S. Fourth St., Steubenville, O. 

Lamontia, Marjorie Ann— 1, 2.... 3494 Cedarbrook Rd., Cleveland Hgts., O. 

Lamy, Richard Emily— 1, 2 541 S. Water St., Kent, Ohio 

Landrum, Jack Raymond — 1, 2 2560 Whitelaw, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Lane, Rita Lillian— 1, 2 13424 Foresthill St., East Cleveland, Ohio 

Lane, Rosemary— 1, 2 257 N. Water St., Kent, Ohio 

Langmead, Lois Ada — 1 , 2 12525 MapleroiAf Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Langmead, Ruth Eleanor — 1, 2 12525 Maplerow Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Lanza, Dorothy Marie — 2 1840 Lakevie'w Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Lapadus, Mary Ann — 1, 2 1607 Stewart, Youngstown, Ohio 

Large, Arthur Vincent— 1, 2 2255 Walter Ave., New York. N. Y. 

Large, Herman Jr. — 1 Sardis, Ohio 

Latham, Marilyn Gloria — 1, 2 906 Home Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Lattin, Leonard Edgar — 1, 167 Prospect St., Kent, Ohio 

LaTorraca, Henry — 2 11510 Thorne'wood Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

LauderbaugVi, Martha Jean — 1, 2 703 Stow St., Kent, Ohio 

Laumer, Margaret Josephine — 1, 2 13431 Lake Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

LaWand, Lorna Kathleen— 1, 2 11911 Shadeland Ave., Cleveland. O. 

Lawrence, Margaret Mae — 1 614 W. Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Leadenharn, Betty Jane — 1, 2 519 Roslyn Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Leader, Marilyn Alice — 1, 2 4321 Cleveland Ave., Canton, Ohio 

Leasure, Robert Norman — 1, 2 1335 North River Ave., Toronto, Ohio 

LaBadis, Annamae — 1 319 E. Philadelphia, Youngstown, Ohio 

LeBar, Kenneth Ray — 1 559 Hillsdale, Warren, Ohio 

LeChaix, Joseph— 1, 2 E. 100 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ledbetter, Mrs. Marianna— 1, 2 222 N. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 




Deposits Insured up to $5,000.00 by- 
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 








Dealers In 






Franklin Avenue Phone 4512 



<;. F. ELGIN 


Watches and Jewelry Repaired 



Phone 3312 

Rockwell Bldg. 

E. Main St. 





1. Firestone Products 

2. Gas -Texaco -Oil 

3. Norge Refrigerators 

4. Zenith Radios 

Phone 4422 
202 E. Main St. Kent, Ohio 




The Best in Laundry and 
Dry Cleaning Service 


Kent Phone 4114 

Ledbetter, Robert Lane— 1 222 N. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Lee, Harry C— 1, 2 2029 E. 65th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Lee, Robert Noland — 1, 2 Peninsula, Ohio 

Lees, William Dale — 1, 2 516 Washington Ave., Niles, Ohio 

LeeVer, Lyla F.~l, 2 332 Beaver St., Akron, Ohio 

Legan, Ann Marie — 1, 2 5099 Stanley Ave., Maple Heights, Ohio 

Leggett, Charles Dana, Jr. — 1, 2 4762 Grant St., Kent. Ohio 

Leggett, Jack Wendall— 1 R.F.D. No. 3, Canton, Ohio 

Leight, Dorothy Jane — 1, 2 164 Grandin Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Leighty, William G. — 1, 2 824 Wilson St., SIruthers, Ohio 

Leiman, Robert Wade — 1, 2 Butler, Ohio 

Leister, Jean Elizabeth— 1, 2 2431 Lincoln Way E., Massillon, Ohio 

Lemak, John — 1, 2 4604 Bader Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Lengs, Marjorie Ann— 1, 2 717 E. Riddle St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Lenner, Jean Naomi — 1, 2 511 Aqueduct St., Akron, Ohio 

LePrevost, Florence Elene — 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Ravenna, Ohio 

Leso, Marion— 1, 2 2858 E. 100 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

L'Estrange, Milltcent Frances — 1, 2 2043 Lakeland, Lakewpod. Ohio 

Letts, Meade— 1, 2 14404 Northfield Ave., E. Cleveland, Ohio 

Levis, Agatha — 2 2645 Hampshire Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

Lewis, Catharine Audrey — 1, 2 3114 E. Northwood St., Youngstown, O. 

Lewis, Harriette Jane — 1, 2 310 N. Bentley Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Lewis, Margaret M. — 1, 2 18109 Windward, Cleveland, Ohio 

Lewis, Ralph Edward — 1 R. No. 1, Uniontown, Ohio 

Lile, Florence — 1, 2 1209 Brown St., Akron. Ohio 

Limbert, Robert Walter — 2 1032 Marion Place, Akron, Ohio 

Linden, Virginia — 1, 2 3796 Monticello Blvd., Cleveland Hgts., Ohio 

Line, Elizabeth Claire — 1 229 E. School St., Kent, Ohio 

Linerode, Doris Odra — 1, 2 Middlebranch, Ohio 

Linskey, Blanche Irene— 1, 2 433 W. River, Elyria, Ohio 

Lipscomb, Edna Louise — 2 474 W. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Liptak, Kitty Ethel— 1, 2 1918 W. 57th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Liston, Norman Gill— 1, 2 1476 Wilmar Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Little, Charles Edward- 1, 2 1111 Wellman, Massillon, Ohio 

Little, Mary Jane — 1, 2 312 N. Lincoln St.. Kent. Ohio 

Litzeil, Elizabeth Ann — 1, 2 Hudson, Ohio 

Livengood, Margery — 1, 2 Jewett, Ohio 

Lloyd, William Arnold— 1 1886 Allendale, East Cleveland, Ohio 

Lockard, Paula Louise — 1, 2 1515 McGregor Ave., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Lockwood, Robert Woody— 1, 2 1595 Eighth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Loesch, Winifred Ruth — 1, 2 1776 Uth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Logan, George Morrison — 1, 2 218 Twin Oaks Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Logue, Doreen Jean — 1, 2 1401 Ridgewood Dr., Salem, Ohio 

Lohman, Joseph Edward — 1, 2 9867 Ridge Rd.. North Royalton, Ohio 

Lohr, Ellen Jane— 1, 2 340 S. Westgate Ave., Columbus, Ohio 

Lombard, Edith Ann— 1, 2 2047 East 115th St., Cleveland. Ohio 

Long, Evelyn Mae — 1, 2 1390 Goodyear Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Long, David William — 1 765 E. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Long, Frances Louise — 1, 2 861 Waldes Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Long, John Francis — 1, 2 415 Greenwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Long, William Edgar- 1, 2 2033 N. Park Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lonsbury, Dorothy May — 1, 2 Peninsula, Ohio 

Loomis, Charlotte Hazel — 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 3, Warren, Ohio 

Loomis, Edward Charles — 1 93 E. York St., Akron, Ohio 

Lord, William George — 1, 2 3311 Archwood St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Lorson, Howard William — 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 2, OrrviUe, Ohio 

Lose, Charlotte Jane — 1, 2 North Bend Rd., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Lovejoy, Constance Berta — 1, 2 816 Franklin St., Melrose, Mass 

Loveless, Barbara Ann — 1, 2 W. Farmington, Ohio 

Lowe, John Emerson — 1, 2 1071 Delia Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Lov^er, R. Frederick — 1 Columbiana, Ohio 

Lowery, Martin Kirk — 1 907 Baughman St., Akron, Ohio 

Luca, Steve— 1 834 E. High St., Alliance, Ohio 

Lucansky, Paul Charles — 2 1321 E. Florida Ave., Youngstov/n, Ohio 

Luck, Leonard F. — 1 1513 Thornapple Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ludemann, Elaine Hoyt — 1, 2 Hix's Park, Rye, New York 

Lukens, Robert H.— 1, 2 126 Glenn St., Barberton, Ohio 

Lull, Mildred Louise — 1, 2 740 Upson St., Akron, Ohio 

Lundy, Donald Carlton — 2 Box 115, Lakemore, Ohio 

Luse, Mary Alice — 1 733 East State St., Sharon, Pa. 

Luthardt, LaVerne R.— 1, 2 4510 W. 14th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Lyle, H. Ruby— 1, 2 489 E. Ford Ave., Barberton, Ohio 

Lynch, Mary Jane —1, 2 2121 Ohio Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Lynch, Elizabeth Alice — 1 439 Breaden St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Lynn, Martha Mildred — 1 R.F.D. No. 2, Canfield, Ohio 

Lyon. Wolcott Norbert— 1, 2 1137 Cooke Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 


MacDonald, John Whitaker- 1, 2 311 Park Ave., Kent, Ohio 

MacDonald, Mariesta — 1, 2 1199 Marlowe Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

MacLean, Dorothy Elizabeth— 1,2 958 Main St., WellsviUe, Ohio 

McArtor, Elizabeth Louise — 1, 2 628 North Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

McBane, R. Dale— 1, 2 830 W. Hartshorn St., Alliance. Ohio 

McBane, Wallace Walter — 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 1, East Liverpool, Ohio 

McBride, Dorothy Colleen— 1, 2 R. D. No. 3, Box 164, Akron, Ohio 

McCafferty, Ross Jonh — 1, 2 55 Hiram St., Barberton, Ohio 

McCarthy, Helen Ann — 1, 2 1608 Parkwood Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

McCartney, Doris Marie — 1, 2 Clinton St., Doylestown, Ohio 

McCartney, June Irene — 1, 2 Church St., Doylestown, Ohio 

McCarty, William Lisle — 1, 2 R. No. 4, Box 112, Akron, Ohio 

McClure, Betty Lovine — 1, 2 10203 Ramona Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

McCoUum, Stewart — 1 120 McCoUum Rd., Youngstown, Ohio 

McComb, Margaret Agnes — 1, 2 3446 Pov/ers Way, Youngstown, O. 

McConnell, Laura Marie — 1, 2 R. D. No. 4, Wellington, Ohio 

McCord, Eugene W. — 1, 2 904 Berwin Ave., Akron. Ohio 

McCormack, Catherine Lena — 1 436 Red Haw Rd., Dayton, Ohio 

McCormack, Roy Hamilton — 1, 2. . . .291 McCormack Rd., Slingerlands, N. Y. 

McCormick, Bette Jean— 2 828 Chester Ave., Akron, Ohio 

McCort, Ralph — 1 2631 Maplewood St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

McCoy, Annis May — 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Steubenville, Ohio 

McCoy, Eunice Mary — 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Steubenville, Ohio 

McCreary, Eva Jane — 1, 2 LeesviUe, Ohio 

McCune, Bill Raymond— 1, 2 2926 Ivanhoe Rd., Silver Lake, Ohio 

McCune, Howard Stanton — 2 32 Nottingham Dr., Akron, Ohio 

McCurdy, Elizabeth Ann— 1, 2 1787 E. 861h St., Cleveland, Ohio 

McCurdy, Raymond Louis — 1, 2 R. D. No. 1. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

McCuskey, Glenn Morris — 1 Bath-Stow Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

McCuskey, Wilfred Stanton— 1, 2 R.F.D., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

McDaniel, Carl O. — 1 2318 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

McDermolt, J. Robert — 1 2341 Uth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

McDonald, John Wilford— 1, 2 2850 Northland St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

McDowell, S. Jane— 1, 2 885 Polk Ave., Akron, Ohio 

McFarland, Joseph Patrick — 1 17112 Larchwood Ave., Cleveland, O. 

McFetridge, Charlene Elizabeth— 1, 2 1839 Stanwood Rd., Cleveland, O. 

McGinnis, Richard Wellington — 1, 2 2227 Ohio Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

McGoogan, Albert James- 1, 2 1849 E. 90th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

McGowan, Catharine Wanita— 1, 2 317 Market St., East Liverpool, O. 

McGrail, H. Stanley— 1, 2 509 Alexander St., Akron, Ohio 

McGranahan, Martha Jane — 1 1553 Belle Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

McGrew, Cornelius A. — 1, 2 Canal Fulton, Ohio 

McGrew, Margot Louise — 1 R. R. No. 2, Jewett, Ohio 

McHugh, Beryl R. — 1 , 2 New Matamoras, Ohio 

McKay, Ellene Mildred— 1, 2 1436 Oakwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

McKnight, M. Jean— 1, 2 2126 McKinley, Lakewood, Ohio 

McLaughlin, Marguerite L. — 1, 2 186 Kent Rd., Stow, Ohio 

McMahan, M. Barbara- 1, 2 2585 Robindale St., Akron, Ohio 

McManus, Leah May — 1, 2 New Milford, R. D. No. 1, Ohio 

McMasters, Wood Eugene — 1, 2 318 Third St., Uhnchsville, Ohio 

McNamee, Mary Jane — 2 1587 East 93rd St., Cleveland, Ohio 

McNeese, Robert William— 1, 2 343 E. Baird Ave., Barberton, Ohio 

McPherson, James Willis— 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, AUiance, Ohio 

McQuistion, Tom Russell— 1, 2 737 N. Howard St., Akron, Ohio 

McWilliams, I. Charles— 1, 2 605 St. Leger Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Mack, Howard James— 1, 2 3632 E. 106th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Madar, Dorothy Twila— 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 2, Ravenna, Ohio 

Madden, Patricia Ann— 1, 2 R. D. No. 5, Box 517, Akron, Ohio 

Mager, George H— 1, 2 522 West 23rd St., Lorain, Ohio 

Mahoney, Everett Manuel— 1, 2 Box 555, R. D. 1, East Akron, Ohio 

Mahoney, Alyce Margaret — 1 1924 Valentine St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Mahoney, Rita Catharine— 1 9417 Raymond St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Malagio, Fred— 2 294 Grove St., Akron, Ohio 

Malyk, Petryna Kathryn— 1, 2 Williamsfield, Ohio 

Mandel, Frank Philip— 1, 2 3455 E. 126th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Mangold, Norma Marie — 1, 2 442 Spaulding St., Akron, Ohio 

Mann, Aletta Dobbins— 1, 2 115 University Drive, Kent, Ohio 

Mannino, Marie Louise — 1, 2 2206 Coventry Rd., Cleveland Hgts., Ohio 

Manyo Peter A — 1, 2 5320 Woodman Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Marcus, Alice Melba— 1, 2 1077 E. 125th St., East Cleveland, Ohio 

Marcy, Alice May— 1 Gates Mills. Ohio 

Marcy, Mary Jane — 1 214 Liberty St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Mares' Evelyne Florence — 1 6141 Eastland Rd., Berea, Ohio 

Maretka, Annie Lillian— 2 Route No. 1, Burton, Ohio 

Marg Joseph— 1, 2 56 W. Wood St., Lowellville, Ohio 

Marks, Charles Johnson— 1 719 Rosella Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Marra, Alba Josephine — 1, 2 Summitville, Ohio 

Marra, Leona Lee — 2 Summitville, Ohio 

Marshall, Julia DeFrance— 2 325 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Marshall, Max Rolland— 1, 2 R.F.D., Atwater, Ohio 

Marthey. Louis Gene— 1, 2 1107 Florida Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Marti, Virginia L.— 1, 2 3206 W. 112th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Martin, Albert Leo— 1 3051/2 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron. Ohio 

Martin Alice Guilda— 1, 2 288 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Martin, Geraldine Alma— 1, 2 386 W. Jackson St., Painesville, Ohio 

Martin, Harold E.— 1, 2 105 Haines Ave., Minerva, Ohio 

Martin Mary— 1, 2 1550 Bedford Ave., S. W.. Canton, Ohio 

Martin, Robert William— 1 Box 62, Diamond, Ohio 

Martin Suzanne — 1 819 Diagonal Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Marling Louis J.— 2 580 Restview Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Martini, Mario Joseph- 1, 2 331 First St., Warren, Ohio 

Marto, Regina— 1, 2 1021 Main Ave., S. W., Warren, Ohio 

Marty Jacob— 2 211 Willow St., Bridgeport, Ohio 

Marus'kin, Margaret Dorothy— 1, 2 2610 Taft St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Marvin, Mary Dora— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Mantua, Ohio 

Marvin, Sidney Lewis— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Mantua, Ohio 

Massaro, Lorraine— 1, 2 157 Willis St., Bedford, Ohio 

Masterson, Helen Joan- 1, 2 1820 S. Freedom Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Mathis, William Sherman— 1, 2 Second St., 2328, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Matson, W. Robert— 1, 2 Jackson St., Mentor, Ohio 

Matthews, Ervin Leslie— 1, 2 1611 Cordova Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Matthews, Ruth Elain^l, 2 R. D. No. 4 Massillon, Ohio 

Matzenbach, Betty Jane— 1, 2 332 Dryden St., N W Canton, Ohio 

Maurer, Henrietta Mary— 1, 2 1531 Goodyear Blvd. Akron, Ohio 

Maurer, Neal Frederick— 1, 2 30 W. Main St., Applecreek, Ohio 

Maxwell, Otis Graydon, Jr.— 1, 2 Chestnut Dr., DarrowviUe, Ohio 

May, Ethel Anna— 1, 2 291 E. 149th St., C eve and, Ohio 

May, Leo Anthony-1 3775 E. 53rd St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Mayer Bea— 1 2 131 N. Clinton, Richwood, Ohio 

Mayhew, Henry Ligon— 1, 2 206 Stewart St., Toronto, Ohio 

Mazanek, Anthony Joe— 1 ■ ■ ■ • -409 Dodge St. Kent. Ohio 

Meade, William F.— 1, 2 2377 E. Market St., Akron, Ohio 

Mears, Donald Earl— 1, 2 2429 Tenth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Mease, Howard F.— 1 Box 58, Leavittsburg, Ohio 

Medved, Eva-1, 2 • • • :■■■■■■■■ J^,^^^'"^' S^'° 

Mehl, Mary Ellen— 1, 2 2035 S. Lmden St., Alliance. Ohio 

Melbourne, Corinne M.— 1, 2 Congress Lake, Harlville, Ohio 

IWelirk M lean— 1 2 Bladensburg, Ohio 

Mllina, CarrAntiony-V, 'i'. 371 W. 35th St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Melling Brian— 1 Twinsburg, Ohio 

Melrose, Walter Robert— 1, 2 R.F.D. No. 3, Emery Rd., Bedford, Ohio 

Mengel, Albert Lloyd— 1 2545 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Fa s, Ohio 

Metlin, Janelte Arlene— 2 227 Marguerite St Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Mever James George— 1, 2 384 Prindle St., Sharon Pa. 

Mfchell Anna-1, 2. . . . .' Box 42 R^D No^ 8. Akron, Ohio 

Miehl, Jean Elizabeth— 1, 2 130 Marhofer Ave Stow, Ohio 

Midgley, Hazel Frances-1 -^J^i Scott St., N. E. Warren, Ohio 

Milbee Malcolm Kemp-1, 2 310 E. Highland Ave. Ravenna, Oh o 

M.le^ki Toe 1 500 Carthage Ave., Kent, Ohio 

M ler Ali^Elizabeth- 1 2 Route No. 3, Carrollton, Ohio 

M W Arhne Graci^2 ........... .4116 E. 113th St.. Cleveland, Ohio 

M Ir' Flom Mar°^ 2 532 N. Fourth St., Steubenville, Ohio 

M Ir Gerald I -^2 . R. D. No. 9, Box 339, South Akron, Ohio 

M ter Jacqueline lieen-1, 2 .186 Roselawn, Warren, Ohio 

Miller Marjorie Ann-1, 2 ^- f^-i?."??- 'cP'Two^- Oh^a 

Miller Marv- 1 2 515 Day St., Akron, Ohio 

M er' M^xlne Louise^ 2 . 907 N. Grant St., Wooster, Ohio 

M Ir' M^les Bernardl^ 147 S. Main St., Columbiana, Ohio 

Ml"; Robirt Lowell-1, 2 237 Second St., New Ph.lgd^lPhia, Ohio 

Miller, Roy Allen— 1, 2 V ''"^ ^,- '^°'5,F'-i>? *^3' nh n 

Miller c^am David— 1 2 Marion Ave., Rd., Mansfield, Ohio 

Mil: fhSa-l 1 . . .: :: 1374 Manor Park Lakewood. Ohio 

Milligan, Dorothy Ann-1, 2 535 Jennings Ave., Salem, Oh o 

Mill.! Arden Dean— 1 Streetsboro St.. Hudson, Ohio 

M ne John Wesfey-l '2 167 Milford Ave., Newark, New ersey 

Mnl: stnley Alexander-1, 2 167 Milford Ave., Newark, New Jersey 

Miner NoHRnir 1 2 519 Alexander St., Akron, Uhio 

M sko Tony Jr -I 2 .V. . Market St., Yorkville, Ohio 

Mchell James Campiell-1 ,2 '^ p^o'^R ' ' ^'^^'^Ke'nT Ohio 

Mitchell, Robert Horold-l, 2 ^on?'^^"'' ^<;, ' lH\ 8h o 

^Ajt*;,.,,.. P,.Ht>i finne 1 2 301 StowSt., Kent, Ohio 

M ze? Orrln^ Anne-1, 2. . . . ■■■•■„ j,o. 2, New Philadelphia, Ohio 
K I' yiinJ'anV;,^!' ■} R F D No. 4, New London, Ohio 

Mibme Ulv E-1 V .•;:.■. .'.624 oLerlin Ave., Lorain, Ohio 

Mobey RuThL -2 .■.■.■.■.■:.■.•::.■ .220 Morrison Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

M^ck WilUo^ James-1, 2 1681 Arthur Dr Lakewood, Ohio 

Modzelski, Ted-1, 2 259 W. Tal taadge Ave Akron, Oh o 

Mohler, Jane Elizabeth— 1, 2 .414 Beech St„ Berea. Oh o 

M^IhT Viorothv lane 1 2 State St., Garrettsville, Ohio 

MSnaco,°Dom^'ose^-l 2.V.-.-.-.-.- .,^. .99 Gordon Ave Campbell, Ohio 

Montgomery, Edward Louis— 1, 2 151 S. Main St Chagrm Fa Is, Ohio 

Moody Harry Joseph— 2 2510 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

MoS?e'^'cl?de'^Emmer-l 331 N. Walnut St. Ravenna, Ohio 

Moore, Edward Richard-1 121 S, Pearl St., Kent, Ohio 

Moore, Harris Fortney— 1 R. D No. 3 Bellaire, Ohio 

Moore, Jeanne Marie— 1, 2 207 Glenwood, North Canton, Ohio 

Moore, James T.— 1 55 Jewitt St., Akron, Ohio 

Moore, John Hobert— 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 3, Bellaire, Ohio 

Moore, Margene Mabel— 1, 2 Route No. 4, Wooster, Ohio 

Moore, Mary Eloise— 1, 2 2516 Malvern Ave., Dayton, Ohio 

Moran, Jean Ihrig— 1, 2 91 Hamilton Ave,, Akron, Ohio 

Moran, Raymond K.— 2 91 Hamilton Ave, Akron, Ohio 

Morgan, Helen Lucill^l, 2 17 Maple St., Bridgeport, Ohio 

Morgan, John Henry— 1, 2 941 Tallmadge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Morgan, Mary Ieanett^-1, 2 17 Maple St,, Bridgeport, Ohio 


Do You Know? 

Horticulture is an Art 

f\ickard 6 




A lifetime experience in the art of 
growing and arranging flowers 


1312 N.Mantua Phone 3813 



Harold O. Tinker 

Funeral Home 


233 S. Water Street Phone 3484 



8l towel supply CO. 


A complete service for Offices, 
Stores, Doctors, Nurses, Restaur- 
ants, Colleges, Hotels, Soda 
Fountains and "Student Room 


310 North Ave. 

Youngstown 4-1141 


Berkeley Square Clothes 
Manhattan Shirts 
Walk-Over Shoes 
Weyenberg Shoes 
Mallory Hats 
Knox Hats 

CD. It. ^/umL 

Clothing &' Shoes 


Moritz, William Charles — 2 16601 Sedalia Ave., Cleveland 

Morlan. Henry Albert— 1 2071 Fulton Rd., Cleveland, 

Morrill, Martha Lee — 1 , 2 42 E. 224 St., Cleveland, 

Morns, Bettie Jane — 1, 2 12712 Rexwood Ave., Cleveland, 

Morris, Gilbert William — 1 330 Morningview, Akron 

Morris, Robert Shannon — 1, 2 694 Dorchester Rd., Akron 

Morrison, Irene Elizabeth — 1, 2 118 Bentley Ave., Hubbard 

Mortz, latser Cathline— 1, 2 10315 Russel Ave., Cleveland 

Moseley, Mada — 1, 2 1648 S. Arch Ave., Alliance 

Mosher, Paul W.— 1 121 N. DePeyster St., Kent 

Mosher, Robert Fred— 1, 2 129 N. DePeyster St., Kent 

Moseley, Charles Edward~l 2318 E. 86th St., Cleveland 

Mosteller, Robert H.— 1, 2 920 Chestnut Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Moulton, Eugene Russell — 1 1248 Pondview St., Akron 

Mouse, Stanley Garrison — 1, 2 1935 Auburn St., Dayton 

Mowl, Delmont — 1 , 2 Aurora 

Moyer, C. Wade — 1 623 Sackett Ave., Cuyahoga Falls 

Moyer, Maxine Mae — 1, 2 1609 23rd St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Mroz, Edward— 2 925 11th St., Lorain 

Mueller, Jane Elizabeth — 1, 2 60 Mayiield Ave., Akron 

Muffley, Hazel Phyllis— 1, 2 11 Cherry St., Girard 

Mulac. Norman Anton — 2 1007 N. Mantua St., Kent 

Mulcahy, Bernard William— 1, 2 3314 W. 129th St., Cleveland 

Mulford, Mary Elizabeth — 1, 2 3707 Davenant Ave., Cincinnati 

Mullen, D. Loraine— 1, 2 1163 Big Falls, Akron 

Mumaw, Evelyn Frances — 1 , 2 R. F. D., Garrettsville 

Mundy, Marian Louise — 1 873 S. High St., Akron 

Murawski, Stanley Felix — 1 646 Blaine Ave., Akron 

Murphey, Frances B.— 1, 2 H. F. D. No. 2, Hudson 

Murphey, Harold— 1, 2 719 Damon St., Akron 

Mushrush, Otis Kenneth — 1 940 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls 

Musselman, Doris Evelyn — 1, 2 Flora, In' 

Musser, Anna Belle — 2 MarshallviUe 

Muzzy, James Vincent — 1, 2 1227 McGregor St., N. W., Canton 

Myers, Doris Lucille — 1, 2 825 Work Drive, Akron 

Myers, Eugene Earl — 1, 2 182 Brooklyn Ave., Salem 

Myers, Everett W.— 2 110 East Erie St., Kent 

Myers. Frederick E.— 1 1188 McKinley St., Warren 

Myers, Gertrude Jane — 1, 2 Route No. 1, Irondale 

Myers, Helen M.~l, 2 13036 Lorain St., Cleveland 

Myers, Herbert Gardner— 1, 2 515 N. Fourth St., Toronto 

Myers, Jacqueline Ruth — 1 888 Avon St., Akron 

Myers, Lela Moore — 1 234 N. Mantua St., Kent, 

Myers, Lewis Elwood — I, 2 182 Brooklyn St., Salem 

Myers. Paul Stanley — 1, 2 807 Maryland, Canton 

Myers, Rex Hillson— 2 R. F. D. No. 4, Murray, 

Myers, Robert Lee — 1, 2 825 Work Dr.. Akron 

Myers, Violet Mae— I, 2 R. F. D., Beloit, 

Myers, William Carl— 2 327 Park Ave., Kent, 

Myser, Willard Cochran — 1, 2 627 Insande, Cuyahoga Falls 


Nolle, Nellie Mae— 1. 2 R. D. No. 1. Cuyahoga Falls, 

Naramore, Jean Lucille — 1 Erie Proving Ground, LaCarne 

Nass, Mary Beth— 1. 2 13901 Kelso Ave., Cleveland, 

Naughton, Patricia — I, 2 470 Crandell, Youngstown 

Naylor, Lewis Cecil — 1 714 Fulton Rd., Canton 

Nedetsky, Howard Paul— 1. 2 622 Sackett St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Neighbor, Bertha Ellen — 1, 2. . . .310 North Bridge St., Newcomerstown 

Neil, Constance— 1 1524 24th St., N. E., Canton, 

Nelson, Edna Theresa— 1, 2 710 W. Jackson, Painesville, 

Nelson, Mgry Lois — 1, 2 428 E. Seventh St., UhrichsviUe 

Nespeca, William— 1, 2 2930 W. Federal St., Youngstown, 

Necomb, Beatrice Joyce — 1 507 Keenan, Cuyahoga Falls 

Newsome, Alma Jeannette — 1, 2 55 Micah Place, Mansfield 

Newton, Jack Herschel — 1 1250 CoUinwood Ave., Akron 

Newton, Phyllis— 1 ,2 R. F. D. No. 1 , Chagrin Falls 

Ney, F. Gregg— 1 , 2 129 N. DePeyster St., Kent 

Niarchos, Pauline — 1, 2 43 E. High St., Alliance 

Nichols. Marian Esther— 1, 2 1588 Hillside Terrace, Akron 

Nickerson, Mary M. — 1, 2 176 Hudson Rd., Stow 

Nicodemus, June Maxine — 1, 2 303 Water St., Wadsworth 

Niemeyer, John Holmes— 1, 2 408 E. Main St., Kent 

Niemi, Wayne— 1, 2 353 First St., Warren 

Nissen, Marian Peruvia — 1 Avon Center Rd., Avon 

Nolis, Demetrios Elo— 1, 2 236 N. Main St., Mansfield 

Noonan, Mary Eleanor — 1, 2 611 Main St., Toronto 

Norris, Joan— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Jefferson 

Norris, Robert Paul— 1, 2 133 Raleigh Ave., Mansfield 

Noss, Robert Charles— 1, 2 3003 Keswick Rd., Shaker Heights 

Nydegger, Frederick — 1 , 2 Navarre 

R. F. D. No. 1. Cortland 

R. D. No. 4, Box 662, South Akron 

2 609. Lincoln Ave., N. W., Canton 

4113 Rocky River Dr., Cleveland 

1781 nth St.. Cuyahoga Falls 

2 R. D No. 1, Box 183, E. Akron 

Ravenna Ordnance Plant, Ravenna 

-1 1301 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls 

178 Greenfield St., Tiffin 

-1, 2 1112 Eighth St., Lorain, 

-1, 2.. " - . -. 

Oaks, Marjorie Leola — 1, 2. 

Oberholtz, Jim C— 1, 2 

Obermiller, Connie Mae — 1, 
O'Brien, Frank Feller— 1, 2. 
O'Brien, Mary Jane — 1, 2.. 
Ochenreider, Mae Emily — 1 
O'Connor, Grace Marie — 1 . 
O'Connor, Richard Joseph- 
Oder, Alice Marie — 1 

O'Doherty, Kathleen Anne- 

O'Donnell, Regina Catherine — 1, 2... Ravenna Ordn. Plant, Ravenna, 

Oesch, Amanda Rebecca — 1 460 S. Chestnut St., Ravenna 

Oesch, Oliver Stelvin — 1, 2 New Springfield 

O'Grady, Robert Emmett— 1 694 Eddy Rd., Cleveland, 

O'Hara, James Paul— 1, 2 720 E. Main St., Kent, 

O'Hara, Nancie Ann — 2 1447 Ohio Ave., Youngstown 

Ohliger, Rosemary— 1, 2 653 Fair St., New Philadelphia, 

O'Keeffe, Eileen Catherine — 1, 2 537 W. Evergreen, Youngstown 

O'Keefe, William Denis— 1 227 E. Kline St., Girard 

Oldham, Mary Helen— 1, 2 129 Harriman St., Bedford 

Oliver, Mary Louise — 1, 2 226 West Ohio St., Sebring, 

Olson, John Harry— 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, 

O'Malley, Geraldine Mari^l 14456 E. 1 18th St.. Cleveland, 

O'Mellan, Francis Joseph — 1 59 Washington St., Campbell 

O'Neal, Robert Frank— 1 450 S. Maple St., Akron 

Osborn, Helen Marie— 1, 2 H. D. No. 1, Elyria, 

Osborne, Mary Anne — 1 402 N. DePeyster. Kent 

Oseroff, Harold Bernard — 1 829 Work Drive. Akron 

O'Sickey, Alice Mary— 1, 2 3750 Washington Park Blvd., Cleveland 

Oswald, Marvin R. — 1 Hartville 

O'Toole, William James— 1, 2 385 E. 123 St., Cleveland 

Otte, Donnel Joseph — 2 949 Dresden St., Cleveland 

Overfield, Gertrude Pearl — 1, 2 429 Margaret St., Akron, 


Palmer, Alfred A. — 1, 2 2464 Whitelaw Ave., Cuyahoga Falls 

Palmer, JoAnne Agnes — 1, 2 2633 Leland Ave., Akron 

Panatzer, Clarence Louis — 1 974 North Firestone Blvd., Akron 

Papp, Cornelius Alfred — 1, 2 1762 Wymore Ave., East Cleveland 

Parham, James Franklin— 1, 2 2163 18th St., S. W., Akron 

Parrish, Harold C— 1, 2 1014 Haynes St., Akron 

Parry, Mary Joan — 1, 2 134 W. Cambridge St., Alliance 

Parry, R. Jane — 1, 2 119 Shadyside Drive, Youngstown 

Parsel, Jack Delbert — 1, 2 425 Lucas St., Bucyrus 

Parson, Neal D. — 1 501 Hammel St., Akron 

Partee, Virginia Belle — 1 ,2 Custar 





Patch, Dorothy Marie — 1, 2 Garrettsville, R. No. 2, Ohio 

Patchin, Mary C— 1, 2 2310 University, N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Pater, Mary Solagne — 1 R. No. 4, Warren, Ohio 

Paterson. Betty Jane — 1, 2 17906 Dillewood Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Patterson, James Warren — 1, 2 123 E. Broadway, Girard Ohio 

Patterson, Lloyd M.— 1 P. O. Box 421, DarrowviUe, Ohio 

Patterson, William Harold, Jr.— 1, 2 157 N. Water, Kent. Ohio 

Patton, Elizabeth Virginia — 1, 2 2546 Graham Ave., Akron. Ohio 

Patton, Lee M. — 1 Twinsburg, Ohio 

Paul, Bernard John— 2 Box 222, Windham, Ohio 

Pauhch, John Hanzel— 1, 2 5238 St. Clair, Cleveland. Ohio 

Paulus, David Louis — 1, 2 R. D. No. 3, Kent. Ohio 

Pavkov, Pete— 1, 2 1367 Ninth St., East Akron, Ohio 

Payden, Donna Belle — 1, 2 1213 Riverdale, Lindsey, Ohio 

Peabody, Richard Foster— 1, 2 2652 Exeter Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Pearce, Kathryn Lee — 1, 2 511 Lmdell St., Akron, Ohio 

Pearce, Mildred Louise — 1 , 2 W. Main St., Mesa, Arizona 

Pearson. Leland J. — 1, 2 602 S. ArUngton St.. Akron, Ohio 

Pekar, Arthur Fred— 1, 2 3430 W. 54th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Pentz, John Jr.— 1, 2 4002 Franklin Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Pepper. Doris J.— 1 807 Cadmus St., East Liverpool, Ohio 

Pequignot. Marjorie Lorraine — 1, 2 R. D. No. 5, Akron, Ohio 

Perconti, Joseph John— 1, 2 2109 Random Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Perdue, Betty May— 1, 2 539 Fourth St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Perez, Michael— 1, 2 115 Lane Ct., S. W., Massillon, Ohio 

Perkins, Rebecca Armstrong — 1, 2. .Robinson Rd., R. D. No. 4, Wooster, Ohio 

Perkins, Ruth Jeanne — I, 2 428 Orchard St., UhrichsviUe, Ohio 

Perry, Beverly Mane— 1, 2 10817 Earle Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Pesanello, Loretta Laura — 1, 2 520 S. Liberty Ave., Aliance, Ohio 

Peterman, Helen Louise — 1 1504 Oxford, N. W., Canton. Ohio 

Peterson, Frances Louise — 1 , 2 282 Vine St., Geneva, Ohio 

Peterson, John Leo — 1 703 Franklin Ave.. Kent, Ohio 

Peterson, Laura Mae — 1 ,2 Beloit, Ohio 

Pethel, I. Gaylord— 1. 2 1102 Penna. Ave., East Liverpool, Ohio 

Petrella, Tony Andy— 1 329 Harris St., Kent, Ohio 

Petrenchak, Amelia Ann — 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Ravenna, Ohio 

Petros, Ralph John— 1 601 Valley St.. Minerva, Ohio 

Pettigrew, William Robert— 2 769 E. Erie St., Lorain, Ohio 

Pettit, Betty Maxine— 1, 2 2491 Sixth St., Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio 

Pettrow, Madeline Joan — 1 309 Lagrange St., Toledo, Ohio 

Petty, Roberta Mae— 1, 2 2059 Tenth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Pfeifer, Helen C— 1, 2 544 W. Fortieth St., Ashtabula. Ohio 

Pfile. Vera Mae — 1 Dorset, Ohio 

Phelps, John Noble — 1 224 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Phillips, Frank Gerald — 1 Peninsula, Ohio 

Phillips, Raymond Edward— 1, 2 7809 Star Ave., Cleveland. Ohio 

Phillips. Ruby Louise— 1, 2 2195 E. 97th St.. Cleveland, Ohio 

Phister, Jeanne Marian- 1, 2 1009 12th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Phoenix, Hottie Elnora — 1 2315 E. 100th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Pieper, Paul Theodore— 1, 2 3223 W. 86th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Pierce, M. Scheffel— 1, 2 2222 19th St. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Pinkerton, Margaret Elizabeth — 1, 2 177 Liberty St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Piper. Charles Frank— 1, 2 10812 Florion Ave., Clevland, Ohio 

Pirl. Phyllis Arlene — 1, 2 711 Crain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Pitcher, Robert Atlee— 1 667 Ohio St.. Warren. Ohio 

Plasman. Nina Helen— 1 , 2 1 1 809 Castlewood, Cleveland, Ohio 

Pluchel, Jane Louise — 1, 2 535 S. Union St., Alliance, Ohio 

Poese, Joan Julie — 1, 2 803 Cram Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Pogorzelski, Victor Vincent — 1 261 Glenwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Pointer, Robert James — 1 1613 Mars Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Polansky, John George — 2 1244 Buhrer Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Polk, Sister Maria Crucis— 1, 2 318 N. DePeyster St., Kent, Ohio 

Pollock, Mary Jane — 1 168 E. Kent Rd., R. No. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Pomeroy, Gilbert Scott— 1 , 2 530 Vine St., Kent, Ohio 

Pomeroy, Velma Walrath— 1, 2 530 Vine St., Kent, Ohio 

Pontius, Phyllis Margaret — 1, 2 535 Orchard Ave., Barberton. Ohio 

Popa, Mary Ann — 1, 2 35 Reed Ave., Campbell, Ohio 

Pope, Jean Louise — 1, 2 2513 Mt. Vernon Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Porowski, Walter Stanley— 1, 2 3453 E. 76th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Porter, Dorothy Maxine — 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 3, Cadiz. Ohio 

Porter, Edythe Lucille — 1, 2 1146 Rebecca Ave.. Wilkinsburg. Pa. 

Porter. Faye Clarissa — 1, 2 Sheldon Ave., Kingsville, Ohio 

Porter, Henrietta Mae — 1. 2 321 W. Myrtle Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Porter, Marion R. — 1, 2 Hudson. Ohio 

Porter, Marie Louise — 1, 2 321 W. Myrtle Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Powell, John W.— 1, 2 Walnut St., Jefferson, Ohio 

Powell, Vernon Jr.— 1, 2 873 Columbus St., Akron, Ohio 

Powers, Jeannette Grace — 1 Main St., Peninsula. Ohio 

Pozniko. PoUyanna — I. 2 R. D. No. 1, Columbiana, Ohio 

Prasse, Fred C— 1, 2 .". .1686 Beaconwood St., South Euclid, Ohio 

Pretzer, Loretta Arline — 1, 2 4685 Morningside Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 

Pribble, Paul Eugene — 1, 2 1084 Pickford Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Price, Hugh Wayne — 1 R. D. No. 1, Canton, Ohio 

Price, Joseph— 1, 2 271 W. Main St., Ravenna. Ohio 

Price. Phyllis Louisa— 1, 2 33693 Lake Rd., Avon Lake. Ohio 

Price, Robert Arthur — 1, 2 17511 Glandale Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Primm, Willard Franklin— 1, 2 2468 Clara Ave., Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio 

Prinz, Gerard R.— 1, 2 2233 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Proctor, John J. — 1, 2 631 Second St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Proe, Richard Slavy — 1, 2 Route No. 8, Northfield, Ohio 

Prosen, Anne Agnes — 1, 2 19716 Arrowhead. Cleveland, Ohio 

Pugh, George Leslie— 1 , 2 1027 Big Falls Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Pugliese, Mildred Anne — 1, 2 10921 Dale Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Puncheon, John William— 2 807 Clarendon S.. Canton. Ohio 

Purdy, Mary Avonelle — 1, 2 2325 12th St., Akron, Ohio 

Purviance, Raymond Earnest — 1 944 Hereford St., Akron, Ohio 

Puz, Ann Marie — 1 , 2 Bessemer, Pa. 

Pyle, Eugene Alfred — 1, 2 659 Albemarle Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Pyle, Lorrin Wesely— 2 217 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Oualman. Lewis John — 2 16173 Glynn Rd., East Cleveland 

Ouattrochi, August William — 1 11115 Grafield Ave.. Cleveland 

Quay. Grace Evelyn— 1, 2 227 S. McKinley St., Alliance, 

Ouimby, Norma Jane — 1, 2 1028 N. Uhrich St.. UhrichsviUe. 

Ouinette, Verda Jane — 1, 2 3420 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown 

Ouinn, Mary Eileen — 1 448 Grain Ave., Kent 


Raber, Charles Maynard — 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Hudson, 

Radford, Harriet Elizabeth— 1 2015 E. Erie St., Lorain, 

Raful, Robert -1, 2 317 W. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, 

Raines, Garland Chester— 1 287 Lockert Ct., Akron, 

Randies, Betty Holsay- 1, 2 409 E. Main St., Kent, 

Randies, Chester Irvin— 1 409 E. Main St., Kent 

Rankin, Pearl Mae — 1 Greentown 

Ranney, Lois Elizabeth — 1, 2 961 Greyton Rd., Cleveland 

Ransaw, Marilyn Ruth — 1, 2 Route No. 1, Ravenna 

Rarick, James Clifford— 1, 2 605 Lindell St.. Akron, 

Rasch, Virginia Julia— 1, 2 19S19 Libby Rd., Maple Heights, 

Ratchford, Melba— 2 2436 Liberty St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Rautenberg, Grace Louise — 2 R. D. No. 1, Kent 

Rawles, Evelyn Lynne — 1, 2 1540 Preston St., Kent 

Raymont, Virginia Elizabeth — 1, 2 Route No. 5, Medina, 

Raymund, Robert G. — 1, 2 447 W. Thornton St., Akron, 

Read, Patricia Anne — 1, 2 2930 Silver Lake Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls. 

Read, Phyllis Marie — 1, 2 2930 Silver Lake Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Ready, John Joseph — 1 15103 Lake Ave.. Lakewood 



and SOXS 




Invalid Car 


Phone 5300 

Kent, Ohio 




Everything in Hardware 




132 N. Water St. 

Phone 3121 

♦ THE ♦ 



Dance To Your Favorite Band 
The Visit You Will Remember 


"IRV" GORHAM. Prop. 

134 E. Main St. Kent, Ohio 

'1849 — Kent's Oldest Bank' 


The Bank of Courtesy 
to University Students 

Member of 

Rearick, Cecil Arden— 1, 2 Box 113, Slow, Ohio 

Reash, Richard Harvey— 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 1, New Waterford, Ohio 

Reash, Robert W.— 1, 2 New Waterford, Ohio 

Recht, Ruth lane— 1, 2 667 Wooster Rd., W., Barberton, Ohio 

Rector, James Borrell— 1, 2 404 Walnut St., Meadville Pa 

Rector, Robert Theodore — 1, 2 404 Walnut St., Meadville Pa 

Redmond, LaVerne Lynne— 2 32001/2 East 121 St., Cleveland 

Reed, Marjorie lanet— 1, 2 1077 Woodward Ave., Akron 

Rees, Ardele Johonna — 1, 2 1845 Mannerinq Rd., Cleveland 

Rees, Mary Jean— 1, 2 Bonnie Brook, Hubbard 

Reese, Dorothy Ann— 1 , 2 Washingtonville 

Reger, Harvey Adlia — 1, 2 133 S. Bridge St., Newcomerslown 

Roger, Shirley Louise — 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 2, Conneaut 

Reid, John Brown— 1, 2 87 Garfield Ave., East Palestine 

Reid, John William— 1 43 Royal PI., Akron 

Reider, Betty Anni^l, 2 745 E. Market St., Akron, 

Reinicke, Dorothea— 1, 2 732 W. Main St., Kent 

Reitz, George David— 2 337 Union PI., Akron, 

Reitzel, Eleanor Luise — 1, 2 3009 Fourth Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa 

Renz, Delmar Albert— 1 447 W. Chestnut St., Akron, Ohic 

Renz, Ruth Helen— 1, 2 636 N. Wabash St., Brewster, Ohic 

Repede, Anne — 1, 2 1943 Manchester Rd., Akron, Ohic 

Ressler, Edna Katharine— 1, 2 1194 Cleveland St., Salem, Ohic 

Retzer, Virginia Marie — 1 897 Packard Drive, Akron, Ohic 

Reuter, Helen Irene— 1, 2 2607 St. Clair Ave., East Liverpool, Ohic 

Reynolds, Samuel— 1 9703 Cedar St., Cleveland, Ohic 

Reynolds, Willard Carl— 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 1, North Fairfield, Ohic 

Rezac, Edward Ralph — 1, 2 5313 Cato St., Maple Heights, Ohic 

Reznek, Walter— 1 945 Minota St., Akron, Ohic 

Rhoads, Betty Jeanne— 1, 2 3819 Baybath Dr., R. D. No. 4, Akron, Ohic 

Rhoads, Thelma June— 1, 2 303 W. Elm St., Kent, Ohic 

Ricart, Phyllis Janfr— 1, 2 147 W. Eighth St., Erie, Pa 

Riccarde, Russell— 1, 2 536 S. Canal St., Newton Falls, Ohic 

Riccardi, Frank Anthony — 2 435 Noah Ave., Akron, Ohic 

Ricci, Reno John— 1 241 W. Elm St., Kent, Ohic 

Richard, James Joseph- 1, 2 232 Lyme St., Bellevue, Ohic 

Richards, Anthony Michael — 1 800 Gorge Blvd., Akron, Ohic 

Richards, Carol— I, 2 2370 Second St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohic 

Richards, Charles T.— 1 880 Bisson Ave., Akron, Ohic 

Richards, Marjorie Edna— 1, 2 702 Elmwood St., Rocky River, Ohic 

Richmond, Edward Gilreath — 1 468 Pratt St., Ravenna, Ohic 

Richner, Jacquelyn — 1, 2 2525 Euclid Heights, Blvd., Cleveland Hts., Ohic 

Rickard, Dorthea Mae — 1, 2 1308 Penn. Ave., East Liverpool, Ohic 

Rickard, Kenneth Carl— 1, 2 287 W. Columbia St., Alliance, Ohic 

Rickey, John Thomas — 1, 2 122 N. Diamond St., Ravenna, Ohic 

Ricks, Ruth Marian— 1 1145 East 293 St., Wickliffe, Ohic 

Riehl, Florence Marie— 1, 2 3293 E. 137th St., Cleveland, Ohic 

Rife, Don Lee— 1 , 2 4120 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohic 

Rigby, Josephine Elizabeth — 1, 2 1554 Globe St., East Liverpool, Ohic 

Rigel, Lucille Eleanor — 1, 2 1884 Burnette St., East Cleveland, Ohic 

Riley, Charles Victor— 1, 2 R. No. 1, Dover, Ohic 

Riley, Zelma Lourine — 1, 2 Route No. 3, Waverly, Ohic 

Ringler, Doris Louise — 1, 2 339 E. State St., Alliance, Ohic 

Rini, Marian Josephine— 1, 2 3250 Berkley Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohic 

Rini, Nick Joseph— 1, 2 3250 Berkeley Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohic 

Rinto, Carl Russell— 1 1013 W. 51st St., Ashtabula, Ohic 

Rippberger, Donald Raymond — 1, 2. .R. D, No. 7, Orch. Acres, N. Canton, O 

Risser, Shirley R.— 1, 2 224 Vine St., Ashland 

Ristow, Mrs. Delia Harms — 1, 2 10504 Harvard Ave., Cleveland, 

Ritter, Wayne Lee— 1, 2 720 Sandusky St., Ashland, 

Robb, Betty Jane — 1, 2 14907 Milverton Rd., Cleveland 

Roberson, Catherine Louise — 1 141 S. Mantua St., Kent 

Roberts, Benjamin W. — 1 , 2 1973 Cooke St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Roberts, Charles P.— 1 332 Beaver St.", 

Roberts, David William— 1 332 Beaver St., 


Roberts, William Henry— 1 640 Blaine St., Akron 

Robertson, James Harvey — 1 446 McGowan St., Akron 

Robertson, William K. — 1 446 McGowan St., Akron 

Robinson, Donald Ellsworth — 1, 2 561 Noble Ave., Akron 

Robinson, Madeline Mary — 2 1733 Catalpa, Cleveland, 

Roby, Calvin Howard — 1, 2 1635 DeSota Ave., Warren, 

Roby, William Wagner— 1, 2 412 East St., Minerva, 

Rockhill, Mary Joan — 1, 2 25 Chicago Ave., Youngstown 

Rockwell, Bertha S.— 1, 2 112 Ashland Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Rodio, Joseph— 1, 2 2305 E. 33rd St., Lorain, 

Roecker, Jeanne Mary — 1, 2 2192 McKinley St., Lakewood 

Roessel, Dorothy — 1, 2 2039 Elm St., Youngstown, 

Rogers, Francis James — 1, 2 350 E. Kent Rd., Sto'w, 

Rohr, Lawrence Joseph— 1 2235 21st St., S. W., Akron, 

Rohrer, Bill Howard — 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Malvern, 

Rohrer, Grace Irene — 1, 2 R, R. No. 1, Box 16, Malvern 

Romig, Lucile — 1, 2 1116 Trenton Ave., Uhrichsville 

Roney, Martha Gene — 1, 2 18936 Sheldon Rd., Berea, 

Rongone, Francis C. — 1, 2 1981 Cook St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Rongone, MoUie Mary — 1, 2 548 Broadway, Cuyahoga Falls 

Rongone, Ronald Leo — 1, 2 1987 Cook St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Rooney, Audrey Marie — 1, 2 1660 Robbinwood, Lakewood 

Roos, Gordon Evan — 1 174 Roswell St., Akron 

Rose, Arlene Mary — 1 852 Crouse St., Akron 

Rose, Joseph James — 1, 2 Middlefield 

Rosen, Henry Robert— 1, 2 ^.1629 E. 12th St., New York 

314 Beach ■ 70th St., Arverne, New Yoi 

" ' " ' " Oh 



Rosen, Herbert— 1, 2 

Rosenthal, Herman A.— 1, 2 42V2 S. Union St., Akron 

Rosich, Tom Andrew— 1, 2 1353 E. 82nd St., Cleveland 

Ross, Lucille lone — 1, 2 471 Sto'w St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Ross, Armand Wilbur— 2 11823 Imperial St., Cleveland 

Ross, Marjorie Louise — I, 2 Route No. 1, Toronto 

Ross, Thomas Lee— 1 615 North Fifth St., Cambridge 

Roth, Juliana Mary — I, 2 Box 155, KingsviUe 

Rothermund, Helen Margaret — 1, 2 189 Poland Ave., Struthers 

Rothwell, Hannah Frances — 1, 2 108 Broadway, Youngstown 

Rotsinger, Carolyn Katherine — I.... 962 Roanoke Rd., Cleveland Hts. 

Routh, Lucille L.— I, 2 R. D. No. 1, Medina 

Rowe, Carolin Boehm — 1 Twin Lakes, Kent 

Rowe, Dale Arthur — 1, 2 1440 Robinwood Ave., Lakewood 

Rowe, William Woodruff — 1, 2 27 Lamberton, Mansfield 

Rozuk, Ray Edward — 1, 2 1943 Manchester Rd., Akron 

Rubin, Philip Walter— I, 2 1745 E. Seventh St., Brooklyn, 

Rubin, Richard Earl— 1, 2 9k6 Third St., S. W., Canton, 

Ruble, Robert Raymond — 1, 2 315 Park Ave., Kent, 

Rucker, Herbert Mason — I, 2 725 Harvard St., Akron 

Rufi, James Edward — 1, 2 412 Maplewood St., Ravenna 

Buggies, Betty J. — I, 2 822 E. Kent Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Ruggles, Robert W.— I, 2 16215 Oakhill Rd., East Cleveland 

Rumberger, Robert Cleland— 1, 2 1925 20th St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Rundle, Norma Jean — 1, 2 152 Rocky River Dr., Berea, 

Russell, Jack Dean— 1 , 2 805 Mercer Ave., Akron, 

Russell, John William— 1 ,2 647 S. Water St., Kent, 

Ruthenberg, William J. — 1, 2 261 Seminole Ave., Sawyerwood 

Rutherford, Clyde Walter— 1 3236 Columbia Rd,, Westlake, 

Rybak, Francis James— I, 2 R. D. No, 2, Hudson 


Sacco, Helen Agnes — I, 2 Box 525, Alliance, 

Sackett, Ray Edward — 1, 2 849 S. Seneca St., Alliance 

Sadler, Harriet E,— 1, 2 1111 Beach Dr., N., St. Petersburg, Fl 

Safranek, Richard Edward — 1, 2 Solon Rd., Salem, Oh 

N. ' 


Salem, Julia Dawn — I, 2 4747 Main Ave., Ashtabula, 

Salisbury, John Edward— 1, 2 118 East 34th St., Lorain, 

Saltsman, Hugh Dale — 2 HammondsviUe, 

Samartzi, Amos C— 1 549 Brown St., Akron 

Samples, William Ellsworth— 2 529 Parkdale Dr., Akron 

Samples, Willam Howard— 2 1188 Fourth St., Akron 

Santone, Bruno Gregory— 2 4707 Noble St., Bellaire 

Santoro, Jane Avonne — 1, 2 661 W. Spruce St., Ravenna 

Sarmir, Joseph Peter— 1, 2 3695 E. 131 St., Cleveland 

Sarrach, Fred Earl— 1 Box 194, Brady Lake 

Sauers, Robert John — 1, 2 19556 South Sagamore St., Cleveland 

Saukkonen, Linnea T. — 1, 2 17444 Broadway, Maple Heights 

Sautter, Eckhardt Emden — 1, 2 14614 Leonard Ave., Lakewood 

Sawyer, John Joseph — 1 423 Woodard Ave., Kent 

Sayers, Carol Louise— 1, 2 314 Sayers Ave., Niles 

Scarem, Wilfred Roy — 1, 2 301 Marguerite Ave., Cuyahoga Falls 

Schader, George— 1, 2 419 Summit St., Niles 

Schafer, Jack— 1, 2 208 King St., Ravenna, 

Schaffer, Corinne — 1, 2 Lost Nation Rd., R. D. No. 3, Willoughby 

Scharkey, E. Jean— 1, 2 60 W. Bagley Rd., Berea 

Scharon, Francis Joseph— 1, 2 303 Wilson St., Kent 

Scheuerman, Mrs. Helen E.— 1 424 Carthage Ave., Kent 

Scheuerman, John Gerard— 1 424 Carthage Ave., Kent 

Scheuerman, William Philip— 1 7629 Broadview, Cleveland 

Schilder, Jean Edith— 1, 2 12717 ArUss Dr., Lakewood 

Schlegel, Emerson Christian— 2 E. Sparta, R. R. No. 1 

Schmidt, Richard Penros^l, 2 R. F. D. No. 3, Kent 

Schmiedel, Jane— 1 1240 Arnold Ave., Akron, 

Schmiedl, Joseph Francis— 1, 2 547 S. Lincoln St., Kent, 

Schmucker, Twyla— 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 3, Canton, 

Schmutzler, Karl Eugene— 1, 2 997 Wooster Rd,, Barberton, 

Schnabel, Howard Milton— 1 635 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, 

Schneider, Rene Abel— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Sterling, 

Schneider, Wilbur Joseph- 1, 2 421 Lawrence St., Ravenna, 

Schnitzer, Marjean Alta— 1, 2 East Sparta, 

Schnitzer, Mary— 1, 2 East Sparta, 

Schnitzer, William John— 1, 2 East Sparta, 

Schoner, Dorothy Mae— 1, 2 East St., Uniontowri 

Schraegle, William Arthur— 1, 2 17317 Oxford Ave., Cleveland, 

Schriber, Audrey Sanell— 1, 2 19980 Park View, Rocky River, 

Schubert, Lenore Claire— 1, 2 514 Wooster Ave., Dover 

Schulenberg, Margaret Augusta— I 200 Whitely St., Bridgeport 

Schulke, Edward Henry— 1, 2 1498 Highland Ave^, Cleveland 

Schuller, Margaret— 1, 2 703 Early Rd., Youngstown 

Schultheis, Robert Joseph— 1, 2 1811 E. 33rd St Cleveland, 

Schultheiss, Janice June -1,..205 Front Ave., S. E., New Philadelphia, 
Schultz, Geraldine Florence— 1, 2.... 1785 Lee Rd., Cleveland Heights, 

Schumacher, Paul Weisend— 1, 2 Main St., Woodsfield 

Schwab, Margaret Louise— 1, 2 205 Kennet Ct., N. W^ Canton, 

Schwabe, Richard Frank— 1, 2 4149 E. 135 St., Cleveland 

Schwartz Jayne Adele— 1, 2.. 2023 Martindale Rd., Cleveland Heights 

Schwartz, John Raymond— 1, 2 3114 Dewey PI Canton 

Schwartz, Ruth Marjorie— 1, 2... 2023 Martindale Rd., Cleveland Hts. 

Scofield, Mary Jane— 1, 2 V^'^'""' ^' ' I® ^rson, 

Soofield, Genevieve Ethel— 2 w^°'lV' ^^-J'^^t^T 

Scott, Helen Frances— 1, 2 Route No. 3 Barberton, 

Scott, Robert Dean-1, 2 ■ ■ • v/.Ti;"?-'"®'""'' ^ 

Scribner, Robert Bruce-1, 2 498 Mill St. Conneau 

Scribner, Wildun Alva— 1, 2 529 Rockv/ell St., Kent, 

Seaberg, Rudy Frederick-I, 2 536 Sixth St„ Struthers 

Searcy, William Harold— 1, 2 ........... .Hudson 

Seastead, Raymond Bernard— 1 2014 High St., Cuyahoga Fa Is 

Seckinger, C. Leroy-1 2456 Fourth St Cuyahoga Falls, 

Seckman, Margaret Ann— 1, 2 Dixonville, East Liverpool 

ieS^'iSC^? Her^^-i; '2: ;;;;;;;;:;::::: :62i 'Keeie; -su Barber^r;: 

lefgman GeirgjFr'^nois-l, 2 728 Thayer St., Akron 

Silver Lake 

Seis'e, Shirley Elizabeth-I, 2 2117 Northland St., Lakewood 

Selzer, Jane PhylIis-1, 2 1618 Treadway Ave Cleveland 

Semans, Constance Jane— 1, 2 • .413 Vine St 

Semon Mary Blanche— 1, 2 2990 Milboro Rd 

SeS?h Andy-I, 2 3361 W. 25th St., Cleveland 

Seruch, Anna Mary-1, 2 ■■-^- ■ -Box 36^ Belo^ 

lt:SL\f.n^rl tll-U .■.•.•.■.•.■.■.•.•.•.542 ■s.'ba^kla^nd ivrihSr^on, P. 

Shafer Carhon M -1 2 1519 11th St., N. E., MassiUon, Oh 

iha er: Wmiam Curtis-1,^ 2 156 Bonnie Brae, N.E., Warren, Oh 

ilJSir: ^^;?c^?^i:::-:::::-::-4 itt^l^ho^lS: § 

S^en^geS'lane-rT'- ' ! i ! ! : : ::BO%\ cinfon: Oh 

Shaheen, Bea Jane 12. Buchtel Ave., Akron, Oh 

Sh-dme Betty Jean-1, 2 ^^^^^i;^^, gS 

SharlDe, Garold— 1 2 ^ Cleveland, Oh' 

Sheafer, Frances-2 . R F. D., Millersburg, Oh 

Sherman, Faith 1, 2. . . g Warren, Oh 

Shirchff, James William— 1, 2 Hirkorv St Mentor Oh 

l!:'"t'^ia''ne*s"'^^r° '. i34^ Univ'rs?./ Drive"" Kim! Oh: 

Shook, Jane S.— 1, 2. .' ' Cleveland, Oh 

Short, Emmajoiie-l, 2. 27731 Lake Shore Bvd., Euclid, Oh 

Short, Margaret Greer— 1, 2 2//dl IjaKe onore S;''"^ qj^ 

Shuke, John Frankhn-l 2 ■. g, Painesville, 

Shumaker, Anna Lois — 1, z... en m^ R^v 947 }Cpnt 

Shuman, Marjorie Katherine-1 W^' F.h ?„^,' landoloh New 


Sidinger,_ Wayne Ayers-1 ,2 464 S. yn°"St_, Salem 

Sieboia, acK nenry— 1 . — ■ „ ,. „ j, , 

Siedschlag, Mrs Dorothy H.-l, 2 1.8^E.^HaU^St^, Kent, 

Siedschlag Karl G.— 1 — j -^ g Cleveland, 

Sm"Tr*ur DeWm"::-I^ ^2^ ! ! ! ! ! i ! ! ! .' ! i i i : ■ .220 N. Lincoln St. Kent, 

i ;;er*tem E^'^'^nard-L 2 653 Sunset View Dr., Akron 

Silverstein Lennord N^l, 2 '18^18* st Bcirb'^erton: 

Simmons, Alyce Marie— 1, 2 ■^■:^» 1 Cuyahoga Falls, 

1=,' f^^{'T:':':::::::^v—:::.ii3c.^a. i.. cweiand 








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Malted Milks Nationally Advertised 

Sundaes Cosmetics: 

c ^ Coty's 

^°^^^ Dorothy Perkins 

P.O. Coach Line Richard Hudnut 



119 West Main St. 

Simone, Louis Vincent— 1, 2 1092 Grandview Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Simpson, Russell Gene— I, 2 402 Trumbull St., Warren, Ohio 

Sinclair, Belty Jane— 2 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Sinn, Donald F. — 1, 2 Diamond, Ohio 

Siovils, Zoltan — 1 , 2 1 03 U Pierponi Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Sirak, Eugene Milchell— 1, 2 243 18th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Sivon, Ruth L.— 1, 2 1300 E. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Skelly, Jack— 1, 2 355 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Skora, Geraldine Janet — 2 643 Berea St., Berea, Ohio 

Slapak, Martha Louise — 1,2 Summit & Morris, Kent, Ohio 

Slepecky, Michael — 1, 2 4220 Buechner Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Slivka, Marie Josephine — 1, 2 4455 Pearl Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Slominski, Leonard Marion — 1, 2 7913 Korman Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Slor, Evelyne Paulelte — 1, 2 3664 E. 147th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Smallfield, George Blair— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Smallfield, Sarah Margaret — 1. 2 R. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Smelkoski, Bob— 1, 2 4180 E. 144 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Smelts, Richard Roy— 1 , 2 162 Buchtel Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Smiley, Evelyn Mae — 1. 2 R. D. No. 2, Wooster, Ohio 

Smiley, Robert Kellogg— 2 Avondale, Canton, Ohio 

Smith, Carl Walter— 1 1539 Seventh St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Smith, Charles Lee^l, 2 525 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Smith, Charlotte S.— 1, 2 639 Falls St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Smith, Ethel Mae— 1, 2 1928 Second St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Smith, Glen Orin— 1 1722 Third St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Smith, Harold Vaughn— 1, 2 707 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Smith, Helen Ruth— 1 , 2 R. D. No. 4, Salem, Ohio 

Smith, Hugh Roscoe— 1, 2 721 Thayer St., Akron, Ohio 

Smith, Jane Louise — 1, 2 71 W. Salome Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Smith, Jeanne Arie — 1, 2 1614 Parkwood Rd., Lakewood, Ohio 

Smith, Joan Kathleen — 1, 2 Box 124, Clinton, Ohio 

Smith, Joan Suzette— 1, 2 789 E. Fillmore Ave., East Aurora, Nev/ York 

Smith, John Alex— 1 639 Falls St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Smith, John Harvey— 1 748 Chalker St., Akron, Ohio 

Smith, Joseph Carroll— 1, 2 639 Falls St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Smith, June E. — 2 404 Robbins Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Smith, Kathryn Jean — 1, 2 64 Grand Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Smith, Margaret Elizabeth — 1, 2.... I 729 Longwood Ave., South Euclid, Ohio 

Smith, Mary Louise — 1, 2 564 S. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Smith, Nettie Grace — 1 , 2 Navarre, Ohio 

Smith, Park Joseph— 1, 2 38 E. Main St., Hudson, Ohio 

Smith, Robert Stauffer— 1, 2 282 Grand Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Smith, Mrs. Ruth Caris — 1 535 Cuyahoga St., Kent, Ohio 

Smith, Virgil Dale— 1, 2 367 Bacon Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Smith, WiUiam Stanford— 1 . .707 Falls St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (deceased) 

Snedden, Richard T.— 1, 2 135 South St., Chardon, Ohio 

Snoddy, Hilda Jean— 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 1, Shreve, Ohio 

Snow, Wallace McCreery — 1, 2 66 SnowviUe Rd., BrecksviUe, Ohio 

Snyder, Adelaide Ruth — 1 , 2 1625 Ohio Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Snyder, Dorothy Genevieve — 1, 2 Route No. 2, Wooster, Ohio 

Snyder, Maryan Esther — 1 , 2 Box 93, Lakemore, Ohio 

Snyder, Ruth Esther— 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 4, Mansfield, Ohio 

Snyder, Ruth Mills— 1, 2 400 Wildwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Sohn, Phyllis Jean— 1, 2 335 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Sohn, David Emory — 2 335 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Sollitto, Bernard Samuel— 1, 2 158 Roosevelt St., Warren, Ohio 

Solow, Robert Harry — 1, 2 419 E. College Ave., Kent. Ohio 

Soule, John Kenneth — 1, 2 407 Archwood, Akron, Ohio 

Soule, Marilyn Cameron — 1, 2 18219 Cornwal Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Sours, William Leonard— 1, 2 2280 13th St., S. W., Akron, Ohio 

Sowash, Marilou — 1, 2 513 Heineman Blvd., Mansfield, Ohio 

Spahlinger, Homer Austin — 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Newton Falls, Ohio 

Spanagel, Mary Lou — 1, 2 649 Roslyn S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Sparhawk, Ruth Maebelle— 1, 2 1230 Brittain Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Speck, Lucy Earle — 1, 2 2117 E. 31st St., Lorain, Ohio 

Spieth, Betty Jean— 1 , 2 1807 E. 47th St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Spitler, Dorothy Jane — 1, 2 1634 Wilson St., Warren, Ohio 

Sponseller, Eugene — 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 4, Canton, Ohio 

Sponsler, Mary Ann — 1, 2 508 Chestnut Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Sprague, Lila Ruth— 1, 2 160 Hager St., Hubbard, Ohio 

Spriggel, Keith B.— 1 318 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Springer, Patricia Blanc— 1, 2 354 E. Kent Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Sprosty, Theresa Elsie— 1, 2 2157 Northland St., Lakewood, Ohio 

Sprouse, Alice Louise — 1, 2 4409 State Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Sguires, Robert Wright — 1, 2 135 Norwood St., Barberton, Ohio 

Stadelman, Robert Edward — 1, 2 927 Woodward Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Stafford, Elizabeth Louise — 1 , 2 1219 Tweed Ave., Steubenville, Ohio 

Staib, Virginia Ann — 1 ,2 Mesopotamia, Ohio 

Stamps, Dorothy Myrl- 1, 2 210 W. 23rd St., Lorain, Ohio 

Standridge, Alvin Raymond — 1 1702 Glenmount, Akron, Ohio 

Slanfar, Nick Frank— 1, 2 75 Tremble St., Campbell, Ohio 

Stange, Elaine Elizabeth— 1, 2 1429 E. 134 St., East Cleveland, Ohio 

Stanley, Earl R.— 1, 2 271 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Stanley, Mary Geraldine — 1, 2 Route No. 2, Beloit, Ohio 

Stanton, Doris Erma — 1, 2 2290 Ogontz Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Stanton, Edward Ignatius— 1, 2 1769 W. 31st St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Starck, Ingeborg Ann— 1 427 Fifth St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Stark, Dorothy M.— 1, 2 171 N. Chestnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Starn, William Frank— 1, 2 948 Oakland Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Starner, David William— 1, 2 159 Yonker St., Barberton, Ohio 

Starr, Cornell Winch— 1, 2 Litchfield, Ohio 

Stearns, Irene Elizabeth — 1, 2 121 Beatty Ave., Richwood, Ohio 

Stebler, Marjorie Elizabeth— 1, 2 206 Lawn Ave., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Steenrod, Adonis Evan— 1, 2 3208 Dewey PL, S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Steggal, Ann Louise — 1, 2 302 Ravenna St., Hudson, Ohio 

Steiner, Helen Mae — 1 1292 Diaaonal Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Steiner, Julia Irene— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Orrville, Ohio 

Steinhauser, Virginia Rose — 1, 2 2629 Benton St., Akron, Ohio 

Steininger, Marjorie Esther — 1, 2 Aurora Rd., Solon, Ohio 

Stepfield, Marjorie Anne— 1, 2 1536 Eighth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Sterling, William Doty— 1 4406 W. 226th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Stern, Harold— 1, 2 717 Mallison St., Akron, Ohio 

Stevenson, Frances Helen — 1 , 2 P. O. Box 69, Orangeville,Ohio 

Stevenson, Gerald McMonies— 1, 2 189 N. Chestnut St., Kent, Ohio 

Stewart, Dale David — 1 , 2 44 Wigley Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Stewart, Earl Reed— 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 1, Ravenna, Ohio 

Stewart, Gale — 1 2461/2 E. Stale St., Salem, Ohio 

Stewart, Richard Murray — 1 1 1 85 Cadillac Blvd. , Akron, Ohio 

Stewart, Robert James — 1 , 2 2058 Hillcrest, Cleveland, Ohio 

Stewart, Wesley Thomas— 1 2078 18lh St., Akron, Ohio 

Stewart, William Harley— 1, 2 2241 13th St., Akron, Ohio 

Stocking, Mary Belle — 1, 2 2937 Edgehill Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Stoddard, Claranell — 1 136 Fenton, Mogadore, Ohio 

Sloll, Wilda G.— 1 2119 Second St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Stone, Dorothy Mae — 1 1103 S. Seneca St., Alliance, Ohio 

Stout, Gail Martin— 1, 2 632 Park St., Marion, Ohio 

Strader, Clarence Edwin — 1, 2 .Main St., Seville, Ohio 

Strahan, Eleanor Julia — 1 , 2 Friendship, New York 

Strain, Dorothy Jeanne — 1, 2 635 W. State St., Alliance, Ohio 

Straub, Mildred Jean — 2 614 Second Ave., lohnsonburg. Pa. 

Strayer, Hubert Lawrence — 1 245 Dodge St., Kent, Ohio 

Stricklen, John Robert— 1 798 Roselawn St., Akron, Ohio 

Strong, Dora Louise — 1, 2 Berlin Center, Ohio 

Strong, Pauline Marie — 1, 2 Huntsburg, Ohio 

Stroud, Wallace Henry — 1, 2 1438 Lakewood Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Stroup, Mary Jane — 1, 2 9708 Willard Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Struble, Dorothy Mary— 1, 2 108 Creed Ave., Hubbard, Ohio 

Stuart, Kenneth Freed — 2 219 Jackson St., New Lexington, Ohio 

Stubbs, Saralee — 1, 2 533 Morning View, Akron, Ohio 

Stuber, William Dunlap — 1 1831 Seventh St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Styles, Myron Clifton— 1 6620 Bellevedere St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Suek, Roy— 1 217 N. Mantua, Kent, Ohio 

Sullivan, Jane Littleton — 1, 2 1290 Donald Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Sullivan, William Franklin — 1, 2. .2653 Elmwood St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Suru, Elizabeth— 2 451 W. Waterloo Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Sutton, Edward ScarlotI— 1, 2 Hibbetts, Ohio 

Swallow, George Norm— 2 3516 N. Market St., Canton, Ohio 

Swasey, Fred Harold — 1, 2 428 Lawrence St., Ravenna. Ohio 

Swearengin, Genevieve — 1 416 Adena St., North Canton, Ohio 

Sweeny, John David — 1 376 Sumatra St., Akron, Ohio 

Swisher, Helen Eugenia — 1, 2 Hudson, Ohio 

Swoboda, Dorothy May— 1, 2 315 Milton St., Alliance, Ohio 

Swope. Geraldine Marie — 1, 2 2610 Ninth St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Sykes, James Douglass — 1 591 Lindell St., Akron, Ohio 

Szemersky, Peter Paul— 1, 2 10509 Parkview Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Takacs, Margaret Ann— 1, 2. . .R. F. D. No. 2, North Ridge Rd., Lorain, Ohio 

Tallant, Helen Gertrude — 1, 2 21 Chippewa Dr., BrecksviUe, Ohio 

Tanase, Cornelia Jane — 1 R. D. No. 4, Canton, Ohio 

Tataru, Theodore Vionel — 1, 2 Northfield Rd., Bedford, Ohio 

Tate, Opal Georgia— 1 525 N. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Taylor, Charles Edward— 1 141 Crain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Taylor, Robert Love— 1, 2 1286 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Taylor, Starling E.— 1 105 South St., St. Clairsville, Ohio 

Taylor, William B— 1, ? 402 S. Mill St., Louisville, Ohio 

Tedrick. Lois Jane — 1, 2 324 Kathron Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Teele, E'lnor Arlene— 1, 2 500 Ohio St., Akron, Ohio 

Telford, Robert Sheldon— 1, 2 1530 RydalmounI, Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Tenenblum, Nellie Nancy — 1, 2 818 East Ave., Erie, Pa. 

Teti, Frank Anthony— 1, 2 133 E. College Ave., Kent. Ohio 

Teuscher, Elizabeth Ann — 1, 2 1161 Maple St., Mentor, Ohio 

Theis, James E.— 1,2 953 Lisbon St., East Liverpool, Ohio 

Theiss, Henry King — 1, 2 440 S. Prospect St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Thierry, Jacgueline Mary— 1, 2 1921 12th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Thierry, James Edward— 1, 2 1921 12th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Thomas, Ada Riggs — 2. Silver Lake, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Thomas, Carl— 1, 2 1745 E. 29th St., Lorain, Ohio 

Thomas, Charles Raymond — 1 242 McGowan St., Akron, Ohio 

Thomas, Charlotte — 1, 2 159 Linden Ave., S. E,, Warren, Ohio 

Thomas, Isabel Jane— 1, 2 359 Talbot Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Thomas, June Bierce— 1, 2 3005 Overlook Rd., Silver Lake, Ohio 

Thomas, Kathryn Rose — 1, 2 801 S. Irvine St., Sharon, Pa. 

Thomas, Mary Elizabeth — 1, 2 919 Decatur St., Sandusky, Ohio 

Thomas, Ralph Alexander — 1 Box 65, Kinsman, Ohio 

Thomas, Rov/land Lanson — 1 , 2 Rootstown, Ohio 

Thompson, Esther Lois — 1, 2 Beloit, Ohio 

Thompson, John Andrew — 1, 2 Beloit, Ohio 

Thompson, William Donald — 1 421 Cornell St., Akron, Ohio 

Thorne, Floyd Lee— 1, 2 3106 W. 116th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Thwaite, Donald Oliver — 1, 2 Belmont, Ohio 

Tidyman, Don Dine — 1, 2 2468 Wyandotte Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Tingley, Don Allen — 1 546 Archwood St., Akron, Ohio 

Tobin, Ernest Richard — 1 395 W. Exchange St., Akron, Ohio 

Tomcik, John Stephen— 1, 2 27 24th St., S. W., Barberton, Ohio 

Toops, Mary Eloise— 1, 2 707 Polk Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Toot, George Marion — 1, 2 Magnolia, Ohio 

Topp, James Kent — 1, 2 344 North Broadway, New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Tolh, Andy Paul— 1 2402 14th St., Canton, Ohio 

Toth, Louis — 1, 2 11805 Forest Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Toth Margaret Helen— 1, 2 3154 E. Overlook Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Toto, Patrick Daniel— 1, 2 226 Scott St., Niles, Ohio 

Towner, George Brewster — 1 Box 14, Brady Lake, Ohio 

Traenkle, Caroline Gertrude— 1, 2 3268 Oak St, Ext., Youngstown, Ohio 

Trapp Eleanor Ruth— 1, 2 1924 19th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Trapp, E. Phihp— 1, 2 1924 19t.i St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Traxler, Marie Jane— 1, 2 Greentown, Ohio 

Traxler, Harmon Page — 1 1517 Hoyt Court, Mentor, Ohio 

Traycoff, Helen— 1 , 2 Box 5, Lake St., Kent, Ohio 

Treffert, Mary Jane— 1, 2 312 Maple Ave.. Niles, Ohio 

Trenta, Frank Joseph— 1, 2 203 22nd St., Barberton, Ohio 

Treter, Myron Henry— 1, 2 Graytown, Ohio 

Trommer, Charles Carson— 1 2042 Fifth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Troyan, Alice Marie — 1, 2 4119 Biddolph Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Troyan, Elizabeth— 1, 2 3265 Washington St., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Trunko, Mary Marjorie — 1, 2 Copley, Ohio 

Truxell, Robert Harvey— 1 , 2 Box 304, Masury, Ohio 

Tucker, Ted Richard— 1, 2 248 S. Sixth St., ByesviUe, Ohio 

Tumill, Rosemarie E.— 1, 2 145 E. Midlothian St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Tunstall Bette — 1 6610 Pelham Dr., Parma, Ohio 

Turk, Jerome Francis— 1, 2 1112 E. 174 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Turley William Jack — 1 1368 St. Charles, Lakewood, Ohio 

Turner, Beatrice S.— 1, 2 292 Scott Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Turner, Helen Grace — 1 1315 Niagara Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Tuuri, Arthur Leonard— 1, 2 605 Prince St., Negaunee, Michigan 

Tyree Eileen Evelyn — 1 Route No. 1 Box 297, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 


Underhill, Jane Ruth— 1, 2 805 Winton Ave., Akron. Ohio 

Unterzuber, Vera Wands— 1, 2 Route No. 2, Bellaire, Ohio 

U'Ren Alan Charles — 2 20826 Morewood Pky., Rocky River, Ohio 


Vacariu, Earl Paul— 1, 2 412 N. Liberty St., Alliance, Ohio 

Valenti, Raymond — 1, 2 363 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, Ohio 

VanAuker, Alfred J. — 1, 2 3325 Idlewood St., Youngstown, Ohio 

VanBolt, Betty Anne— 1, 2 11324 Linnet Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

VanCourl, Roberta Estella— 1, 2 R. D. No. 28, Warren, Ohio 

VanDellen, Ross Edward— 1, 2 916 W. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Van Nostrand, James- 1 200 Court St., Chardon, Ohio 

VanOrman, Edith Tunte— 1, 2 485 Letchworth St., Akron, Ohio 

VanVolkenburg, George — 1, 2 R. D. No. 4, Youngstown, Ohio 

Vomer, Donald Wayne— 1, 2 441 Noah Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Vaughn, Charles Henry— 1, 2 728 Sylvan Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Vaughn, Edward Clarence — 1 R. F. D., North Lawrence, Ohio 

Vaughn, Paul Wharton— 1, 2 314 Ontario, Akron, Ohio 

Verbanek, John Robert— 1, 2 1119 W. 20th St., Lorain, Ohio 

Vereshack, Robert Charles— 1 UOl Dietz Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Vermillion, Ruth Gertrude— 1, 2 1331 Orrin St., Akron, Ohio 

Vese, Russell Charles— 1, 2 Rt. No. 2, Chardon, Ohio 

Vincent, Alice Ruth— 1, 2 1511 E. Third St., Salem, Ohio 

Vincent, Emily Jean— 1, 2 116 Williamson Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Vinciguerra Eugene — 2 580 Oxford Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Viscounty, Charles Ralph— 1, 2 1225 E. Sixth St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Vitale, Vincent Gerard— 1, 2 337 Robins Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Vogel Ernest— 1, 2 403 East Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Vojkovich, Steven George — 1 906 Hudson Rd., Kent, Ohio 

Volk Judith— 1 3103 Washington Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Vrsa'n Frank Wesley— 1, 2 1801 Stark Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Vukovic, Katharine Jean— 1 525 Fountain St., Youngstown, Ohio 


Wachcic, Elfriede Marie — 1, 2 59 Cherokee Tr., Erieside, Ohio 

Wagener, Mary Louise— 1, 2 1307 High St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Wagner, Elinor Marie— 1 .Hartville, Ohio 

Wagner, George Vincent- 1, 2 1300 Andrews Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 


Your Most Valuable Food 

• MILK • 



All Dairy Products 





HON. Water St. 

Kent, Ohio 

Students Have to Eat 





315 E. Summit 

Kent's Oldest, Largest 
and Best Cleaning Establishment 




Established 1910 

133 North Water Phone 4452 


Wagner, John William — 1 83 Maffalt Place, Akron, Ohio 

Wagner, June Loretta— 1, 2 212 East 11th St., Dover, Ohio 

Wagnitz, Robert Carlyle — 1 Macedonia. Ohio 

Wagoner, Bill— 1, 2 R, D. No. 3, Ravenna, Ohio 

Wahl, Anne — 1, 2 2419 Seventh St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Waldo, Connie — 1, 2 142 Elmwood Ave., East Aurora, New York 

Walker, Esther Vivian— 1 2251 E. 86th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Walker, June Elizabeth— 1, 2 2660 Maplewood St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Walker, Ordella Jane — 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 1, North Olmsted, Ohio 

Walker, Robert Lowry— 1 208 S. Chestnut St., Kent, Ohio 

Walker, Theodore— 2 508 S. Water St., Kent, Ohio 

Wallis, Robert Brown— 1 1589 Ninth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Walsh, Lois Lea — 1, 2 121 Prospect St., Kent, Ohio 

Walter, Eugene Allen — 1 , 2 S. Ridge St., East, Geneva, Ohio 

Walter, Gertrude Marie — 1, 2 803 Boulevard St., Akron, Ohio 

Walters, Dorothy Evelyn — 1, 2 356 Morningview Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Waltz, Carol Jean — 1, 2 144 Fourth St., S. W., Sirasburg, Ohio 

Wample, Genevieve Louise — 1, 2 Route No. 1, Falconer, New York 

Wanamaker, Betty Jane — 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 1, Warren, Ohio 

Warburton, Joseph Munn — 1 50 S. Cleveland Ave., Mogadore, Ohio 

Warnicke, Janis Moeller— 2 3443 W. 25th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Warren, Jean Phyllis — 1, 2 R. D. No. 4, Box 670, Akron, Ohio 

Warstler, Ila Carolyn— 1, 2 1015 Main Ave., W., Massillon, Ohio 

Wass, Carol Ruth— 1, 2 197 Washington St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Waterbury, Irving Babbitt — 1 66 Wandle Ave., Bedford, Ohio 

Watkins, Phillip Le Barce — 1, 2 Hotel Place 1562, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Watkins, Roger Harold— 2 2931 Silver Lake Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Watson, John William— 1, 2 1387 Brown St., Akron, Ohio 

Watson, Pauline Vivian— 1 2002 Kirk Ct., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Waiters, Betty Mae — 1, 2 732 E. Riddle Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

Waiters, John— 1, 2 811 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Waybright, Dennis Clifton— 1, 2 2563 Pelton Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Wearstler, Betty Jane— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Louisville, Ohio 

Webb, Barbara Phyllis— 1, 2 174 Glenwood St., Clarksville. Tenn. 

Webb, Janet Louise — 1 55 Harmon Dr., PainesviUe, Ohio 

Webb, Thad Martin— 1, 2 Garrettsville, Ohio 

Weber, Charles Raymond— 1 224 16th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wedding, Margaret Jane — 1, 2 Garrettsville, Ohio 

Weeden, Kenneth Leon— 1, 2 1073 Whittier Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Wefler, June LaDyne — 1, 2 706 22nd St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Weigle, Richard Charles— 1, 2 601 17th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Weimer, Russell Clifford — 1 James St., Mogadore, Ohio 

Weimer, Verna Henrietta — 1 Dalton, Ohio 

Weirick, Jeanne — 1 1592 Hillside Terrace, Akron, Ohio 

Weiss, Bertha Mae — 1, 2 658 W. Thornton St., Akron, Ohio 

Weiss, Winona Clara— 1, 2 1228 16th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Weiss, Kenneth Carl— 1 427 West Grant St., Kent, Ohio 

Wellar, Helen Ruth— 1, 2 14301 Castalia Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Wellman, Thomas Jerome — 1, 2. .115 Munroe Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Wells, Audrey Elaine — 1, 2 705 Park View St., Lorain, Ohio 

Wells, Winnie Belle — 1 539 W. Hopocan Ave., Barberton, Ohio 

Welton, Barbara Joyce — 1, 2 Hubbard Rd., East Aurora, New York 

Wendelken, Laura Jean — 2 1023 Garden View Dr., Kent, Ohio 

Werb, Theodore Julius— 1, 2 3211 W. Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 

Werman, Erwin — 1 261 1 Oak Park Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Werstler, Robert S.— 1, 2 433 Werstler Ave., North Canton, Ohio 

Wertenberger, Mary Jane — 1, 2 241 Lav^rence St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Wertheimer, Bernard M. — 1 420 Thomas Ct., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wess, Emily Marie — 1, 2 20571 Miller Ave,, Euclid, Ohio 

West, Clayton Orin— 1, 2 1411 Seventh St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

West. Ruth Virginia— 1, 2 390 Ohio Ave., Salem, Ohio 

Weston, Walter Robert — 1, 2 2391 Columbia Rd., Westlake, Ohio 

Wetzel, Lowell — 1 825 Sheridon Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Wey, Jeanne Thorpe — 1 61 Sixth St., S. E., Massillon, Ohio 

Whalen. WiUiam Perry — 1, 2 5140 Summer St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Whaley, Mary Evelyn — 1. 2 256 North Howard St.. Salem, Ohio 

Wharton, Thelma Jeanne — 2 295 Ruckel Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Wheeler, J. Scott — 1 ,2 Marengo, Ohio 

Whidden, Robert A.— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Collins, Ohio 

Whims. Ellen Louise — 1. 2 68 Dewhurst St., Bedford, Ohio 

Whitacre, Donald Richard— 1, 2 364 Crosby, Akron, Ohio 

White, Elizabeth K.— 1, 2 122 N. Prospect St., Kent, Ohio 

White, Frances Oglevee — 1, 2 13422 Clifton Blvd., Lakewood, Ohio 

White, Mary Elizabeth— 1, 2 Huntsburg, Ohio 

White, Priscilla — 1, 2 1834 Silver Lake Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

White, William Allen — 1 R. D. No. 1, Mogadore, Ohio 

Whitehead, Christina — 1 15269 Lincoln St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Whitfield, Robert Edward— 1, 2 689 May St., Akron, Ohio 

Whitman, Wayne Henry — 1 Tiogue St., Washington, Rhode Island 

Whittaker, Grace Louise — 1, 2 I2I9 Falls St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Whittlesey, Charles Powell— 1, 2 Atwater, Ohio 

Whitworth, Paul Cleveland— 1, 2 97 Jewett St., Akron, Ohio 

Wichert, Harding A. — 1, 2 141 N. Marcella Ave., Stow, Ohio 

Wick, Lucy Ann — 1, 2 13409 S. Parkway Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 

Wiegman, Marjorie Elmina — 1, 2 R. R. No. 2, Willard, Ohio 

Wiese, Richard Lee — 1, 2 75 Chippewa, Brecksville, Ohio 

Wiest, Wilfred Skyrm— 1, 2 10712 Miles St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Wigner, Opal Pearl— 1, 2 328 Shawnee Path, Akron, Ohio 

Wikle, Polly Janet— 1, 2 3394 Spongier Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Wilcox, Jessie Pearl— I, 2 R. F. D. No. 3, Hudson, Ohio 

Wilcox, Leolyn Alberta — 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, LaGrange, Ohio 

Wildblood, Harry M. — 1, 2 1021 St. Clair Ave., East Liverpool, Ohio 

Wiles, Elizabeth Christine— 1, 2 R. F. D. No. 1, Burbank, Ohio 

Wilhelm, Harold Troy— 1 400 Celtic St., Akron, Ohio 

Wilkes, Pauline Ethel— 1, 2 2201 E. 81st St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Wilkin, Bob Earl — 1, 2 1504 Malasia Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Wilkin, John Roger — 1, 2 Amsterdam, Ohio 

Willet, Bernadine Marian— 1, 2 30589 Center Ridge, Westlake, Ohio 

Willey, Richard Dean— 1. 2 177 Brookside, Akron, Ohio 

Williams, Caroline Ethel — 1, 2 79 Sanatorium "Rd., Lakemore, Ohio 

Williams, Doris Wadene — 1, 2 360 E, Boston Ave.. Youngstown, Ohio 

Williams, Edith Louise — 1 ,2 Hartford, Ohio 

Williams, George Walter— 1 R. D. No. 4, Box 595, Akron, Ohio 

Williams, John Cecille — 1, 2 5807 Grand Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Williams, Katharine Moller— 1 431 W. Main St., Kent. Ohio 

Williams, Kenneth Wesley— I, 2 736 School Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Williams, Perry Moore — 1 333 N. Prospect St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Williams, Robert Joseph- 1, 2 543 Rockwell St., Kent, Ohio 

Williams, Walter Joseph — 1, 2 1303 N. Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, Ohio 

Williamson, Charles Rex— 1 317 Medina St., Lodi. Ohio 

Wilhamson, Helen Ruth— 1, 2 1248 W. Waterloo Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Williamson, John Pritchard— 1, 2 8902 Rosewood Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Williard, E. Russell — 1, 2 Sandy Lake Rd., R. D. No. 3, Ravenna, Ohio 

WiUiard, Robert Grant — 1, 2 678 Lakemont Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Willis, Gladys Elizabeth— 1, 2 Block 5, Apt. 11, Ravenna, Ohio 

Willow, Marjorie Marie — 1, 2 3812 East 71 St,, Cleveland, Ohio 

Wilms, Ruth Ellen— 1, 2 2532 South St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Wilson, Arthur Lowell— 1, 2 167 Elm St., Struthers, Ohio 

Wilson, Betty Jean- 1, 2 Box 94A, R. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Wilson, Carma Louise— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Box 444, East Akron, Ohio 

Wilson, Harry Richards— 1, 2 331 Highland Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

Wilson, Margaret Anne — 1, 2 130 East Highland St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Winemiller, Sam Hoffman— 1 638 Roslyn Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Winters, Henry Edward— 1 1430 Ives Place, S. E., Washington, D. C. 

Wise Ardath Irene— 1, 2 S. Cleveland Ave., Mogadore, Ohio 

Wise, Donald Wilfred— 1, 2 5307 Albertly Ave., Parma, Ohio 

Wise, Eugene Wilbur— 1, 2 R. D. No. 2, Uniontown, Ohio 

Wise, Robert Raymond— 1, 2 394 S. Arhngton St., Akron, Ohio 

Witt Myra— 1 , 2 411 E. 266 St., Euclid, Ohio 

Witlen, Arthur Preston— 1, 2 1081 Emma Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Wolcott, Evan Lewis— 1, 2 1715 Canova Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Wolf David Raymond— 1, 2 131 Wadsworth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wolf, Louise Edith— 1, 2 37 Mackey St., Hubbard, Ohio 

Wolfe, Herbert Sylvester— 1, 2 Route No. 1, Clinton, Ohio 

Wolfe, Richard Paul— 1, 2 39 Third St., New London, Ohio 

Wolfe, Walter Norman— 1, 2 442 Wolcott Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Wolfford, Jean Marie— 1, 2 21771 Wilmore Ave., Euclid, Ohio 

Wood, Leonard Norris— 1, 2 558 West Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Wood, Margaret Lucille— 2 2335 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wood, Viva Ruth— I, 2 Cook Rd„ Ashtabula, Ohio 

Woodhouse, Charles Emmert— 1 R. D. No 3, Kent, Ohio 

Woodhouse, Robert Lawrence— I 423 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Woodley, Janet Burrell— 1, 2 18701 Monterey Ave., Euclid, Ohio 

Woodruff, Mrs. Alice Madeline— 1 225 W. Mam St., Brewster, Ohio 

Woodruff, Warren Franklin— 1 225 W. Main St., Brewster, Ohio 

Woods, Robert Raymond— 1 443 Noble Ave., Akron, Ohio 

V/orden, Susanne— I, 2 357 Freedom St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Wren, Frances Rebecca— 1, 2 61 Second St., S. W. Massillon, Ohio 

Wright, Beatrice Edna— 1, 2 Chippewa Rd., Brecksvi le, Ohio 

Wright, Donald Elroy— 1, 2 2127 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wright, Edward John— 1 133 W. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Wright, Harold Floyd— 1 451 Sunset View, Akron, Ohio 

Wright, Herbert Morris— 1, 2 2205 State Rd., Cuyahoga Fa s, Ohio 

Wright, Josephine— 1, 2 323 Grand Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wright, Ruth Allene-1 738 Elma St., Akron, Ohio 

Wrighton, Ruth-1 6809 Detroit St, Cleveland, Ohio 

Wuchter, Eileen Mae— 1, 2 R. D. No. 1, Canal Fulton, Ohio 

.3333 Martindale Rd., Canton, Ohio 
, ,.630 21st St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Wynkoop, James P. — 1, 2. . 
Wynn, John Donald — 1, 2. 


Yacobucci, James Vincent-2 349 Kathenne Ave Akron, Ohio 

Yamokoski, Paul Charles-1, 2 325 West Elm St., Ken , Ohio 

Yamokoski, Stanley-1, 2 .325 West Elm St., Kent, Ohio 

Yarano, Loretta Carolyne— 1, 2 10806 Bernard StCIeveland, Ohio 

Yarger, Doris Elizabeth— I, 2 East Lisbon, Waynesburg Ohio 

Yarnevic, Catherine Johanna— 1, 2.233 Marguerite Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Y„„or Flvira Pattv— 1 2 424 Large Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Yemn' frno?d Samuel-i:-2:.-. U^h 15th St N. W., Canton, Ohio 

YnHor Orie Raker- 1 R- F. D., Orrville, Ohio 

YodI : gus'sellHowird-I.- .■.•;,. 1215 Avalon St. Alliance, Ohio 

York, Charlotte Ma^l, 2 13904 Shaw St. East Cleveland, Ohio 

York, Sarah Elizabeth-1 ??i= c-" ' Leavittsburg, Oh o 

V„,t Hnrel Mae— 1 2 748 Saxon St. , Akron, Ohio 

Youna Aanes Mar,e^2 . 202 East Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Young lack Byron^ 2 "■'■.■... .2200 Washington St., Canton, Ohio 

Young! Mari<^ta-1, 2. 362 Questend Ave., Pf^burgh Po^ 

Young, Robert Edwin, Jr.-l iii ,' 'i'^ Wooster St. Lodi, Oh o 

Youngman, Doris Vivian-1, 2 1311 Brandon Ave Akron, Oho 

Y„,,„f c:_„ lane 1 2 300 E. Vons St., Akron, Ohio 

?ou"zy, Sfs Mat^V, 1::::::::^. GuH Rd., R. D. no. 3, Elyna, Ohio 

Zaremba, Louis Alois-1, 2 3799 East 71st St., Cleveland, Ohio 

7„Hn lark T nrrv- 1 2 9603 Adams Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

id™ar,'°RoseSie^l 2. ■.■.-..■.■ ...^687 E. 200,h St Euclid, Ohio 

Zeber, Eileen Harriett-1, 2 4511 Denison Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Zeiser Jeanne Ellen-1, 2 2^4 Sayers Ave N.les, Oh o 

Zeller, Rita June-2 106 W. Day St Kent, Ohio 

Zimmerman, Jeannette Ehzabeth-1, 2. ... ^. ...•„■••,• Vy' ■?u"'JJ^:;;''^' gho 

7ink Fdward I — 1 2 Route No. 7, North Canton, Ohio 

Z nk NoAerl Gaylord-1, 2, Route No. 7, North Canton, Ohio 

iSTan Marian Dolores-1, 2 493 East 120 St., Cleveland, Ohio 


Lowrie Radio & Ignition Service 

Specialized Service and Installation 



Corner E. MAIN and LINCOLN 
Phone 3031 


For FAST QUICK Shipment USE 







SMITH NEWS AGENCY 125 Franklin Ave. 

KENT, OHIO Phone 3100 

Whether you have a day ... a week . . . 
or the whole summer for your vacation^ 
you II Find more at Cedar Point for your 
complete enjoyment. 

• Mark these days : June 1 3 through Labor Day. Then plan your vocation or week-end trips 
to include the "Point," — most popular summer vacation spot on the Great Lakes. You'll 
feel refreshed and fit for the fast pace of today. 

• Breakers Hotel, with its 1,000 outside rooms, overlooks Lake Erie . . . seven miles of 
smooth sandy beach just outside your door. An 18-hole golf course available to guests. 
Tennis . . . boating . . . riding . . . fishing. Tavern Terrace cocktail lounge . . . finest 
foods at moderate prices. 

• Dance nightly to America's favorite "name" bonds in the beautiful Grand Ballroom. 
New name bands each week. Be a "kid" again in the famous Amusement Circle. And 
remember, the family needs a vacation too. For complete information write for new 
vacation folder. 

Easy on tires — Ohio Route 2, U. S. 6 midway between Cleveland and Toledo ... Or 
bus and train to Sandusky . . . And lake steamer from Cleveland and Detroit. 

CEDAR POINT ON-LAKE ERIE • sandusky, ohio 


V » ^ 

&. ti 



* 1 ♦ ♦ 

* • • 

Traditionally American, — is the spirit 
of Loyalty which is now so evident in 
the hearts of all Americans — a neces- 
sary part of our Victory Program. 

Loyalty finds ttself in another role, 
that which The Gray Printing Co. 
proudly feels to its many friends and 
customers. Whether it's peace-time 
or war, you will find us ever on 

guard, always eager to use our price- 
less experience of 52 years — and our 
modern and highly diversified equip- 
ment to give your complete job, su- 
perior quality at an economical cost. 






Terese Creen Florist 197 

Twin Lakes Country Club - -.-- 199 

Gifford Motor Sales..... 199 

Tony's Shoe Repair 199 

P. L. Frank Lumber Co 199 

W. W. Reed Insurance Co ._ 200 

First Federal Savings & Loan 200 

W. H. Donaghy 203 

Thompson Drug Store 203 

City Bank 205 

Ohio Edison Co 205 

Parson's Lumber Co 206 

Young's Tire Service 206 

C. F. Elgin 206 

Kent Laundry. 206 

Richards Flower Shop 208 

Penn-Ohio Towel Supply 208 

Harold O. Tinker 208 

D. H. Green Clothes 208 

S. C. Bissler 210 

The Cottage 210 

Getz Hardware Bros 210 

Kent National Bank ._.. 210 

Robin Hood... 212 

Eddie Hoard...... 212 

Fenn Dairy 214 

Parker's Dining Hall 214 

Coe Livingston 214 

Imperial Dry Cleaning Co 214 

Lowrie Radio 216 

University Service Station 21 6 

Railway Express Agency 21 6 

Mother Mac's 216 

Smith News Agency 216 

Cedar Point 217 

The Northern Engraving Co 218 

The Gray Printing Co 219 



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